The Best Types of Footwear for Your Bike

By: Alex Bristol

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Cycling is one of the most enjoyable exercises you can do to keep fit. Some do it for fun while others do it for various reasons related to health. If you love cycling, having the right gears and accessories is the key thing if you want to have a smooth experience.  Shoes are the most important gears you will require. However, most people find it hard to determine the best type of footwear they should use for this activity. In this article, we shall discuss the best footwear you should pick for your bike.

Why should you use cycling shoes?

One of the major benefits of using cycling shoes instead of boots is due to their lightweight design. With cycling shoes, you can ride for long hours without fatigue. Again, cycling shoes are easy to wear and remove.

You will require a lot of energy when pedaling using boots because they are a bit heavy. The good thing about cycling shoes is that you will not need to apply pressure when riding the bike forward.

The other thing is that if you are using delicate pedals, boots may not be the best because they are likely to destroy the pedals. This means that using cycling shoes may prolong the durability of the pedals.

Also, they are usually made of reliable material. Most of them have a breathable mesh that enhance airflow to keep your feet cool. You will also find that they are very attractive unlike other shoes.

When it comes to safety, these shoes are unbeatable. They have an affective closure system that makes them fit perfectly on your feet. The insole also has a layer of cushion that makes you comfortable.

Why should you use sneakers when cycling?

Sneakers are not recommended for cycling but if you are searching for the most lightweight type of footwear, they are the best.  They are made of lightweight materials that make them easy to use. 

In terms of price, they are a bit cheap because they do not have very fancy features like cycling shoes. However, they do not have safety features which means that they are very dangerous. Again, their soles are not sturdy enough to provide the required stability.

Why should you use boots when cycling?

Even if cycling shoes are more lightweight as compared to boots, some people prefer to use boots. Unlike the cycling shoes, boots are made of quality materials that provide the best protection to your feet. 

 Again, boots provides the required energy required to push the bike forward. Since they are a boot heavier, they give you more stability when pedaling. They are also the best when cycling in harsh climatic conditions. 

Boosts are not the best footwear to use with your bike but there are some instances that will require you to use them.

In terms of durability, they are the best since they are made of sturdy and long lasting materials.

Final Verdict – Which one is the best?

When it comes to performance, cycling shoes are the best footwear you should use with your bike. Unlike other types, these ones are specially designed for cycling. Apart from that they are very comfortable, easy to use and reliable. However, they are a bit expensive since they come with advanced features. Boosts are the most durable but they can be very tiring due to their heavy materials.


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