Why Do You Need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

By: Alex Bristol

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Full suspension mountain bikes have become so popular today due to their exceptional performance as compared to other bikes. However, most people avoid buying them due to their high price tag. Below are some of their benefits.

  1. Comfort– Mountain bike riding is one of the toughest sports because it involves cycling in very challenging terrains. If you want to boost your comfort, a bike with both front and rear suspension will be a great option. Full suspension bikes have excellent shock absorption properties. As a result, you can highly rely on these bikes on tough terrains. Riding a full suspension bike means that you will be seated in the bike most of the times unlike the hard trail riders which have to stand at times to pedal.
  2. Fun – When using a full suspension bike, you will be able to enjoy your ride more as compared to when you are using a standard mountain bike. Again, they allow you to ride for longer hours without fatigue. This also means that you can also ride at a speed on corners.
  3. Easy to use– Just like the standard mountain bikes, these ones are also easy to use even for beginners. You will find that they provide better control and are very comfortable to ride even on challenging surfaces.
  4. Design – In terms of design, full suspension mountain bikes are very attractive. Most of them are easy to fold for easy transport and storage.
  5. Traction – The good thing about full suspension mountain bikes is that they keep the wheels on the ground. This means that they provide more traction when riding on tough surfaces. Again, they allow you to corner faster since they are very stable. More traction means that there will be fewer spills.
  6. Protects you from poor riding– Unlike the hard trails bikes, full suspension mountain bikes are able to withstand impacts which allows you to ride comfortably. Again, they allow you to stay balanced in case you are riding poorly. This is among the major reasons that make these bikes ideal for beginners.
  7. Safe jumps– Jumps are great when riding but they can be very dangerous when you land on an uneven ground. However, full suspension bikes provide the best shock absorption. This means that you will be able to keep your bike under control when jumping. As a result, you will be able to land safely without impact.
  8. Price– Full suspension mountain bikes are very expensive since they provide a better performance than other types of bikes. However, you can still find cheap ones that will still give you an amazing performance.


Dual suspension mountain bikes provide better control and are more comfortable than the hard trail bikes. They also have a nice design that makes them suitable for different types of riding. In addition, they are suitable even for the toughest terrain since they have excellent shock absorptions properties. Even if they are a bit expensive, they are worth every coin due to their unmatched performance.


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