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Trek Stache 9.7

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Stache 9.7 2020 [Review]


Trek Stache 9.7 Review

The Trek Stache 9.7 is a hardtail bike that is built for speed, comfort, smoothness, and excellence in all that regards mountain biking. The bike is versatile, incredibly lightweight despite its huge appearance and capable of giving the rider a fun ride with its unique parts; the frame is a mountain OCLV carbon frame that makes for lightness, smoothness, clean looks, and adjustable saddles, fat tires to tread tenaciously on mountainous terrains with chainstays that makes the bike composed enough to bring excitement to the ride. All these ensure the rider’s comfort, stability, efficiency, and speed.


Mountain OCLV Carbon Frame

This frame is highly efficient to boost a ride as it makes the bike extremely lighter than it looks. The Trek carbon used is engineered to make the bike stronger and take up any challenge posed to it thus boosting the rider’s confidence and making the bike durable. With this frame, the bike is suited to conquer any terrain while performing efficiently and suit the preferences of the rider with its adjustable dropouts.

XR2 Tube-less Ready Tires

This XR2 Bontrager is a versatile tire that puts the bike in a racy mood as it is excellent in loose and firm trails while being fast-rolling, durable, producing consistent powers, giving excellent grips and being puncture-protected, hence, a rider can rely on these quality tires for a quality ride. They are also excellent in making good turns and bends and generally giving good traction with their excellent versatile nature.

Silicone ESI Grips

These silicone grips are known to be efficient in shock absorbance, being lightweight, comfortable, and increasing the rider’s control of the bike. They are fully made with silicone to bring about less slipping, comfort, and durability. They are easy to use, suitable for normal and  professional rides, safe, and easily installed and removed just in case it needs to be washed

Pro Bontrager Stem

The 35 Line Bontrager stem is suited to fit all kinds including the hefty riders by possessing excellent strength and being professionally made with aluminum. The frame features the ability to prevent too much rotation of the bar while being resistant to corrosion and having a classic look, lightweight, and suited for the difficult terrains that come with the mountains. The frame is built to ensure all riders have quality and safe rides by placing them perfectly on the stem.


Frame: The frame is a carbon Mountain OCLV frame with dropouts

Tire: XR2 Bontrager tubeless-ready

Cassette: 12-speed XG SRAM

Grip: Silicone grips with chunks

Weight: 12.85g

Stem: Pro-Line Bontrager

Chain: 12-speed SRAM

Front and Rear Hub: Alloy, Bontrager

Rear Derailleur: Eagle SRAM

Shifters: 12-speed Eagle SRAM

Saddle: Montrose Bontrager with titanium

Brake: 4 piston SRAM hydraulic disc

Seatpost: Dropper Bontrager Line

Handlebar: Line Pro Bontrager

Bottom Bracket: DUB SRAM

Headset: 1-1/8″ FSA

Weight Limit: The total weight limit is 136kg

Crank: Truvativ

Rim: Duroc

Fork: Pike Rockshox


  • The Trek Stache 9.7 is large and looks heavy but is light
  • The bike is fast
  • The bike is versatile and comfortable
  • The tires are not so good when making corners, as they also wear out easily.


Is the Trek Stache 9.7 only for mountain rides?

No. The bike is also suitable for other rides such as road rides

Is the bike suitable to carry out long-distance races?

Yes, the bike has comfortable parts to frequently carry out long rides.


The Trek Stache 9.7 is a mountain bike that is suitable for long and short distance racing due to its speed, lightness, comfort, and stability. All relevant parts are in place to make a rider have a good competitive edge in a ride regardless of being a novice or a professional. The bike could also be used on road trips when the rider is not in the mountains.