What are Clincher Road Bike Tires

Last Updated on May 5, 2020

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Last Updated on May 5, 2020

Have you ever wondered what type of tires does your bike use? What are those tires called and is it even the correct tire for your bike? Most of the standard bikes use clincher tires. But have you ever thought about what are clincher road bike tires?

Each standard bike uses clincher road bike tires. It is important to know that every clincher tire comes with clincher rims that are of three types. These include hooked-bead rims, crochet-type rims, or straight-side rims. Furthermore, these tires are made up of a steel fibre and a Kevlar fibre bead. Furthermore, clincher road bike tires have an inner tube that surrounds the rim.

Characteristics of Clincher Road Bike Tires:

  • What are they made of: Well, most of the clincher tires have an inner tube as the major component. This tube can be filled with air. The air pressure inside the tube keeps the tire firm and results in a smooth ride. Furthermore, it also consists of a Kevlar fiber bead or steel wire that attaches to the rim. Usually, the bead is covered by a nylon material which protects the tire from puncturing.
  • Are Clincher tires easy to fit: A clincher tire is quite easy to fit on most of the bikes. All you have to do is put the inner tube of the clincher inside the tire and then put the tire on the bike’s rim. This can be done by moving the beads towards the edge of the rim. There is a lot less pulling, tweaking, straining and forcing when it comes to clincher tires.
  • Are they different from tubular tires: Clincher tires are not very different from tubular tires when it comes to appearance. However, their differences lie internally. Tubular tires do not have the inner tube; you have to attach the tube to the tire through sewing. Furthermore, tubular tires are glued to the rim so installing the tire can be a little difficult. In addition to this, tubular tires also weigh more and it is difficult to fix such a tire if any problem arises.
  • Price: When purchasing any product, the budget is an important matter that you need to take into consideration. It is important to stick to a budget so that you do not exceed your limits. Thus, keeping this in mind, clincher tires are a great option since they are super inexpensive. Furthermore, the design of these tires is such that you do not have to replace the entire tire in case of damage. You only have to replace the tube. These aspects make the clincher tire very cost-effective.


Clincher tires are extremely suitable for all types of standard bikes. The inner tube is inflatable and when filled with sufficient air, ensures that you have a very smooth ride. In addition to this, clincher tires are also easy on the pocket. You get good quality tires at a very reasonable price.

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