Trek EX 7 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

EX 7
Mountain Bike

The Trek EX 7  2020 (Review)

This is a rightly sized mountain bike that demonstrates excellence in surmounting challenging terrains and maintains an excellent speed rate in races while allowing the rider to maintain an optimal position in order to gain more control and dissipate maximum performance. The bike is exceptional in climbing and descending fast, excellent in turns and bends, structured for races, and convenient and comfortable as it lets the rider improve on their riding skills. It is made up of a platinum frame, capable drivetrains, adjustable seatpost, suspension, and good tires.


Platinum Frame With Knock Block

These are light frames built for excellence in races as it is structured to make a rider comfortably accelerate faster as it absorbs the rough feeling on rough terrains while also ensuring compliance and maintaining resistance to rust. This frame also features appropriate stiffness, ability to make quality rides and strength to withstand damage that may result from crashes and, therefore, keeps the rider and bike safe while also effectively distributing power throughout the frame. This light frame improves rides by allowing the rider climb and easily move the bike that way they want and also features Knock Block that adds to the protection of the frame.

Rockshox Fork

This is a 140mm fork that assists in consistently reducing the effects of bumps and shocks on the rider. It promotes the stiffness of the bike, enhances the bike’s performance, and adds to the classic look of the bike while making rides less tiring but establishing a good connection between the bike, the rider and the road. Hence, ensuring good steering. They are also very compliant and enable good traction on various terrains.

Trail Bontrager Grips

This is a 31mm lock-on grip that ensures the rider’s safety while also capitalizing on comfort, lightness, and confidence in difficult terrains and possessing tight grips, a texture that prevents the rider’s hand from slipping and allowing the rider to take control of the ride thereby promoting high performance.

Tubeless-Ready XR4 Bontrager Tires

These tires are designed to maintain good grips in all terrains inclusive of rocky, dirt, and loose terrains and provide excellent protection, braking, and performance with suitability in aggressive riding styles, tremendous speed, and durability. It also provides good traction and confidence to the rider in different terrains, maintains lesser weight and good cornering abilities.

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Handlebar: Width of 750mm, Bontrager

Frame: Platinum Alpha frame with Knock block

Tire: XR4 Tubeless-Ready Bontrager

Bottom Bracket: 92mm, SRAM

Grips: Trail Bontrager Comp grips 

Weight: 15.05kg

Saddle: Steel Bontrager Arvada 

Fork: RockShox, 140mm travel  dampers.

Shifters: 12-speed, SRAM

Stem: Knock Block, Comp Bontrager

Chain: 12-speed, SRAM

Wheels: Comp Bontrager

Brake: Hydraulic MT401, Shimano

Weight Limit: 136kg

Cassette: 12-speed, SRAM

Rear Derailleur: Eagle, SRAM

Shock: EVOL Fox

Crank: Boost, SRAM

Brake Rotor: 6-bolt, Shimano

  • This bike proves exceptionality by excelling in climbing up and down hills and in various tricky terrains
  • The bike provides maximum comfort to the rider by absorbing shocks and vibrations
  • It is a suspension bike
  • The bike cannot accommodate full fender as it prevents the tire from full clearance


Is the bike suited for regular rides?

Due to the Platinum frame used, the quality of the ride would be too harsh if used for regular rides.

What makes this bike stand out amongst other mountain bikes?

The bike features upgrade in the relevant parts such as the suspension, drivetrain, and wheels


The Trek Fuel Ex 7 is a unique trail bike with excellent components that enables the bike to provide comfort, speed, and confidence to the rider by retaining good capabilities in various mountainous terrains. In addition, it allows the rider to take control of the ride with its adjustable seat post, aggressiveness, suspension, and good braking.

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