What Are The Best BMX Handlebars For You?

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Whether you are an experienced BMX rider or you are just starting, you need to be very sure of what you are looking for when you are searching for a quality handlebar. This is because not all handlebars on the market will give you the kind of performance you would like to get. However, we have highlights some of the most important features the best BMX handlebars should have.

Which material should you consider?

BMX handlebars are made of different materials. The most commonly used materials are aluminum, chromoly and carbon fiber. All these materials are reliable but they are a bit different as explained below.

  • Chromoly – If you are searching for the most durable BMX handlebars, this material is the best. The material is very strong which means that it doesn’t bend easily. However, these handlebars may not be ideal for those searching for a lightweight handlebar.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is among the most lightweight materials. Apart from being lightweight, it is also strong and durable. However, it is not as durable as chromoly and it is also prone to bending.
  • Carbon fiber– In terms of strength, this material may not be the best. As a result, carbon fiber handlebars are only suitable for racing.

Should you buy 2-piece of 4-piece BMX Handlebars?

The two common types of handlebars are two-piece and four piece handlebars.

  1. 2-Piece handlebar- This one is made of 2 tubes. One of the tubes is usually bent in several positions to form the main handlebar. The second bar is a bit thin and it is passed across the center to boost strength and rigidity.
  2. 4-piece bars – This one contains 4 bars. Two of them are usually positioned vertically opposite of each other. That is the two bars are usually joined together by two crossbars. One bat is located at the bottom when the other one is positioned at the centre.

What should be the correct rise of the handlebar?

When buying the handlebars, one of the most important things you should think of is the rise. The most common handlebars have a rise of 8.5-10 inches. The rise of the handlebar is usually determined by measuring the height from the bottom of the clamp surface up to the top of the grip surface. Most riders prefer to use short BMX handlebars because they provide more room for pulling up the front wheel. As a result, they allow you to hop higher. On the other hand, tall BMX handlebars are very comfortable because they allow you to ride when sited upright. Due to this, they prevent back, shoulder and neck pains when riding.

How much should you spend when buying a BMX Handlebar?

The price of BMX bars varies due to various reasons like size and the material. This means that some are expensive than others. Sometimes you can use the price to determine the quality of the handlebars. This means that most of the expensive handlebars are built to last. As a result, you will find that they are very strong and have a very nice design which enables them to provide better performance than the cheap ones. However, with that said, you can still find cheap reliable BMX handlebars. All you will only need to check customer’s reviews to determine whether the product is worth your money.


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