What age is a 20 inch bmx bike for?

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Does your kid love BMX?

When you’re trying to figure out which size BMX bike is right for your child, you’ll probably find all sorts of measurements given. If you’re wondering what age is a 20 inch BMX bike for, whether you’re buying your kid their first BMX bike or upgrading and you want to check you’ve got the right size.

Kids BMX bikes come in a range of bike size for height, which is why you need to know how to measure a BMX bike frame. If you’re buying a BMX bike at home or getting fitted out at the shop, knowing what size BMX bike frame you need is key to getting the fit you want and prefer. The best BMX bikes for kids are only as good as their size, with the wrong size bike you’re going nowhere.

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If you’re wondering what age range is a 20 inch BMX bike for, I’ve got you. I’m covering everything you need to know about kids’ BMX bikes, whether a 20unch bike is for kids or adults, and what height you should be to get a 20-inch bike.

In a complete bike, you can have different heights and top tube size as well as a range of measurements which affects your riding style. You will need to know how to measure a BMX frame. You’ll want to check out a few things based on your height and preference.

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What age is a 20 inch BMX bike for?

The short answer – BMX bikes with a 20″ wheel size are usually ridden by children and adults, but the best age for this size bike is 7-8 years old.

Guide to kid’s sizing

If you’re shopping for the right size BMX bike for your kid, have a look at this size chart. Although age is a good indication of the right size bike you should get, you can also use your child’s height as a good size indicator. If your child is very tall, don’t be afraid to size up.

Age 5-8

  • Bike wheel size- 16-inch
  • Height- 39-48in.

Age 6-10

  • Bike wheel size- 20-inch
  • Height- 42-53in.

Age 8-12

  • Bike wheel size- 24inch
  • Height- 50-58in.

Age 10+

  • Bike wheel size- 26-inch
  • Height- 56in.

Is a 20inch BMX for adults?

If you’re a taller rider, such as 160cm +, then you can get 20 inch wheeled BMX bikes with top tubes from 20.5″- 21.25″. These BMX bike frames can be great for adults too.

What age is a 21 inch BMX bike for?

For older kids or young teens, a 21 inch BMX kids bike could be just right. For adult BMX bikes, measurements are often given based on top tube length. Check out the kid’s bike size chart below to see what suits you best.

Top tube length 20.5″ to 21″

  • Avg age- 13+
  • Rider height- 5’6″ to 5’10”

Top tube length 21″ to 21.5″

  • Avg age-13+
  • Rider height- 5’8″

Top tube length of 21.5″+

  • Avg age- 13+
  • Rider height- 5’10″+

What age is a 22 inch BMX bike for?

Other measurements you might come across are wheel size and inseam length. This is going to help you select the right bike for your child’s height. Have a look at the following information:

Wheel size 16″

  • Age 4-5yrs old
  • Inseam 18-22″ (45-55cm)

Wheel size 20″

  • Age 5-8yrs old
  • Inseam 22-25″ (55-63cm)

Wheel size 24″

  • Age 8-11yrs old
  • Inseam 24-28″ (60-72cm)

Wheel size 26″

  • Age 11+ yrs old
  • Inseam 26’+ (70+cm)

Is a 24-inch BMX bike for adults?

Often 24 inch bikes are great for women, you just need to ensure you meet the weight limits and average height requirements. If you’re a shorter adult, then a 24inch kid’s bike can also be a good option for you.

You might be wondering though, is a 24-inch bike good for what height? here is a chart to help you out.

Wheel size 16″

  • Age 4-5
  • Height 3’7″-4’0″

Wheel size 18″

  • Age 5-6
  • Height 3’9″-4’3″

Wheel size 20″

  • Age 5-8
  • Height 4’0″-4’5″

Wheel size 24″

  • Age 7-11
  • Height 4’5″-4’9″

As you can see, the age can overlap various wheel sizes as it’s mostly about your height, and your preferences.

Who should ride a 24 inch bike?

If you want to buy a 24 inch bike, you need to check both the age and height of the rider to get the perfect fit. If your child is around 8-9yrs old, then they will usually suit a 20inch wheel bike. If your child is slightly older such as 10 years old and up, then a 24inch bike will be good for them. Of course, height is the best indication so if your child is 10 yrs old but shorter than average, they may prefer a 20unch bike wheel.

What age is 24inch wheel bike for?

From younger kids to older kids, you can get a 24inch wheel bike for your child largely depending on their age or height.

Wheel size 16″

  • Age 5-6
  • Height 3’7″-3’8″

Wheel size 18″

  • Age 6-8
  • Height 3’7″-3’8″

Wheel size 20″

  • Age 9-11
  • Height 4’0″-4’5″

Wheel size 24″

  • Age 11-14
  • Height 4’5″-4’9″

Can a 9 year old ride a 24 inch bike?

The answer is yes. Bikes that have 24inch wheels are goof 8-10 yr olds or kids with height of 49″ to 59″. If your child is older such as 11 yrs old or more, then it might be worth getting a 26″ wheel bikes so they don’t outgrow it too quickly.

Can a 7 year old ride a 24 inch bike?

In general, kids who are aged 7 are not yet tall enough to fit a 24 inch wheel bike comfortably. It might be difficult for them to pedal properly as well as being too bulky for them.

Here’s a tip: Measure your child inseam to find out what their ideal bike wheel size is. For a 7 year old, a 20″ bike wheel is usually the best fit.

What height is a 24 inch bike frame size for?

If you want to look at frame size, then it’s worth comparing it with your height rather than age.

For 5’7″ to 5’9″, I’d recommend 21-22 inch frame size.

For 5’9″ to 5’11”, I’d recommend 22-23 inch frame size.

For 5’11” to 6’1″, I’d recommend 23-24 inch frame size.

For 6’1″+, I’d recommend 24-25 inch frame size.

These sizing indications work well on a road bike for adults.

Final Thoughts

Riding BMX bikes is a fun experience, but using the wrong size bike can ruin it. Kids’ bikes come in all shapes and sizes, so following a kid’s bike size chart can help when selecting the best BMX frames or wheel BMX bikes.

The right BMX bike size varies, especially when it comes to a kid’s bike versus adult bikes. Some riders prefer to follow a kid’s bike size chart, but ideally, you need to try on the bike at bike shops as there are different styles. Measurements to keep in mind are the child height, the inseam or inside leg, the correct size inch wheels. If your child is young, you can decide to use training wheels or two wheels, it’s your personal preference, such as freestyle BMX.

Frame sizes come with different inch wheels for riding, you can get smaller bikes with steel frames/alloy frames or a different sized seat tube or sealed bearings. Taller kids can also get a comfortable ride with bigger bikes.

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