Where To Put Your Bike Lock While Riding

By: Alex Bristol

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Importance of a bike lock:

Road bike riding is a hobby/sport loved by people all around the world. So much so that people have incorporated it as a part of their daily routines. With this much love being poured into the hobby, it only makes sense to protect your bike from theft. In order to do that, many companies have come up with the best possible locks for your bike, but a few pay attention to where to put a bike lock while riding.

Locks protect your bike from getting stolen. Some of them even fasten them to a side railing on the outskirts of a mall or a place to leave your bikes at. Either way, carrying them on the go is the big question. Where to put them and how to avoid them ruining your bike riding experience? We will investigate how you can carry a lock on your bike.

Types of lock and where to put them:

  1. Wire lock:

The wire lock is very common and widely used in the world of road bike riding. Not only is it flexible so it provides ease of use, but also can be balled up into a smaller, more concise package. This makes carriage easy. Another big advantage of a wire lock is that it can be cut into a smaller length, which makes it significantly easier to store in places like a saddlebag, and also give you more control over how long you want it to be.

This leads us to how you can carry a wire lock. Wire locks can wrap around the side handles of your bike and lock in place with the key provided. This keeps them tugged to the side, out of the way.

  1. U-lock:

U-locks are lighter as compared to wire locks. This makes them easy in terms of weight, along with their precise shapes which makes them convenient to fasten. You can carry U-locks in your bag but that will only add weight and remove the room from the bag pack. And besides, your bag has a lot more important stuff to carry than your bike lock.

Your best option, unfortunately with a U-lock, is to carry it in your messenger or saddlebag. This can make things difficult as they might crush soft groceries. You can try locking it between your strap or cross strap on your chest, but it might cause problems while taking it off. You can also try shoving it between your belt above your back pocket but that will require you to adjust the belt every time you take it off and put it back in.


As we can see, U-locks are not the way to go when deciding where to put your bike locks. Wire locks are the best option for you to choose, however, potential areas to store both of them have been discussed. Now it is completely up to you as to where you put the lock and which one you go for.

Road bike riding is an amazing sport! Choose wisely when buying locks and storing them.

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