Best Intermediate Road Bike [Review] in 2020

Last Updated on September 29, 2020

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Road biking is a fun way to improve your stamina, fitness and endurance outdoors. It is an amazing sport which you never know about, until you try it. And that is where it hooks you and you fall in love with the idea of cycling. I believe road bikes are just as important as the sport itself. The bike you ride needs to compliment your sense of style, and help you improve your overall stance in biking. A good road bike has a good road grip, good diameter on the tyres and good brakes. Lightweight frame and narrow wheels. Sizes available for both women and men. Good handling and shock absorbing ability, all of which adds to a comfortable experience on the go.

I love cycling as much as the next person, so I have put together a guide on what the team at Pedallers have agreed as to being the best intermediate road bike list.  With narrowed it  down to a brief selection to make sure our results are straight talking.

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Our Choice Of The Best Intermediate Road Bikes


Goplus Road Bike

Top Choice Item

Goplus road bike brings a 700c commuter to the game, featuring Shimano bike components. The bike frame is constructed with aluminium, allowing it to be extremely lightweight. Lightweight frame increases the riding efficiency. It comes with an upgraded smooth derailleur which offers a 21 speed gear shift system. The handle bar and seat post is also adjustable which lets you customize the bike to your liking. The bike has a very ergonomic shape, fitting you perfectly for a long, comfortable riding experience. The handle has inward inverted extensions which allows increased handling. The white and blue color scheme is an amazing combo of elegance and grace. Also comes in black and red color. The chain is also very smooth and durable, making it easy to run smoothly with resistance. The price on this bike is also very competitive and makes it an easy sell

Bike uses Shimano components for durability and great performance
Lightweight and strong aluminium frame enables smooth riding on terrible road situations
Quick release front wheels allow for quick and easy installation when putting the bike together
Shock absorbing ability on rough terrains for smooth riding experience
Front tyre frame may be slightly off with 10 or so degrees

Latest deal: Goplus Road Bike


Eurobike Road Bike

Best Value Item

Eurobike brings a very fancy looking bike to the competition, with fancy rims on the wheels making it stand out of the crowd, and a well-organized and thought out ergonomic seat designs. The seat is adjustable which allows for easy custom configurations, meeting the perfect height before riding. It comes in black with white accents and red highlighting which makes it look incredibly sleek, remarkable and dramatic. The bike also comes in a vintage option which gives you wire frame wheels for a more archaic look. The bike has dual disc-breaks which allows on both tyres for quick and easy breaking, increasing your control while riding. The bike frame is made out of aluminium for a lightweight experience. Overall an amazing bike with a unique take at design.

21-speed shifting system ensures when breaking at any speed
Disc-breaks on both wheels for fast and easy breaking mechanism
The bikes arrives mostly assembled, with only wheels left to be attached
Bike tyres come deflated for protection during shipping the product
Fast gear shifting may cause the chain to set loose

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Vilano R2 Commuter Road Bike

Prime Picked Item

Looking for a simple, elegant 21-speed commuter road bike? Vilano brings a 700c road bike with a wide diameter on the wheels for good grip on the road while riding, and aluminium frame for a lightweight and hassle-free experience. The aluminium frame is double butted which makes it incredibly durable and strong, while keeping the entire package easy to ride. It also features A050 thumb shifters for quick and easy gear shifting. The 21-speed drivetrain along with 700c double walled CNC machined wheel set with quick release skewers makes the riding experience and bike assembly very easy and problem free. Shipment also includes free pedals in the box. The bike has a nice chain running system, has a black and neon green color scheme which looks really cool and an ergonomic adjustable seat for a comfortable riding experience. This bike is a definite eye catcher.

Adjustable seat with an ergonomic well-designed shape
Easy to use thumb shifters; all controls at hand
Inward inverted handle extensions for riding low
Aluminium frame for a lightweight and comfortable experience
Brake quick release is not of the highest quality

Latest deal: Vilano R2 Commuter Road Bike


Vilano Tuono 2.0 Road Bike

Tuono is Vilano’s upgraded 2.0 all-aluminium series that rocks an all-black matte finish for the color scheme, with slight teal accents that look amazing and stand out of the rest of the crowd. The bike brings a very understated look for minimalists and individuals who like riding low-key. The bike has A050 handlebar mounted shifters for quick shifting of the 21-speed mechanism. The chain is very smooth and runs without noise on the chain gear. The aluminium frame makes the bike extremely lightweight and easy to carry on the go. Bike seat is ergonomic and well-made, and is adjustable for ease of use and comfort while riding. The wheels have a double walled CNC machines side and disc-breaks which makes them strong and durable, and quick to stop respectively.

Double butted aluminium with fork for smooth rides and lightweight experience
Handlebar mountain smooth shifters for quick shifting and speed control
Aluminium frame for strength and durability which increases longevity of the product
Disc-breaks on both wheels for quick and easy stops
Breaks may force the wheel out of the fork

Latest deal: Vilano Tuono 2.0 Road Bike


KENT Gzr700 Road Bike

KENT bring you a very funky all-orange design for a mountain bike, with subtle black accents which makes the bike look amazing. The orange color scheme runs around the tyres as well, showing that attention to detail was the prime objective while bringing this bike to life. The bikes gives a very splendid and profound look, looking to please minimalist as well as bold enthusiast individuals. The bike has a wide diameter for wheels which increases the surface area, therefore increasing the grip on the road. Couple this with inward inverted extensions on the handlebar, makes for a precise control on the bike while riding. The seat is ergonomic and well-designed for a comfortable journey. Bike has a steel frame which adds bulk to the bike. Has 21-speed gear shifting system and single-pivot alloy breaks.

21-speed stem shifters allow for a smooth gear shift
Steel fork reduces bums while riding on broken terrains
Alloy double walled rims which are durable and do not bend easily
Steel frame increases durability and longevity of the bike
Steel adds unnecessary weight and bulk to the bike

Latest deal: KENT Gzr700 Road Bike

Best Intermediate Road Bikes Buyer Guide

Convenient– One of the reasons why road bikes are so popular is because they allow you to reach to your destination more conveniently. Unlike cars, road bikes are not affected by traffic jams.

Cheap to maintain- Another benefit of these bikes is that they are very cheap to maintain. Unlike motorcycles and cars, road bikes do not require any fuel.

Easy to learn– Learning how to ride a bike is very easy and does not require a lot of time. Again, you can even learn on your own without paying for guidance on how to cycle.

Speed– As compared to other types of bikes, road bikes are the fastest. This is mainly because they are made of lightweight components.

Choosing the best intermediate road bike

Below are the most important things you should check when buying an intermediate road bike.

Size– Even before you pick your preferred model, you need to ensure that you know the correct size that matches your height. Otherwise, you will never enjoy your rides if you choose the wrong size. When buying the bike online, you should check the available size before you place an order.

Material– The durability of the bike will be determined by the type of materials used. Since the frame is the major component that determines the strength and durability of the bike, you need to ensure that it is made of quality materials. Bike frames are made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. Aluminum bikes are the most common due to their lightweight design.

Price – Intermediate road bikes are available at different prices, this means that you need to set a budget to ensure that you don’t spend more than you have. You also need to compare the features to determine whether the bike is worth the price.

Research– Buying a bike online can be a bit tricky because it is not possible to test the bike before buying. However, you can check what customers are saying about the road bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes road bikes to be so popular?

As compared to other types of bikes, road bikes are the most popular. This is because they have a lightweight design which makes them to be faster than other bikes. They are also affordable and easy to use.

Which is the best intermediate road bike for money?

As compared to other bikes we have reviewed, Goplus road bike comes with more advanced features. It is also stylish, lightweight, and strong.

Having a road bike is a must in today’s day and age as other means of transport are getting more and more expensive. Today we looked at some of the cheapest offerings, in terms of price in road bikes, the manufacturers brought their A-game to the table. Having a good intermediate road bike means transport is always readily available as they are also maintenance-friendly. They may not be the quickest to get you somewhere but they can save you a ton of money in the transport department.

What we tend to look for in intermediate road bikes.

Road biking, in general, is an amazing sport in itself. It helps you stay in shape, strengthens your leg muscles, increases your stamina, and helps you in all endurance activities. For starters, a road bike is way cheaper than a car, not to mention all the expenses of maintaining one and getting gas for it. You can save a lot of money on buying road bikes and can utilize that money for something more productive and rewarding. Another good feature of road bikes is that they are built tough and can really take a beating. Some of them put on an awe-inspiring performance when put through a rough test. They have lightweight frames to help you reach high speeds, all while keeping the entire package sturdy and safe on the road. That is where the name ‘Road Bikes’ comes from. These bikes are also ergonomically well-constructed and a lot of thought is put into designing them, shaving milliseconds off of how quickly you can reach high speeds, by modifying the design to the best. Road bikes are a benefit to society as well. By getting road bikes, you reduce the number of cars on the road. Thereby effectively reducing the carbon and lead emissions from burning fuel. So no only do road bikes help you save money, but our planet Earth as well.

The final verdict

The bikes we looked at today were some of the best offerings when it comes to cheap affordable road bikes. Some offering aluminum frames while others going for steel. Some offered good gear shifting mechanisms while others made it a point to provide disc-breaks on both wheels increasing handling on the road. All of them kept one important thing in mind, and that was to keep the price affordable and in check. And I will say they all delivered.

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