What Makes a Good Bike Helmet?

By: Alex Bristol

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Having trouble finding the best helmet for yourself? Let us solve this problem for you! The answer to what makes a good bike helmet is simple. The one that fits your style of cycling will suit you best. However, there are differences in helmets. For a mountain biker the helmet would be different in comparison to the road biker. And hence, what makes a good bike helmet, is an important question.

There are various styles of helmets in the market. The reason behind the difference is that the riding types have a different style. The movements are different. The features are different.

Common features of a good bike helmet:

There are a few features that need to be present for bikers at all cost. Their comfortability and safety matters. A few of the features are listed below:

  • There should be good ventilation (even at low speeds)
  • The rear head coverage should be good enough
  • It should fit you well, so it does not move around
  • It should be aerodynamic
  • The weight should not be heavy

A few components of a good helmet:

There are other things that need to be counted on for finding the best helmet. A few of those components consist of:

  • Construction should be single molded
  • The shell should be hard enough to protect your head
  • Straps need to be strong enough
  • A liner of EPS under the shell
  • Ventilation is an important aspect

Apart from the ventilation slits, the above-mentioned components are equally important. To absorb the impacts, the liners should be there. The shells hold your head in place; made in such a way that it is light as well as strong. Last but not the least, the straps play an essential role too. To prevent the helmet from snapping, the straps have to be strong. If your helmet gets chipped off, frays or even cracks, it is time for you to change it. It is no longer efficient.

Ventilation has always been the top priority. An overheated head would definitely be uncomfortable. Although, this feature is not for providing you safety, but it serves you air to breathe.


Above all the features, the size and how well a helmet fits, matters. These two are important aspects as well. All heads cannot fit in the same helmets. For your own comfortability you need to wear and check if the size fits. Try it on the store and measure your head accordingly. A good-sized helmet will not pinch you, making you move your head freely.

There are fit adjusters in helmets too. Make sure you adjust this to get the perfect level. This can turn out be dangerous for you.

Shopping for good bike helmets can be a little tricky. People who do not have enough knowledge about what to buy might end up with the wrong helmets. Therefore, it is important to check before you buy. Once you know what type of bike helmet you want, the shopping can become fun.


Makes a Good Bike Helmet – Article by I Love Bicycling