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Trek Verve+ e-bike

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Verve+ 2020 [Review]


Trek Verve+ 2020 [Review]

The Trek Verve+ is a power-packed electronic hybrid bike that suits city, hilly, and road rides. This bike is uniquely structured as it sets the rider in the perfect upright position while taking a ride.

With this bike, the comfort of any rider is guaranteed. This bike battery is a 400 long-lasting Bosch battery that takes you to and fro, no matter the length of your journey, the operation of the bike is easy to understand. It is reliable and smooth. Additionally, the bike lights are integrated on the bike’s frame to improve one’s safety.

The frame is an aluminum frame, and the brakes are hydraulic discs, the tires are protected from punctures—all these bike compositions guarantee the rider safety and exciting ride experience. With its battery, a rider can speed up to 25km/h. The bike is suited for exercises, commutes, errands, and strolls.


An Aluminium Gold Frame

The aluminum frame is designed with the Bosch system. The frame is light, indicating that the bike is light and adequately stiff, and it is not susceptible to that and his long-lasting. The Bosch system attached to this frame makes it safer to handle. The drive unit is also light and noiseless. It renders about 15mph assistance to the rider. The frame also has mudguards and rack.

Hydraulic Shimano Disc Brakes

These are reliable and highly efficient brakes that are also suitable for beginners. They produce lesser noise and have no problems stopping in any kind of terrain and weather. They also reduce vibrations and are versatile enough to accommodate the use of different methods while riding and still maintain a high level of efficiency. These brakes are smooth, easy to maintain, ergonomic, and durable.

Hard-Case Bontrager Tires

Specially designed to excel on a rowdy terrain, this tire is a perfect fit for rides. It is smooth- and is very well protected from getting punctured. It is resistant to thorns and objects and can remove water through its tread. This Tyre has visibility features in its stripes. It helps others to see the bike properly. The Tyre is suited for pavements and terrains with gravel. It is durable and capable of building a rider’s confidence and accelerating rapidly

Elite Bontrager Grip

These are comfortable and fatigue-reducing grips that make a rider exert control during a ride. Not only does this grip make the rider not feel the road vibrations, it prevents the rider’s palm from slipping. It provides safety and a secured grip and is quite versatile. These grips ensure that the rider goes about pedaling smoothly without any cause to be destabilized. They are generally safe and comfortable, easing the pressure across the rider’s palms.


Frame: An alpha aluminum gold frame with Bosch System with rack and mudguards.

Grips: Ergonomic  Bontrager lock-on

Weight: 20.57kg

Brakes: MT200 Hydraulic Shimano

Fork: Alloy

Tires: 700× 45c Hard-Case Protected tires Bontrager

Pedals: Bontrager

Battery: 400wh Bosch

Chain: KMC

Shifters: T4000 Shimano

Rims: Alloy, Bontrager

Cassette: 9-speed HG200 Shimano

Rear Hub: DC22

Rear Derailleur: T4000 Shimano Alivio

Motor Bosch: 25kph

Front Hub: DC22

Rear Light: Flare

Stem: Adjustable Bontrager

Front Light: Ion

Crank: 38T Miranda

  • The bike is easy to charge
  • It is a versatile bike as it is suitable for commutes, exercises, strolls, and commutes
  • This bike projects the rider in the perfect upright position
  • The battery is a little heavy
  • Being an electric bike, one would have to charge it before use.


How long would it take the battery to get charged?

The batter would be fully charged in three and a half hours

Is the Verve+ only suitable for roads?

The bike is suitable for road and mountain rides as it is a hybrid bike.


The Trek Verve is the perfect versatile electric bike. It is suitable for mountain and road rides. An excellent choice for commuting, strolling, running errands, and taking exercises. The bike has all the relevant components to ensure that the rider gets the best feeling while on the ride. The battery and the bike as a whole are long-lasting, stable, balanced, and comfortable.