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By: Mason Arnold

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The Trek Police Bike 2020 [Review]


The Trek Police Bike 2020 [Review]

The Trek Police Bike is a versatile bike specially designed for members of the police force. It is designed to blend with the outlook of the Police and is structured for patrol functions, service, and protection. It has a classic look, is reliable, fast, and comfortable, which makes the user capable of dispensing duties to the populace.

The bike has all the right composition, a light frame for speed, hydraulic brakes for efficiency in all weather conditions, and a shock-absorbing fork for comfort. The Police bike is excellent at climbing hills, comfortable for a day, and night rounds, suited for pavements, features an adjustment option as it regards the rider’s weight, and has luggage carriers and kickstand for good stops.


Gold Alpha Aluminum

This Gold Alpha Aluminum is suited for speed and rigidity; hence, criminals can be caught in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, rides with alpha aluminum frame are one of a kind as they comply with the rider’s needs, exhibit excellent strength and rapid acceleration, and is suited for multiple patrols which an officer encounters in their daily jobs. This is in conjunction with the comfort, balance, stiffness, and stability that comes with this frame. The frame also features a rack for luggage and kickstand for convenience.

RockShox Fork

This is a lightweight fork with suspension and lockout composition that makes a rider have quality rides in smooth and rough terrains. These forks increase the pedaling capabilities if the rider grants stability in both low and high-speed levels while also absorbing the shocks, bumps, and vibrations at relevant times, thus providing comfort to the rider. This lockout fork opens on rougher terrains to remove shocks and closes to bring about more speed when running on smooth areas.

Hydraulic MT401 Shimano Brakes

These brakes are excellent in any riding terrain and are also suited for beginners and short people while being classic looking, instantaneous, slim, durable, balanced, and consistent even in muddy, wet, dry, and smooth terrains. The brakes are pre-bled, comfortable, confidence-giving, and gives the rider control in climbing uphill and downhill while being less prone to wearing out. They also guarantee the officer’s safety.

Comp Bontrager Saddle

This saddle is suited to provide long-lasting comfort to the officer as patrols are ongoing. The saddle is structured in posture 3 and enables the rider to make movements naturally while riding. Also, the hollow in the saddle relaxes pressure and distributes it across the saddle; thus, compliance, connection, efficiency, and responsiveness are assured. The saddle is a light, adjustable, high performing, and structurally positioned on the bike for ultimate and enjoyable rides.


Frame: Gold Alpha aluminum frame with a stand for luggage and kickstand.

Tires: XR1 Bontrager Comp

Pedal: Alloy Wellgo platform

Grip: Endurance Bontrager  lock-on

Brake: Hydraulic Shimano MT401

Kickstand: Adjustable alloy

Fork: 30 RockShox Silver

Cassette: HG500 Shimano

Headset: Alloy, semi-integrated

Handlebar: Bontrager 31.8mm

Seat Post: Alloy Bontrager

Chain: KMC

Crank: MT500 Shimano

Rear Derailleur: M6000 Shimano

Shifter: M6000 Shimano

Bottom Bracket: Threaded Shimano SM-BB52

Front Derailleur: M6020 Shimano

Saddle: Arvada Bontrager Comp


  • The bike is light and is fast
  • The bike also features a stand to carry luggage and a kickstand to make good stops.
  • The bike is structured for Police patrol
  • As a Police bike, it has no sirens
  • The aluminum frame is not suited for adventure


Is the Trek Police bike unisex?

Yes the bike the suited for males and females alike

Is the bike suitable for races?

Yes, it is fit to stand any kind of race.


The Trek Police Bike is designed to meet the need of the patrol Police officer. It is fast, comfortable, agile, and balanced for the rider. The parts are indeed unique, a comfy saddle, good brakes, reliable tires, firm grips, and a rigid frame. With this bike, the rider (Police) can dissipate their duties without having any travel issues.