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What Is A Hybrid Electric Bike

By: Alex Bristol

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Ever thought about going electric?

You’ve tried hybrid bikes, but have you tried electric hybrid bikes? There are so many kinds of bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, but there’s a new wave of electric bikes, and I’m here for it. Do you own a hybrid bike or thinking about getting one? Before you look up the best hybrid bikes, you need to check out electric hybrid bikes.

If you love cycling but not sure what is an electric hybrid bike or how much does free electric hybrid bike costs, then let me help you out. If you can’t make up your mind between a mountain bike or hybrid which should I buy, then why not consider electric hybrids?

But wait, let me tell you this.

What is a hybrid bike?Hybrid bikes are used for a variety of cycling, and electric hybrids could open the doors to much more, from commuting to exploring the local dirt track uphill, they’re a convenient way of getting to and from work. If you want the best of both worlds, then electric hybrid bikes are worth a look at.

If you’re already a fan of hybrid bikes, then you’ll love the simple addition of what a battery can do. Much like regular hybrids, electric hybrids can encompass a variety of categories, from leisure bikes to mountain bikes and road bikes. Even so, they’re a win for urban riding and city commuting. Want more info on what is a hybrid bike used for?

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What is a hybrid ebike?

The short answer is that electric ebikes are simply hybrids with the addition of a battery and motor. They’re all about giving you the benefits from more than one type of e-bike, so you have a flexible e-bike to cover all your needs.

More and more manufacturers introduce new versions of hybrids that add to the variety. Just like hybrid bikes, hybrid e-bikes are on a spectrum between mountain bikes and road bikes, so you can use them for city riding or light trekking.

Hybrid e-bikes provide lots of opportunities for use since they are a combination of more than one kind of e-bike, hence the name hybrids. If you’re more interested in off-road, you might be wondering, what is a gravel bike vs hybrid?

In terms of design, hybrid electric bikes tend to have the same structure as a classic hybrid bike. Now, e-bikes, aside from the addition of a battery and motor, have a lot of different types, so you can choose the right one for you.

Types of hybrid e-bikes

We’ve already mentioned how versatile a hybrid e-bike can be, so which one should you go for?

Recreational hybrid e-bikes

Electric hybrid bikes are great for short rides or casual riding. Many people love to use hybrids for commuting to and from work, or for trips around town, going grocerie shopping and general leisure rides.

These recreational hybrid e-bikes are similar to some off-road hybrid e-bikes, allowing you to ride around town and even do some light off road trails too.

If you’re the kind of person that loves doing outdoor trips and riding in nature reserves or cycling through parks, then this could the perfect bike for you.

Off-road hybrid e-bikes

These kinds of e-bikes are able to handle rougher terrain. Off road electric bikes have a mix between road bikes and mountain bikes, making them suitable for light trekking on off trail roads.

Pretty much any road that is not as smooth as the pavement and roads found in cities can be covered by this e-bike. That includes rougher dirt roads, nature trails, and off road trekking. Of course, it will never be as good as a specialized mountain bike, but as an electric e-bike, it’s pretty versatile.

Urban riding hybrid e-bikes

Most people that purchase an electric hybrid bike are using it for urban riding. These are a mix between city e-bikes and commuter e-bikes, since they bring comfort and convenience for urban riders.

These bikes feature smooth, narrow tires and cruiser style handlebars that aren’t too thick, giving you a more upright riding position. These e-bikes are fast and lightweight, but prioritize comfort over performance, as they are made for city riding and commuting.

These bikes can easily pick up speed, which is ideal if you use it for your daily commute. Plus, choosing an electric e-bike over a regular hybrid can help you cover more ground with less effort, so even if you commute a longer distance you can still cycle to work. Ideal for cruising around the city, but still being speedy and lightweight, the urban riding hybrid e-bike is perfect.

Benefits of hybrid e-bikes

Now, I know what you’re thinking, if e-bikes are so similar to hybrids, why not just go for a regular hybrid bike? Here are a couple of reasons why you should try a hybrid e-bike over other e-bikes or normal hybrids.

Unique features

Some people think of hybrid e-bikes as a jack of all trades but a master of none, and not capable of meeting the performance of specific types of e-bikes.

Although this can be true, it could also be exactly what you need. Not everyone is a pro cyclist who only does one type of cycling. For the rest of us, we may want a city bike that also does some light trekking, or a speedy bike that you can use as a commuter too, either way with a hybrid e-bike you can find exactly what you need.

For example, a fast bike but with curved handlebars to increase the comfort, so you can use it as a commuter bike. Of course they’ll also have an electric motor such as a rear hub motor or a bosch motor and a suspension fork for more power when riding. These slight changes make the hybrid e-bike perfect for fulfilling specific needs that you may not find in standard bikes

Suitable for all riders

No matter your age or gender, you can find a hybrid e-bike that will work for you. It’s perfect for everyday riders or occasional ones, whether you want to use it to commute, or for leisurely rides. The perfect fit is important, so you should know how to size a hybrid bike.

If you’re a beginner that doesn’t know where to start or an occasional rider, an e-bike is a good place to start since it gives you a lot of versatility so you can experiment and find out what riding style you love most. It’s also good for those with less stamina since a hybrid electric bike gives you more power in every pedal so you can build your fitness level and cover more distance.


Since there are so many hybrid e-bikes, you’re bound to find the one that works for you perfectly. Usually, hybrid e-bikes are bought to fulfill a specific need, but many riders end up buying more than one type since they can explore different riding styles.

In general, low cost e-bikes range in price from $600 and up, with most good quality, mainstream e-bikes costing around $1500-$4000.

The thing is, with a hybrid electric bike, you are paying for a bike that you can use in so many different ways, so it’s much more of an investment compared with a specialized bike such as a mountain bike that restricts you to off trail.

Hybrid e-bikes offer many different setups and designs, so you’ll be able to mix and match until you find the perfect hybrid e-bike that will save you money in the long term by matching your needs exactly.


Rather than stick to just one kind of bike or riding style, a hybrid e-bike can open the doors to a variety of riding styles since these bikes often straddle two or more types. Hybrids offer a blend of multiple kinds of bike, taking features from more than one so you can use them in more ways than a regular, specialized bike.

If you’re looking for comfort but also speed, then a hybrid e-bike can offer exactly that, so you can enjoy both off-road trails as well as a smooth ride through town. Hybrid e-bikes are the perfect combination of city e-bike and commuter e-bikes with a hybrid, so most cyclists will benefit from owning one!

How to choose the best hybrid electric bikes

Now we’ve raved for long enough about how amazing hybrid e-bikes are, how do you about choosing the right one for you. We’ve mentioned how many different kinds of e-bikes there are and the variety they offer, but selecting a good quality e-bike that is perfectly suited to your needs can be a challenge.

When experts compare hybrid e-bikes to standard e-bikes, it’s true that in order to have that versatility, you lose some of the performance since the bike doesn’t have pure features. For example, a mix between road bike and mountain bike will never be as good as a pure mountain bike exclusively built for off trail. This is why you need to decide if you’re looking for the absolute best performance in one riding style, whether that’s off road, city, or leisure, or prefer the versatility of using one bike for more than one riding style.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of advantages to getting a hybrid electric bike, but there will always be limitations. Are you more interested in how to choose a hybrid bike? Here’s how you can make sure you are choosing the right one for you:


It’s no secret that most performance bikes are not comfortable, but hybrid e-bikes don’t have that issue.

Some things to keep in mind are hybrids with an upright riding position with the right handlebar positioning, which is the most comfortable. Also look out for components such as adjustable seat posts, and wider saddles. If you know you’d like to do a lot of off-roading, then look at getting a hybrid e-bike with a suspension fork and wide tires to absorb the bumps from uneven roads.

Make sure the bike is compatible with your terrain

If you’re the kind of rider that wants to ride on a mix of terrians, and frequently ride in different areas such as town or outdoor parks, or even riders who wish to commute and also ride in town, then hyrbids could be for you.

Battery setup and speed

The battery is key since it determines range and how much you’ll be relying on the motor assistance. You need to check the riding ranges of hybrids, some come with a second battery pack, which is perfect if you ride longer hours so you won’t need to worry about running out on the road. Make sure you check the average time you spend riding, and how much you pedal. More pedaling means you won’t need as much range.

Look at the motor and tires to see what speed this will be. Thinner tires fo faster, and rely less on motor assistance. Mid-mounted motors are a good choice since they have the best torque and performance. 500W and 750W are good for reaching top speeds with less pedaling. You might be wondering, how much faster is a road bike than a hybrid?

Safety accessories and budget

Safety should be a priority, so go with models that enhance safety using paint accents and integrated lights, reflective tires, and headlight designs especially if you could be riding in the city at night.

Of course, try to keep everything in your budget. It’s worth investing in a quality e-bike rather than a cheap one that you’ll have to replace soon enough. Go for the ones with a warranty package to be on the safe side.

Final Thoughts

The electric bike is a wonderful invention, but even more so when it’s a hybrid. Far from average, electric bike reviews that their flexibility means so many more people can use it for a comfortable ride.

They’re low maintenance and equipped on the other hand with the important factors you need for everyday life such as front suspension and flat handlebars. Whether you love light trails or touring, the ebike won’t disappoint.

Don’t miss out on the hybrid electric bike