Velo Mondial: Who are they now?

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

“Velo Mondial, who are they now?” A question in the minds of many green earth-loving Americans. He was the individual that pointed out that living in America and living the American dream does not necessarily mean to own a car.

He made his point across many the importance of manufacturing an efficient bicycle is essential years ago, because it serves to be a perfect means of transportation for many. People are more aware of the increased global warming and are shifting to green and safer options.

Thus, comes the role of the renowned, Velo Mondial. Therefore, if you are one of his followers and are wondering what his latest expeditions in the business are, we are here to give you all the details to highlight his success worldwide.

Civitas Handshake:

We would like to update many who are not aware of the partnership of Velo Mondial with the upcoming ambitious European project. This project, civitas handshake, has been signed in 2018 and will finish the contract in 2022.

Wondering what the civitas handshake believes in? Well, to start off they have taken an initiative to support the inculcation of successful cycling practices and measures along with transferring them to other cycling cities.

These measures up taken and transferred are inspired by the three top cycling enthusiast cities, which are Munich in Germany, Copenhagen in Denmark and lastly, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Their aim as collaboration is to make 10 cycling capitals. 

What else does the civitas Dynamo project offer?

This is a brilliant idea to cut down on expenses and on the carbon emissions from using fuel-powered motor vehicles. Yes, you heard us right! This initiative has also pinned off sharing a vehicle, be it a bicycle, or a car.

The idea is quite simple to use and share while paving the society to move towards a multi-modal use of transport facilities that are already existing. Instead of coming up with new ones and wasting the existing resources, smart planning is the way to reduce emissions.

Why the civitas Dynamo should be followed?

There are many benefits if we start listing them down with the basic idea of sharing a concept of public sharing of vehicles with great flexibility. They have designed automatic sharing systems that have predetermined routes and wide range of timetable slots to accommodate all.

There are cities like Aachen, Palma, Gdynia and Koprivnica who have committed to the Dynamo Plan from civitas. They have managed to introduce the sharing schemes with the following vehicles available for everyone:

  • Regular bicycles
  • Electric cars
  • Hybrid cars
  • Electric bicycles

It is much safer than using person bicycles because they are made from hardy aluminium and are constantly maintained and upgraded. Many cities have managed to introduce bike infrastructure, such as separate lanes for bikers.

What more could one wish for? This is the future of green earth. Velo Mondial was way ahead of his time.


Velo Mondial Official Website – Blogspot Page

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