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Trek Marlin 4 2020 [Review]


Trek Marlin 4 Review

The Trek Marlin 4 2018 Mountain Bike performs excellently as a trail bike. It has the physique of a mountain bike but can also be a tough everyday ride. The Trek Marlin 4 has a light structure. It also has mounts for added components such as kickstands, racks, and fenders. Trek put a disc-style brake system on the Marlin 4, in addition to the suspension mounted at its front.

Alloy Wheels

The Marlin 4 has alloy wheels on the front and back. What it means for the rider is that the bike is easy to lift at the front or back. While riding, the Marlin 4 moves around whichever way the rider chooses, without necessarily rolling it. The lightness also means that the rider can swap out the wheels on the fly; he/she only needs the custom levers for the operation.

Adjustable Suspension

The suspension on the bike can be tweaked to suit the rider’s needs in an instance. It has a coil spring, whose preload the rider can adjust with regards to his/her weight. A significant advantage of the suspension is the variance in behavior on bumpy roads. The rider can make it soft, for slow rides over rough surfaces, or stiff, for a quick firm ride.

Shimano Gears

The gears on the Marlin 4 has 21 levels. They can be accessed using the trigger shifters on the bike. Trigger shifters are more effective than rotary ones, and suitable for if the rider plans to use the bike for a long time. Twenty-one gears selections give new riders flexibility and options, while regular bikers would find it familiar and comfortable to use.


Trek made the Marlin 4’s frames out of light Alpha Silver aluminum, with the design takin a cue from other mountain bike models from the manufacturer. The bike has excellent stopping power, regardless of riding conditions. It has the advantage of feeling like a mountain bike and a commuter bike all at the same time. The rider can use the bike for both scenarios over a long period.


Frame: The frame on the Marlin 4 is 135 by 5 mm one, with internal routing and chainstay disc brake mount

Fork: Trek uses a Suntour XCE 28 fork for the Marlin 4

Front Hub: The bike uses a 6-bolt Formula DC-20 front hub

Back Hub: Trek used the 6-bolt Formula DC-20 back hub as well

Rim: Marlin 4 uses the double-walled Bontrager Connection rim, with Schrader valves

Shifter: It has the 7-speed Shimano Altus EF500 shifters

Front Derailleur: It uses the Shimano Tourney TY300, with down pull and swing

Rear Derailleur: Trek puts in a long cage Shimano TY300 for the rear derailleur

  • The Marlin 4’s pedal is grippy
  • The front suspension on the bike has a suitable 75mm of travel
  • Marlin 4 can quickly move through narrow spaces
  • The bike does not have a disc brake on the front
  • Marlin 4’s saddle becomes uncomfortable after a long period


Q: Does the Marlin 4’ fork flex at high speeds?

A: It does. But you would only notice rumblings on the handlebars, which might be a good thing or bad, depending on the level of experience.


The Trek Marlin 4 bike is fit for day to day commute. The bike handles a varying number of surfaces, thanks to its knobby tires. Its large knurled tires would appeal to a specific set of trail riders, as well as its support for seven-speed levels. It is suitable for riders who are giving mountain biking the first try; light everyday commuters would also find the Marlin 4 useful.

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