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Trek Checkpoint SL 5

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Checkpoint SL 5 Gravel Bike 2020 [Review]


Trek Checkpoint SL 5 Gravel Bike 2020 Review

The Trek Checkpoint SL 5 is a gravel bike that makes outdoor biking so much fun. It comes with a quality body frame technology made from light carbon, well suited to the rigors of rough terrain biking. The overall comfort and stability of the biker are assured courtesy of the shock absorptive fork and gravel-specific tires. The disc brakes are top-notch, delivering great stopping power when needed.


Lightweight carbonized frame

The body frame of the Checkpoint SL 5 is constructed from highly durable OCLV Carbon. It is very light, enabling the biker to travel at optimal speed levels, cope with day-to-day riding, and great reflex response in tight corners. The frame is very easy to maintain. Integrated as part of the frame are rack and fender mounts, which makes bikepacking very easy. There is also provision for up to three water bottle mounts, depending on the size bought.

IsoSpeed Fork

With the expected rigors of off-trail biking, a good bike fork is very important. This bike does not fail in this regard. It comes with an IsoSpeed decoupling fork that absorbs all bump shocks and vibrations on rough bike routes. As a result, a biker does not experience the early onset of hand muscle fatigue. It also gives bikers more stability and more control. So, better performance on tough terrains is assured.

Efficient braking system

The braking system of this bike is designed in a flat-mounted disc version. This makes it smaller, lighter, and easy to maintain when compared to that of regular bikes. The disc brakes are very efficient at providing a biker with sufficient stopping force when needed, regardless of the topography. Complementing the disc brakes are tires designed for riding on rough surfaces. They are tubeless and wide enough to cope with gravel.


Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, extra extra large

Weight: 9.6 kilograms

Weight capacity: 125 kilograms

Body makeup: Carbonised, internal wire routing, rack mounts, linear slide dropouts, thru-axle 142 x 12mm

Fork set: IsoSpeed, hydraulic discs, carbonized steerer, thru-axle 12 x 100mm

Crankset: R7000, Shimano

Chainset: 11-speed levels, HG 601 Shimano

Cassette: 11-speed levels, HG 700 Shimano

Front derailleur: Shimano, brazen

Back derailleur: 34-T, Shimano

Front-wheel: Alloy, covered bearing, Bontrager, center locked disc

Back wheel: Alloy, covered bearing, Shimano, 11-speed

Rim: 17mm wide, Presta

Bike Tires: tubeless-ready, Bontrager, Aramid beading, 120TPI, 40c

Shift lever: 11-speed levels, 105 Shimano

Braking design: flat-mounted, hydraulic disc, Shimano

Handlebars: Bontrager Isozone, Alloy

Body stem: Bontrager, Blendr supported, 31.8mm long, 7-degree rise

Headset: 1.5 inches, FSA integration

Seat saddle: stainless steel, 138mm long, Montrose

Seat post: offset 10mm, Bontrager, Alloy


  • Solid, aesthetic build
  • Great hydraulic disc braking system
  • Versatile terrain use
  • Tubeless, gravel designed tires
  • Blendr compatibility
  • Overall weight is somewhat heavy
  • It cannot carry much load


What makes the Checkpoint SL 5 give a rider great stability on gravel surfaces?

The tubeless tires of this bike are specifically designed to provide a great grip on gravel grounds.

 What makes the Checkpoint SL 5 comfortable for lengthy rides?

The IsoSpeed fork system absorbs all-terrain shocks, leaving a rider with less muscle fatigue.


Are you desirous of a bike that makes an adventure into the wild a thrilling experience? Checkpoint SL 5 is one of the best bikes that you can get for enjoyable on-road and off-road cycling. This versatility is especially true when navigating through gravel grounds. The lightweight carbonized body frame, great shock-absorbing fork system, seamless gear changing positions, and an efficient flat-mounted disc brake design, make it an ideal gravel bike.