The Specialized Epic 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022


The Specialized Epic Review

Coupled with being lightweight, this bike makes sharp, fast corners projecting the rider in the perfect upright position while being on that smooth ride. Its frame is a specially redesigned Rider-First Engineered model which exerts a consistent flawless performance regardless of its size. It has a new brain shock that enhances performance while riding. This bike is suitable for intermediate riders going on to professionals. Also, it is fit for roads and hills without causing discomfort.


A Rider-First Engineered Frame

This is a specially designed frame that is light yet rightly rugged, thus enabling the rider to explore the terrain while being very safe. With this frame, the rider can sprint, make better and fast corners, and climb uphill. This bike is the riders choice and is suitable for fast rides as it provides agility and rigidity on a ride. It exerts that power a rider should have over a ride and can completely tackle any competition. It is 525 grams lighter, not an easy task, but better for the rider.

Brain 2.0

The Epic bike features a Brain 2.0 suspension system, which is extremely smart. The system makes a faster, firmer, and swifter bike. The bike employes the brain 2.0 for sharp turns and abrupt stops on steep terrains and bumpy roads. Located at the back wheels, this Brain technology enhances effectiveness while pedaling.

The Brain technology makes the bike suitable for rough and smooth terrains as the suspension helps prevent excessive bouncing in smooth terrains and becomes more active in rough terrains. It is a perfect fit for offroad or rugged travels without causing discomfort to the rider. This system generally improves the general performance of the bike. It is efficient and sensitive, hence safety is ensured.

Lighter rear

Being 39% lighter at the rear ensures better rides. It gives an added advantage to increase performance and weight while riding. Its sturdier end makes performance efficient. The lightweight reduces inertia; thus, the rider need not put more energy to accelerate. The benefit here is comfort, and this lightweight provides compliance with the bikers maneuvers. The speed of the bike also comes with stability in all terrains.

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Frame: The frame is a Rider-First Engineered frame

Brain: A new 2.0 New Brain near the rear axle

Headtube: Slackened

Fork: Offset, 42mm

Front Tyre: 29.23″ Ground Tyres

Rear Tyre: 29.23″ Fast trak

Seat post: X-Fusion Manic

Inner Tubes: 60mm valve, Presta

Pedals: Specialized Dirt

Grip: Half Waffle, Specialized grip

Spokes: DT Swiss

Rear Shock: 51×257mm Micro Brain Shock

Saddle: 143mm, Body Geometry

Handle bars: Specialized alloy

Chain: 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle

Chain rings: 32T, SRAM Eagle

Stem: XC Specialised

Seat binder: 34.9mm, alloy

Crankset: Truvativ STYLO

Rear Derailleur: 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle

Rear Shock: 51×257mm Rockshox Micro Brain

  • It is a lightweight Rider-First Engineered bike
  • It comes with an updated 2.0 brain tech.
  • It comes with the best in the SRAM GX Eagle technology fully updated
  • It is not particularly suited for entry-level riders.
  • A rider may not easily get used to the brain of the bike.


Is the Specialized Epic a Unisex bike?

Yes, but it also has a specialized version for women.

Are the bike’s brakes reliable?

The brakes feature hydraulic disks that have no problems stopping at top speed in difficult terrains.


The Specialized Epic showcases just the right amount of makeup, with tremendous speed, sleek outlook, balance, confidence, and reliability (even in hilly areas). With 39% off the weight, and a brain 2.0 technology the bike is truly a built for the hardcore rider.s

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