Where To Put Sunglasses When Cycling?

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

Are you wearing your cycling sunglasses the correct way? If you are a beginner or a lonely cyclist, you probably have never even asked yourself. You put your glasses on your eyes, what can be wrong about that? As a matter of fact, though, there’s a huge debate all over the internet and cycling groups about this matter: how to wear bike sunglasses? Inside or outside your helmets straps? Functionally, there’s no much difference between the two options, but style is becoming increasingly important in sport and cycling is no less. Wearing your sunglasses correctly (or what it’s considered such) will make the difference between looking like a noob or an experience cyclist.

The wrong way to wear sunglasses

Putting your sunglasses under your helmet straps is the wrong way to wear sunglasses. This is what happens when you put them on before wearing your helmet. Some also use to slip the glasses close to their head, typically with two hands. Most cyclists wear sunglasses like so because they feel like they will be more stable and to avoid them slipping off. But the truth is that good quality sunglasses don’t need to be slipped under your helmet straps to be stable and comfortable. Plus, wearing sunglasses this way looks goofy and makes more difficult to take them off while you’re cycling.

The correct way to wear sunglasses

The correct way to wear sunglasses is to wear your helmet, strap it on, and then put your glasses on outside the straps. Not only you look better this way, but you also have the chance to take your glasses off and put them on again during the ride. This might seem unimportant, but there are some occasion in which taking your sunglasses on isn’t helpful or safe.

There are of course exception to this sort of rule.

If you’re wearing poor quality sunglasses or your old pair that doesn’t fit well anymore on your head, you’ll need to slip the glasses’ arms under the helmet’s straps. Prescription glasses also can rest snugly on the head, so if you’re wearing those you’ll need to put them on the inside of the straps. Prescription glasses’ frames aren’t usually as flexible and resistant as bike glasses are, so wearing them outside the straps may flex or even break them.

Also, sunglasses with thin temples and aviator style sunglasses should be worn on the inside of the helmet straps.

So, where to put your sunglasses when cycling? The answer could seem obvious, but, as we’ve seen, it is not. The whole matter might seem unimportant but if you search for whatever professional cyclist photo in the internet, you’ll find most of them wearing sunglasses the “correct” way, that is on the outside of the helmet straps.


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