The Full History of Mellowpark In Berlin

By: Alex Bristol

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Europe’s largest skatepark:

Something every cyclist should know on their fingertips is the full history of Mellowpark in Berlin. Wondering why? Well, it is one of the largest outdoor bike parks. This bike park came into existence with the initiation of a sports and teens project in the “Teens Build the New Berlin Contest.”

It’s as simple as it sounds, the park was sponsored by the Youth Welfare Office with a huge sponsorship of €75,000. Mellowpark was open to all from 2000 and could accommodate around 20,000 skaters and cyclists a year.

A brief journey of the struggles of Mellowpark:

Once the Berner Group bought the property next to the Mellowpark, they were on the mission to abolish the park for successfully executing new apartment project. They thought that not a lot of people will be willing to live next to a bike and skate park.

They signed a year long petition to shut down Mellowpark in Berlin, but in December 2008 it was decided to relocate instead of stopping youth recreational activities. The decision made ensured the new Mellowpark to be built near the FC Union football stadium in Berlin.

Thus, finally the inauguration of the new Mellowpark took place in 2012 with the opening event, Highway to Hill 2012. All were welcomed with open hands. This is one of the parks with great history, struggle and resistance. It stood strong!

A hidden gem for the rich BMX culture, or just a simple beer:

Even though Mellowpark carries some troublesome history for skaters and bicycle enthusiasts, but it sure is a hidden gem of a spot to just chill back and relax! No worries from the world, you are immersed in a rich skating culture of Germany.

It is located on An der Alten Forsterel, which stretches over a 60 km long area. Mellowpark is not restricted just to adrenaline junkies, but you can hike in the area, or just paddle around. It was a place of rest for many, but in recent days it has become the hub for competitive sports.

It is holds key position in the Berlin skating culture with a variety of ramps to many tricky pipes and rolls to practice, or master your art. If we talk about the entire continent, then it might have the biggest dirt track in it. Ain’t that amazing? It begs for excitement!

Best time to visit Mellowpark:

We have visited this place on many occasions, but the time that we enjoyed the most was the summertime. It has the most beautiful natural terrain with nature surrounding it in the most magnificent way possible. They have food vendors selling fresh food along with drinks to quench the thirst.

Surprisingly, they do not even charge that much. Thus, it’s the perfect sport for that barbeque with friends and family. Moreover, Sundays are especially busy with the option to take a dip in the water in Mellowpark.