Why Are There Male And Female Bikes

By: Alex Bristol

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If you have ever tried clothes of someone from the opposite gender, let’s say a woman trying men’s jeans, then you would know how different our bodies actually are from each other. People usually ask the question ‘why are there male and female bikes?’ To answer that in very simple words, this difference in male and female bikes is made specifically to accommodate the differences in the bodies of both genders.

The small changes in both bikes that cannot be noticed at first glance with a naked eye, are made keeping the comfort of both men and women in mind. After all, no one wants a strained muscle or any other serious injuries. The following section discusses the importance of these distinctive features and differences.

What are differences between male and female bikes based upon?

There are certain things that manufacturers keep in mind before incorporating such differences into their product and we will be looking at those.

Frame – The bar on the frame of women’s bikes is slanted towards the seat which was done back in the days when cycling had just started to prevent women from showing extra skin. However, it also makes mounting easier.

Top tube – Men’s bikes have a longer tube top. On the other hand, the top tube is shorter on women’s bikes to accommodate their short torsos and longer legs for more comfort. This allows for a more comfortable positioning during riding.

Seat Shape – There are a lot of manufacturers and cheaper brands that use unisex saddles that can fit both men and women. However, traditional women’s bikes have wide seats that are made to fit the setting bones and pelvis comfortably. On the other hand, men’s bikes are narrow and long.

Handlebars – The most common thing taken into consideration for men and women’s bike handlebars is the shoulder width. Men generally have wider shoulders which is why the ideal width and measures of their handlebars should be 42 cm to 44 cm. On the other hand, female bike handlebars are usually between 38 cm to 40 cm wide.

Handlebar stem – The stem part of the handlebar is horizontal and not adjustable. In men’s bikes, this part is made longer to facilitate their longer arms. Since women have a shorter torso, their handlebar stem is also shorter so that they can reach it safely and comfortably.


Although there are no restrictions as to which gender should ride which bike, there is still no harm in taking a few extra steps for your own safety. An average woman has completely different proportions than an average man. Therefore, a typical bike for men would give them a more comfortable riding experience. On the other hand, it would be uncomfortable for most women.

This discomfort can also lead to more serious issues like a muscle pull or strain. Thus, women’s bikes and men’s bikes are designed differently for the safety and comfort of the riders.

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