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Trek Topfuel 9.9 2020 [Review]


Trek Top fuel 9.9 Review

The Trek Top fuel 9.9 is an outstanding machine built for speed. Equipped with a precise steering, this lightweight, cross country bike provides riders with the support and stability required to match the daunting demands of cross-country terrain. Designed with an OCLV frame for weight reduction, a new crossbow design to further enhance its aerodynamic properties, the Trek Top Fuel 9.9 is a nimble bike that can easily surmount uphill climbs, and glide gracefully downhill. Additionally, this full-suspension mountain bike offers an amazing short travel design, speed, lightweight, precision, and generous handling prospects for riders to excel in grueling cross country competitions.



Weighing a paltry 11.05kg, the top fuel 9.9 is a super lightweight bike that retains its stiffness, precision, and control. Its OCLV carbon frame further rids it of unnecessary weight while maintaining its aerodynamic feel. Top fuel 9.9 is a nimble bike that hops seamlessly over terrains giving the rider a light steed as he rides to glory.


To maintain its dominance over diverse terrains, this bike runs adequately on a Bontrager pro 30 front and rear wheels. Providing sufficient traction, this lightweight wheel of this bike comes with wide rims to ensure stability and comfort. On the other hand, the wheels feature an excellent design that makes it durable and ready to combat various terrains without slack or punctures.


For unparalleled performance, the Trek top fuel comes with highly efficient SRAM brakes. The SRAM Level brakes give a lightweight feel with effective stopping power. Sufficient for every terrain, the brakes are uniquely positioned, offering control and traction when required.

Fox factory cast Fork

Top fuel 9.9 boast of a fork which provides it with firm shock-absorbing capabilities as it travels over difficult terrains. Specifically designed for short travel trail, the factory cast fork is a lightweight, stiff fork that provides riders with amazing confidence to confront any terrain.


Frame: OCLV mountain carbon frame, Carbon Armour, 115Mm travel.

Fork: Fox 34 factory fork.

Rim: Bontrager Tlr

Wheels: Bontrager moved pro 30 front and rear wheels, Boost 148 Rear.

Tyres: Bontrager XR3

Cassette: SRAM XG

Handle bar: Bontrager line pro

Saddle weight: Bontrager Montrose pro, Titanium Rails.

Crank: SRAM XX1

Rear Derailleur: SRAM XX1 Eagle.

Suspension Lever: SRAM Twistlock

Seatpost: Bontrager Line elite dropper.

Headset: Knock Block integrator.


  • It comes with a lightweight design that reduces drag for its riders.
  • Its an extremely fast bike suitable for cross-country competition.
  • Exceptional wheels to surmount any terrain.
  • The design of the top fuel further enhances its aerodynamic properties.
  • Most users complain of the weakness of this bike brakes.
  • Its frames provide space enough for just one water bottle.


What terrains are best suited for the Top fuel 9.9?

The Top fuel 9.9 is a uniquely designed cross country race bike equipped with speed, stability, and other important features that makes it feel at home on any terrain.

Is the Top fuel 9.9 bike really fast?

Yes, Topfuel 9.9 bikes are extremely fast. They boast of a unique frame system that reduces weight and consequently, the drag. Furthermore, their tires are designed to glide over gruelling terrains easily.


Trek Top Fuel 9.9 is an excellent bike built for seamless transit over diverse terrains. Its Unique Carbon Frame system rids it of unnecessary weight giving the rider more control and flexibility. Equipped with a lightweight fork, these wonder on wheels are very sturdy, stiff, and adequately designed to project its aerodynamic feel. Riders need confidence, and an absolute sense of control, the trek 9.9 is the bike fully equipped to provide them with these wants.