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What size of handlebars for mountain bikes

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What size of handlebars for mountain bikes

When searching for mountain bike handlebars, you will find that they come with different sizes. However, you need to ensure that you have selected the correct size that will give you maximum control. To make your work easier when determining the correct size, this article will reveal some important things you should know about mountain bike handlebar sizing.


The width

The width of mountain bike handlebars has been increasing over the years. Most people may not understand why but what you need to know is that wide handlebars provide better control. Again, wide handlebars provide better leverage which means that when you are rolling on tough terrains, the handlebars will give you the required stability and due to this, they will prevent the front wheel from bouncing. Another reason why you should opt for wide handlebars is that they engage your back muscles which means that they provide more power and control. However, very wide handlebars may not be the best and can be very uncomfortable. In such a situation, you can cut the handlebars according to your preferred size.

Benefits of wide bars

  1. They enhance breathing – In case you are using your mountain bike for cycling sports, breathing is very critical. The good thing about wide handlebars is that they help your airwaves to open up to take more oxygen.
  2. Control – Anytime you are riding on challenging terrain, wide handlebars will give you maximum control. They also allow you to control the front wheel when riding on rough trails.


Reasons why you may require narrow handlebars

  1. Space– As compared to the narrow mountain bike handlebars, the wide bars require a lot of space. This means that they may not be the best when you are starting a race or when riding on narrow tree tracks. You will not be able to squeeze in the gaps easily as compared to when you are using narrow bars.


  1. Body type– For those with a small body or narrow shoulders, using wide bars may lead to back and shoulder pains. This means that when determining whether to choose narrow or wide handlebars, you should also consider your body size.



Most of the advanced handlebars are made of carbon fiber and aluminum. The good thing about the aluminum ones is that they are very strong and sturdy. Apart from that, they are very easy to cut in case you are not comfortable with their size. On the other hand, carbon fiber handlebars may not be easy to cut. This means that if you decide to buy them, you need to ensure that you have picked the correct size.



It is not easy to determine the best size for mountain bike handlebars because it depends with personal preferences. However, if you will be riding on tough trails, wide handlebars will give you the best control. They also allow you to breathe easily when cycling. On the other hand, narrow handlebars may be the best for people with small body sizes. Irrespective of your choice, ensure that the size you have picked will give you maximum control.



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