When To Buy a New Bike Helmet

By: Alex Bristol

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A lot of times, we come across racers who recommend us to change our helmets after some time. But the question lies here; when to buy a new helmet? This state of confusion makes it difficult for people to figure things out. After every 3 years or so, the foam tends to degrade.

Other environmental factors may have a direct impact on the foam also. This includes constant sunlight, heat, the sweat caused. If you are a cyclist, who rides their bike every day, then you must look deep into this matter.

Why need a new bike helmet?

A new bike helmet may be needed right in time. Factors such as sunlight and heat tend to ruin the foam. Therefore, it does not provide you the same protection over time.

Also, if your helmet crashes or drops hard any time, you need to buy a new helmet as soon as possible. However, there are a few experts (not helmet manufacturers) who argue that even if a helmet is damaged, it can still be used. They say helmet has no age limit. 

At the same time, we will recommend you to buy a new bike helmet after 3 years. This is so because it keeps you updated; updated with comfort, safety as well as style. Over the years, we have seen great improvements in helmet manufacturing.

They have become lighter, comfortable, ventilation has improved and more head sizes have been introduced too. Technologies like MIPS and ‘concussion mitigation’ are also available. The industries are constantly working upon materials, standards and design.

Adding on to this, there are a few materials which naturally degrade after a time span. Mostly racers use sun blocks, hair oils and other cosmetics which have a direct contact with the material. This results in wear and tear.

Time to get a new helmet:

We see that helmets do not have an expiry date, but they should not be used for a lifetime either. With passing years, new things occur, new technologies take over. Therefore, you should now know when to change your helmet. 3 or maximum 5 years have been said to be the ideal time span after which you should change your helmet. Not because it has crashed but it has simply worn out.

If you observe that new technological helmets have been introduced in the market, then you know it is time for you to buy a new bike helmet.


Riding a bike has not been a safe activity ever. Therefore, a racer must keep an eye on things that will bring safety and protection.  Many accidents and injuries throughout the world have occurred because some people have not worn helmets and some of them had worn out. So, it is obvious that helmets save your life. Then why not take the precautionary measure?

Get the best bicycles, take care of your bike and make sure to get your hands on the best helmets in the market. Because you matter!


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