Trek Madone 9.2

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Madone 9.2 2020 [Review]

Madone 9.2
Road Bike

Trek Madone 9.2 2020 (Review)

Specifically designed to override smoothly over any terrain, the Trek Madone is a road bike integrated to function ultimately. Highly efficient and extremely, Madone ensures comfort, stability, and is highly purposeful, especially during racing competitions.

The frame features a stiff carbon frame that readily surmounts a challenge a riding surface may pose. Aerodynamically structured and exhibiting the exact prowess, a rider needs to completely overtake a competition. This bike is specifically designed for speed and has other excellent features that come with being fast. It possesses only a 7.42kg weight. The use of KVF in the design propagates comfort and stability, thus the safety of the rider. Thus is that bike that boosts your competition.


A Carbon KVF tube-shaped frame

The structure of the Trek Madone 9.2 makes drag ultimately reduced with its streamlined body shape, thus increasing its aerodynamic nature. This frame is stiff and fast; thus, it doesn’t subject a rider to any form of discomfort. The frame also features a Madone Isospeed to guarantee comfortability and eliminate fatigue; the ride is smooth as shocks and vibrations are eradicated. The frame also features a compartment for holding water bottles. The carbon frame means it is lightweight and powerful, long-lasting. Madone 9.2 is fit for long hard rides.

Carbon KVF fork

These forks are lightweight and specified for rapid speed acceleration and drag reduction. With this fork, stiffness is increased, and braking is highly efficient and effectively distributed. They possess a high level of integration and ensure good traction. The steerers also render transitions to the frame that are incredible and accurate. These forks contribute tremendously to the speed of the bike.

Bontrager Wheels and tires

These are professional wheels that exert high performance – smooth-rolling and extremely fast with no stopping problems. They are stable, lightweight, not stiff, easy to maintain, and improve the quality of rides.

On the other hand, the tires of Trek Madone 9.2 are durable and provide excellent grips and are protected from punctures. They are extremely light with great cornering abilities and smooth-rolling characteristics.

Integrated brakes

These brakes are known to be highly efficient brakes with unquestionable performance. They improve the aerodynamic level of bikes. They are also comfortable and adjustable, as well as, they give clean stops and are excellently modulated. Easy to operate and uniquely positioned. They are rightly structured consistent brakes to fit your needs.


Fork: An RVF Madone full carbon fork

Frame: KVF carbon OCLV frame with bottle compartment

Saddle: RL paradigm Bontrager

Weight: Weight: 7.42kg

Tires: 700×23c Hard-case Bontrager 

Crank: Ultegra Shimano

Seat post: 25mm offset Madone carbon

Stem: Carbon, XXX Madone

Brakes: Integrated aero Madone

Wheels: Tubeless ready, Elite Bontrager

Rear Derailleur: Ultegra Shimano

Front Derailleur: Braze one Ultegra Shimano

Cassette: 11-speed, Ultegra Shimano

Handlebar: KVF, XXX integrated Madone

Headset: Madone, bottom 1.5″” 

  • The bike is high-speed, structured for lengthy and hard rides; hence suitable for races
  • The aero nature of the bike gives quality to the ride
  • The saddle is reliable, comfortable and versatile
  • It radiates comfort to the rider as shocks are absorbed.
  • The brakes are not very suitable for all seasons
  • The carbon frames are not as durable as other kinds of frames


Is the Madone 9.2 just suitable for races?

No. The bike is suitable for races, sports and road biking

Can I use the bike on steep areas?

Yes, the bike performs excellently in steep areas.


The Trek Madone 9.2 is one bike that can ensure your ultimate success in any racing venture. It provides the ruder with an exciting experience. Extremely balanced and safe, this bike is also compliant and features very comfortable parts that give the rider no cause to lose confidence. This is the right bike to set you apart positively.