The History of Police Bicycles: How They Used Their Own Bikes

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Police bicycle or superman vehicle?

The history of police bicycles and how they used to use their own bikes to benefit the society is what we aim to answer here with a little twist. A police bicycle did not descend from the heavens, but it is simply a bicycle used by the police department.

They have a common liking for a mountain bike, no matter which state or department uses them in the police. But this does not mean they are not equipped to handle each unique situation they face on a day to day basis.

Therefore, they have designed specially to meet the demands of the individuals, for maximum manoeuvrability and navigation through any terrain, or pathway. This has enhanced the bicycle patrols in urban areas with limited coverage range.

It is best for areas with a low crime rate, and approachability of police increases with a bicycle. Moreover, they are perfect to go on undercover operations without making the criminal aware, or suspicious at all. The success speaks for itself on bicycles.

A tour on the history of police bicycles:

A man on the inside confirmed that the first time bicycles used by policemen for patrolling purposes could be dated back to the late 19th century. With the practicality of the use of a bicycle, it became a common norm for a policeman to use one.

It did not matter if it was a rural area policeman or an urban one, but it increased the agility of the police and the crime rate was monitored in an efficient way. Then, the Kent police in 1896 had taken upon itself to supply 20 bicycles to its police force.

Later, by 1904, the rural patrols operated with bicycles as a total of 129 were being used by the policemen there. As time progress, obviously many countries switched to the motor vehicles that used fuel to move.

But by the 21st century with the increased global warming and awareness of increasing temperature due to the continuous carbon emissions in the atmosphere, the idea of police bicycles was revamped and brought back.

Why was this successful in the 21st century?

One of the reasons for police bicycles to be accepted again was the Go Green Movement for a healthier Earth. Another could be the infrastructure that has been provided by the government to practice safe cycling. Wondering what infrastructure?

Well, they have greater accessibility just due to the pedestrian zones or bicycles separate pathways from motor vehicles, which makes the biker safe from fast, reckless drivers out on the road. They have been granted access to the roads, which are famous for congestion.

How did they use to use their own bikes?

This is the responsibility taken by the International Police Mountain Bike Association, which has an annual conference for police on bikes. They encourage them to take their training courses to ensure complete safety. Effective cycling is promoted with a three-tiered certification program.

It is not restricted to surface level topics, like hazards, community, or traffic law, etc. but proper techniques and gear is provided to them, as well.


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