Where Is The Bike Stem

By: Alex Bristol

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The bike stem is that part that connects the handlebars to the steer tube on the bike fork. It is also known as the goose neckline. The stem is an important part of the bike because it allows you to control the path of your bike. Again, it affects the bike handling which means that you need to be careful when choosing the correct size for your bike. You should also note that there are different types of bikes stems. Check their differences below.

Quill Stems

These ones are the most common types of stems on many utility bikes but they have been displaced as the standard stems on sport bikes. They are easy to detect because the threaded steerer tube of the fork extends up to the headrest but it does not protrude beyond that.

What are the benefits of using quill stems?
  • One of the major advantages of these stems is that you can easily remove them without touching the headrest.
  • They also provide a smoother and a slender appearance as compared to the jointed appearance of threadless stems.
  • They allow you to adjust the height of the handlebars.
  • You can easily raise them without problems.

Threadless stems

In a threadless stem, the stem usually clamps on the steerer tube which is not threaded.  The stem also extends above the headrest and this is the major difference between quill and threadless stems.

What are the benefits of threadless stems?
  • Unlike the quill stems, threadless stems provides an easier way of swapping, mixing and flipping stems which vary in terms of construction, angle, color and reach.
  • They also work perfectly with lighter carbon fiber and aluminum alloy steerer tubes and as a result, they make your bike lightweight.
  • Their centre can be adjusted without interfering with the height of the handlebar.
  • Another benefit is that you can easily change them using a single allen wrench.
Stem Construction

The most common materials used in the production of bike stems are aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and titanium. If you are searching for a durable stem, you should look for one that is made of steel or carbon fiber. However, aluminum alloy stems provides the best performance 

Stem price

The price of bike stems is determined by various factors such as weight and material. Most of the cheap stems are a bit heavy and you will also find that they are not very attractive. If you are on a budget, aluminum alloy stems are more affordable than the carbon fiber stems. They are also lightweight and reliable. As a result, they are the most common.  When buying, always go for quality irrespective of price.


The part where you attach the handlebars is what we are referring to as the bike stem. It is a very important part because it affects the riding position, reach and overall comfort of your bike. It also affects the responsiveness of your bike. With this guide, we hope that you are now able to differentiate between the two types of bike stems. This article will also be helpful to those who are searching for a good stem for their bikes.