What Size of Cycling Shoes Do You Need

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If you are a cyclist, one of the most frustrating things you can ever experience is finding out that the cycling shoes you have purchased do not fit you well. This happens mostly if you have purchased the shoes online where you do not have a chance try them before buying. Since they come with different sizes, you need to be know how you can determine the best fit for you. To make your work easier, we shall explain the correct size of cycling shoes you should consider. Check the procedure below.

1. Take the measurement of your foot

The first step will be to take the measurements of your feet.  To do this, place an A4 paper size on the floor and place your foot on the paper. Ensure that the paper is placed against the wall. Your heel should align with the wall. Draw a line at the tip of your toe. Determine the length of your foot in centimeter. Remember to take measurement of booth feet. When picking the right shoe, consider the highest measurement of the two feet. To create a breathing space, add about 5 mm to the measurement. This will also make your feet comfortable. However, don’t leave a very big margin to prevent sliding.

2. Look for a shoe that matches your measurements

Since you already know your measurements including the extra space required, you can look for a good shoe from your favorite brand

3. Width

In terms of power transfer, the forefoot is the most sensitive part. Therefore, you should ensure that it fits you perfectly. You also need to take the widest measurements of your feet. This will prevent you from buying a shoe that is too narrow or too narrow.

4. Order your shoes

After you have confirmed your measurements, check the available sizes and order the correct size. Also remember to use cleats that suit the size of your shoes.

Factors to consider when determining the correct cycling shoe size

  1. Season –There are cycling shoes that are made specifically for certain seasons. For example, winter shoes are unique in that they are wider to create room for socks. However, there are those that are made for summer. These ones are a bit narrow and lightweight
  2. Test the shoe – The best way to ensure that you have picked the right shoe is by wearing the shoes first before buying. This will allow you to know whether the shoe is too big or too small for you.
  3. Locking system – A good locking system should ensure that the shoe firmly hold your entire foot when strain occurs when pulling. It should also provide the required support. Again, the upper part of the shoe should not form wrinkles when closing.
  4. Sole- The sole should be very stiff to enhance comfort and performance. A stiff sole keeps your feet stable. The upper part should also have soft padding.


Using the correct shoe size will give you a better experience when riding. These shoes will save your energy and you won’t experience too much pressure when using them if they are too small. On the other hand, your feet are likely to slide if they are too big.  Don’t forget to take the measurements of your feet first if you are purchasing them online.


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