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Trek Madone 4.5

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Madone 4.5 Performance Bike 2020 [Review]


Trek Madone 4.5 Performance Bike 2020 [Review]

The Trek Madone 4.5 is one of the top performance bikes around. The frame is constructed from lightweight carbonized components. This enables the rider to take on racing courses at lightning speeds and smooth handling. The IsoSpeed fork system of this bike is designed to make the bike absorb terrain shocks with any terrain without making the biker fatigued. The tires of this sports bike are puncture-resistant of the Bontrager brand.


Carbonized body frame

The lightweight OCLV carbonized frame of this performance bile makes it very popular among sport bikers. This light body frame enables them to perform at optimal levels and at top speeds during bike racing events. The even distribution of body weight ensures riders can take on winding curves without much stress. The bike handling feature is top-notch, ensuring that riders have absolute control of the road bike during racing.

A smooth shift lever system

The Shimano lever system of the Madone 4.5 enables smooth and seamless shifting of gears during races. This smooth transition between gears is of particular importance when they have to tackle uphill racecourses. Though the braking system of this sports bike is subpar, it still produces enough stopping force when required. The rider can ride across any rough terrain without fearing for his tires, as they are resistant to punctures.

Shock absorbing fork system

The oversized fork system of this performance bike guarantees high performance at all times. The IsoSpeed fork system facilitates great bike handling that is precise when riding over very rough surfaces. This makes the rider ready to take on lengthy racecourses without feeling muscle fatigue sets in. The uniquely designed fork set also takes the less fatigue advantage farther by absorbing the shocks of physically demanding race course topography.


Sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large

Body frame: OCLV carbonized, Duo trap supported, 4 series, E2, TCT, high-performance geometry design, mudguard mount

Fork set: IsoSpeed, Bontrager branded, carbonized, alloy steering

Tires: Karmail virtual foils, picture resistant, R1, Bontrager branded, 23c

Wheels: Bontrager brand, SSR

Front-wheel: Bontrager branded, hard lite, 23c, R2

Back wheel: Bontrager branded, hard lite, 23c, R2

Crankset: Gossamer FSA, Shimano R553, R600, 50/34

Seat saddle: Affinity 2 by Bontrager, stainless steel

Handlebar: 31.8mm, Bontrager VR-racing

Shifter lever system: 10-speed levels, STI 105

Front derailleur: Shimano lever 105

Back derailleur: Shimano lever 105

Cassette: Shimano STI 105, 10-speed levels, 11/28

Brakes system: STI 105, tektro r540

Seat post: 20mm wide, carbonized

Spokes: stainless steel, 14 grams

Headset: alloy, covered cartridge, 1.5 inches, thread bearings, 1/8 inches top

Bike Stem: Bontrager Lite, 31.8mm wide, 7 degrees elevation

Shift lever: Shimano Ultegra, 11-speed levels


  • It comes at a great price
  • It has puncture-resistant tires
  • Comfortable for long-distance rides
  • Iso Speed fork system that absorbs shocks
  • Lightweight carbonized frame for smooth control and handling
  • The tires are not grease resistant
  • The braking system is below average


Are the tires of the Trek Madone 4.5 resistant to punctures?

Yes, they are. The tires are trimmed with reinforced rubber to prevent punctures.

What makes the Madone 4.5 travel at a fast speed?

The light, carbonized body frame guarantees bike rides at lightning speed.


Looking to go on an enjoyable biking cruise around your neighborhood or uphill? The Trek Madone 4.5 is one bike you should take a look at. With an ultra-light carbonized frame, you can take on any terrain at top speeds with smooth control. The puncture-resistant tires make it easy to course through rough terrain without fear. The shock-absorbing fork system enables you to go long distances without feeling tired.