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Trek FX 1

By: Mason Arnold

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The Trek FX 1 2020 [Review]


The Trek FX 1 2020 [Review]

The Trek FX 1 BIKE, manufactured by the famous bike maker, Trek, is a versatile hybrid bike that is ideally suited for strolls, exercises, commuting, and chain gangs. This bike is made with aluminum; thus, it is lightweight, has excellent wheels, mudguards, and rack. This bike is also an excellent choice for family bikes. It is a perfect fit for riding for any riding terrain. They are high-performance bikes, with great biking systems, highly durable parts, and can last a lifetime.

This bike is designed for comfort, balance, and reliability with smooth working parts. All in the right ratio


An Alpha Aluminum Gold Frame

This bike aluminum frame is specially built to enhance speed and maintain excellent rigidity (stiffness). They are lightweight, suiting the needs of riders while being stable and resistant to rust. This frame exerts strength and makes a rider feels the ride. They are highly responsive frames with mudguards and rack.

Bontrager Hybrid Tire

These are smooth-rolling tires that are extremely versatile. They are punctured-protected as stones and thorns have no way to pierce them. They are also lightweight and have quality tires for traction and provides perfect bends and turns. Also, they are built with reliable and long-lasting tires designed to take you to your destination, no matter the distance. Also suitable for pavements. The threads on the bike are also suited to take water off the tires.

Sport Bontrager Saddle

This saddle is the right pick for comfort for a great fitness bike. It ensures comfort, balance, and high performance. It is suited for Posture 4, the posture suited for fitness rides. The saddle is water-resistant, reduces pressure, and designed to make the rider go faster in comfort as the saddle is protected with a soft tissue. This saddle ensures efficiency as the rider pedals. Also, sleek looking and relieving.

FX Steel forks

These forks are designed to reduce the vibrations of the road during rides, thereby ensuring comfort. They are also highly durable and dense. Extremely compliant with the rider, they are also lightweight and are stiff. All these are what the rider needs to ensure his safety and confidence in a ride.


Frame: An Alpha Aluminum Gold frame with mudguards and rack

Tire: Wire bead, 700×35c H2 Bontrager

Chain: Z7 KMC

Seat Post: Alloy, 27.2mm Bontrager

Stem: Alloy Bontrager

Weight: 12.55kg

Fork: Steel FX, threadless steerer

Rear Derailleur: Altus Shimano

Front Derailleur: Tourney Shimano

Saddle: Sport Bontrager

Handlebar: Bontrager riser

Cassette: MFM300 SunRace

Rim: Alloy Bontrager

Shifter: 7 speed Altus Shimano

Crank: Alloy, forged

Grip: Bontrager

Bottom Bracket: BC73, 68mm

Headset: Threadless 1-1/8″

Brake: Alloy Tektro

Rear Hub: Alloy, FM31 formulae

Front Hub: Alloy, FM21 formulae

  • The bike is lightweight
  • The bike is versatile being suitable for commutes, strolls, fitness, and families
  • Being a fitness bike, this bike improves the health of the user.
  • The bike is long-lasting
  • The saddle of the bike is not very comfy for long rides
  • The handlebars do not provide much comfort to the hands


Is the bike suitable for mountain biking and rides downhill?

No, the bike is not suited to perform excellently in such terrains.

Is the Trek FX 1 suited for triathlons and athletes?

This range of persons would not find this bike to suit their needs. The bike is more suited for fitness, strolls, and commutes.


The Trek FX 1 bike is a balanced, stable, and long-lasting bike that suits the need of every household. From daily commutes to strolls and exercises that keep you fit. Also featured is the bike is lightweight, powerful, and smooth tires and excellent wheels. They are very efficient bikes for hard and easy rides.