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The Trek 7.2 FX

By: Mason Arnold

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The Trek 7.2 FX 2016 Hybrid Bike  2020 [Review]


The Trek 7.2 FX 2016 Hybrid Bike Review

The Trek 7.2 FX 2016 Hybrid Bike is very versatile, and it is very suitable for fitness and commutes strolls and races. It has a rigid frame this providing stability while on your ride. These help your keep fit even while having an enjoyable ride

This bike features a Silver Aluminum, mounts and rack, steel fork, and parts with Shimano and Bontrager. It is uniquely made up of all the perfect pieces to ensure a great ride; well efficient brakes, rigid brakes, and works in a multiple of terrains and maintains a high-level performance.


An Alpha Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frames are incredibly light frames, thus ensuring speed. They are suitable for races. Long-lasting, they are incredibly safe, guaranteeing any rider confidence in those terrains. With its thick yet single frame, the frame projects a smooth ride, hence a rider looks dashing while riding on the Trek 7.2 bike. With the mudguards and rack, the tires are sure to be safe while you ride

Bontrager H2 Tyres

These are very durable tires that roll smoothly over any terrains, even on pavements in any weather condition. These tires turn sharply and fast in corners, thus increasing efficiency and high performance. They boost the confidence of the rider. With these tires, you are limitless on the terrains you can move on, as it is nearly impossible for this tire to get punctured. Extremely light too and lu tire resistant. They are versatile tires, and so with this bike, you can achieve a multiple of rides.

Tektro Brakes

These brakes are Rim brakes, and so it means an added advantage of being light. Reliable and powerful brakes. They are aerodynamic, so you can travel through the wind and have no problems while stopping. They are very safe brakes, giving confidence and reliability in all seasons and terrains.

Bontrager Saddle

The SSR Bontrager Saddle is extremely very comfortable and nearly weightless. Suitable for different styles of rides. This saddle energizes the rider while also being versatile. The seat is made up of leather that is synthetic, ensuring you receive the comfort you need while on your fitness ride, stroll, commute, or race. These saddles are  also fit for long periods of rides.


Frames: Alpha Aluminum, silver, FX

Brakeset: Rim brakes, Tektro

Tires: 700×35c, H2 Tektro

Grip: Bontrager

Fork: Steel, High-tensile

Gears: There are 24 gears

Saddle: SSR, Bontrager

Shifters: 8-speed, Shimano

Handlebars: Steel, Bontrager

Seat post: 12mm SSR, Bontrager, 27.2mm

Rear Hub: FM31

Chainset: M131 Shimano

Front Hub: Alloy FM21

Rear Derailleur: M360 Shimano

Cassette: 8-speed Shimano

Chain: KMC

Front Derailleur: M191 Shimano

Rim: AT-550 Bontrager

Stem: 25.4mm Bontrager

The bracket at the bottom: Cartridge, sealed


  • It is quite versatile by being suitable for strolls, commutes and also fitness
  • It is light and fast
  • Puncture-resistant tires suitable for all terrains
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are more instantaneous than rim brakes.
  • The brakes make squeaky noises.


What is the Trek 7.2 FX 2016 Hybrid bike most suitable for?

It could be used as a bike for road travels and city walks.

Is the Trek 7.2 suitable for unprofessional riders?

The bike is also suitable for beginners as well as professional riders.


The Trek 7.2 FX 2016 Hybrid bike is efficient, durable, balanced, and lightweight. What more? It is a hybrid bike that helps the rider keep fit. Suitable for all kinds of riders and also rides. Quite comfortable, it is also appropriate to take on long trips. It could serve as a worthy companion as it provides little to no distress while taking a ride.