Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022


Trek Remedy 7 Mountain bike 2020 Review

The Trek Remedy is among the best mountain bikes you can get. It has a great reputation for adequately coping with the rigors and shocks of mountain biking. The design speaks for itself. High quality, durable platinum aluminum body frame, dependable hydraulic disc brakes, and a shock-absorbing fork makes it popular among passionate mountain bikers. The 29+ tires are specifically designed to ensure grip on any mountain trail surface.


Straight shot geometry

This feature enables mountain bikers to ride on the trail surface at a constant speed and stability. This is because of the even distribution of body weight across the bike. As a result, the bike is able to respond swiftly when in tight corners. To either slacken or tighten the geometry, you make use of the integrated Mino Link flip. This has no effect on the optimal performance of the suspension fork.

Tubeless tires

Remedy 7 is equipped with tubeless-ready tires and rims. This is a guarantee that the tires are well suited to cope with the different terrains encountered during mountain rides. They provide great surface grip, resistant to unexpected punctures, and are very light. The lightness and traction ensure great bike control, body balance, and momentum. The hydraulic disc brakes also complement the tires, by providing sufficient stopping power.

Efficient braking technology

This mountain bike comes with an efficient pedaling and braking system. This is courtesy of the ingenious braking technology by Trek, known as Active Braking Pivot (ABP). This brake suspension technology facilitates smooth and responsive braking power when needed, without skids. It also absorbs all-terrain shocks and promotes more riding stability. This enables the biker to have smooth control on any terrain and in tight corners without panic.

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Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large.

Weight: 14.68 kilograms

Weight limit: 136 kilograms

Body frame: Alpha platinum aluminum, cable wiring management, knock block design, Active braking pivot, Mino link flip

Fork set: offset 44mm, Rockshox, taped steering, 230 x 57mm, 170mm travel

Crankset: 32-T, Sram Eagle

Chainset: 12-speed levels, Sram Eagle, 36-T

Cassette: 12-speed levels, 11/50, Sram pg Eagle

Front-wheel: tubeless, thru-axle 15mm, Bontrager Comp issued, 110 boost

Back wheel: timeless, thru-axle 12mm, Bontrager Comp brand, 148 boost, Shimano

Shift lever: Sram nx eagle, 12-speed levels

Brakes: hydraulic disc, 4 pistons, Sram, avid G2 rotor

Tires: tubeless-ready, aramid beads, Bontrager issued, 120 TPI, 27.5 inches 

Seat saddle: stainless steel, Arvada, 138mm wide

Seatpost: internal cable wiring management, Jd-ysp 18

Lower bracket: Sram dub, press-fit

Handlebar: alloy, 780mm wide, Bontrager brand,

Hand grips: nylon, lock-on system, Bontrager, trail XR

Bike stem: 0-degree elevation, 50mm long, straight shot, Bontrager brand

  • Shock absorbing fork
  • Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy
  • Great tires for rugged biking
  • Straight shot geometry
  • Easily replaced body parts
  • It is rather expensive
  • Mino link flip wears out after a while


What makes the Remedy 7 so stable on mountain trails?

Remedy 7 comes with tubeless tires that have great traction features.

What braking technology is employed on the Remedy 7?

Active Braking pivot is integrated into the design for a high stopping force when needed.


Searching for a bike that gives you all the needed features to enjoy your favorite passion of mountain biking? Trek Remedy 7 is a great option. With a durable aluminum frame, shock-absorbing suspension fork, as well as an innovative braking system, you are in for a thrilling mountain ride. It has a rather high price tag, but it is actually good value for money considering the standard mountain biking features it comes with.

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