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A close up of an all-black Fizik Cyrano 00 Carbon Road handlebar
Fizik Cyrano 00 Carbon Road Handlebar
A photo of New Egg bicycle Bull Horn style bike handlebar
Iron JIA’s Bicycle Handlebar Carbon Fiber
A very close up photo of an FSA Adventure Compact alloy handlebar
FSA Adventure Compact Alloy Handlebar

Looking to upgrade your road bike? What better way to start than with a new set of handlebars that will give you the most awesome grip so you can excel in your performance.

Well let me tell you, you’re at the right place, my friend.

I’ve trekked through the wide web, looking at 43 different road bike handlebars, to find out everything you need to know about the best road bike handlebars that will excel your comfort and performance, giving you the most precise control. 

Apart from steering the bike, this part also allows you to balance your weight when cycling. However, searching for the best road bike handlebar can be time-consuming especially if you do not know exactly the best road bike handlebar.

But wait, here’s the good news.

To make your work easier, we have reviewed the best road bike handlebars that are worth your money, so you can get back on the road and continue to excel around even the highest of corners.

Here’s a tip that may help you: measure the distance between the bony bits on your shoulders, this should give you a baseline as to which width is best for you.

My first pick below is my favorite road bike handlebar ever.

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Best Road Bike Handlebars

Fizik Cyrano 00 Carbon Road Handlebar

best carbon handlebars for road bike
A close up of an all-black Fizik Cyrano 00 Carbon Road handlebar

What a better way to start than with the Cyrano 00, it is the top of the lime handlebar made out of high-modulus carbon, making it the strongest and most lightweight Fizik handlebar. 

Fizik gives you three different options to choose from based on your riding position and for comfort: The Snake Handlebar, 
The Chameleon Handlebar, and The Bull Handlebar.

But wait I must tell you more.

Each handlebar is based on your flexibility, with the snake being the most flexible and the bull being the least. Not everyone has the same amount of flexibility so, this handlebar catering to everyone’s differences makes this product seal number one spot every time. 

You will have ultimate comfort and control on the road and wonder why you didn’t get this product sooner! 

  • Three different types to choose from
  • Based on your flexibility for ultimate comfort
  • Gives you unmatched control
  • Sleek design
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Fizik Cyrano 00 

Iron JIA’s Bicycle Handlebar Carbon Fiber

A photo of New Egg bicycle Bull Horn style bike handlebar

One thing I love about Iron’s JIA’s handlebar is that it stands out from the rest with its attractive and sturdy design. It is also made out of carbon making it super lightweight and durable, for ultimate control. 

It also feels super comfortable on the hands, with lots of contacts and easy to reach with shifters, this handlebar will gently increase comfort, even after long trips.

The shape offers optimal positioning, whether you’re at the front of catching the slipstream, it provides powder wind-breaking effects.

If you are searching for a suitable handlebar for cycling trips, you can never go wrong with this one, it will give you the comfiest position possible on these long rides.

  • Extraordinary design
  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Decent price
  • Shipping may take long
Latest deal: Iron JIA’s Bicycle Handlebar Carbon Fiber

FSA Adventure Compact Alloy Handlebar

A very close up photo of an FSA Adventure Compact alloy handlebar

FSA may be short in stature but it is big on performance and reliability, ready for comfortable drops and the ergonomic top section will allow you to steer with complete comfort and control.

The FSA adventure is among the toughest handlebars you can find today! It has a compact drop design to boost reach and comfort.

Apart from that, it is double-butted and tapered to enhance its strength and stiffness.  The 12-slide flare allows you to position your hands comfortably when riding, it is perfect for if you’re a slightly shorter rider.

If you are searching for a quality handlebar you can use for adventure or gravel cycling, it will be an excellent choice.

  • Wide top bar to support your hands
  • Very stiff and strong
  • Compact drop design
  • Excellent choice for adventure and gravel cycling
  • None
Latest deal: FSA Adventure Compact Alloy Handlebar

Brand-X Carbon Ergo Racing Road Handlebar

A photo of a black Brand-X carbon ergo bike handlebar

If you’re looking for comfort then Brand-X’s handlebar may be your perfect match, this racing road handlebar offers ultimate comfort and ergonomics, ready to tackle whatever the road throws at you.

Brand-X Carbon ergo road racing bar is compact and designed from the ground up with ergonomics and comfort in mind. It features an 80mm reach and shallow 125mm drop, it is compact and has an ergonomic bend, so you can use it easily.

But there’s more…

It features a textured finish in the stem and control clamping areas, so you can get the most comfort in your ride. The cable routing and center makings ease the setup.

For the price you can’t get any better than this one, it will compliment your bike beautifully and you will notice the difference in the performance of your ride.

  • Has both ergonomics and comfort in mind
  • Shallow 125mm drop and 80mm reach
  • Sleek design
  • Cable routing eases the set up
  • Limited color choices
Latest deal: Brand-X Carbon Ergo Racing Road Handlebar

VR-CF Road Handlebar Legacy

A photo of a black Bontrager road bike handlebar

This handlebar by TREK was built for unparalleled comfort, with the issue of the chain-rattling road being history. It mutes 20% more vibration than any other carbon bars, once you experience this comfort you won’t turn back. 

The OCLV carbon with IsoCore and continuous inner-laminar technology will ensure you have the smoothest ride possible with this handlebar. You can even replace the IsoZone EVA pads and maintain the grip diameter, which is even included with the bar! 

The variable radius compact flare offers excellent comfort for all hand positions. It is compatible with clip-on aero bars. 

After trying this bar I was completely hooked and I won’t use any other bar again. 

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Mutes 20% more vibration than any other carbon handlebar
  • Includes replaceable IsoZone EVA pads
  • None
Latest deal: Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof

TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Bent Bicycle Handlebars

A photo of a black carbon handlebar for bike

TO SEEK Carbon Fiber Bent Bicycle Handlebar features a T800 carbon fiber construction. It is ultra-light and very strong. You will be shocked by how easy this bad boy is to install.

Due to its unique shape, it allows you to position your hands comfortably irrespective of your riding style. With its carbon-fiber T800 frame, exquisite craftwork, and nice touch feeling, so you will have ultimate comfort.

It is super comfortable on your hands with lots of comfort and easy reach to the shifters, while the shape allows optimal positioning. 

If you are searching for a comfortable handlebar that you can install in your road bike, mountain bike, long-distance bike, or travel bikes, this one is an excellent choice.

  • Super light
  • Good price
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Cheap quality
Latest deal: Vont ‘Scope’ Bike Light

UPANBIKE Bike Butterfly Handlebar

A photo of a black UPANBIKE butterfly handlebar for bike

Whether you are searching for a quality road or mountain bike handlebar you can use for cross-country or uphill riding, UPANBIKE Bike Butterfly will be an excellent choice since it features wide and high handles.

It has a thick grip design which also makes it ideal for butterfly handlebars and special trekking bikes. The other thing you will love about it is that you can place your hands in different positions when riding to ensure that you are comfortable.

The high and wide handlebar is perfect for uphill and cross country, whether you’re on the roads or on the road and a must-have for comfort. 

  • Unique design
  • It comes with a sponge cover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for long distance cycling
  • Cheap quality
Latest deal: UPANBIKE Bike Butterfly Handlebar

Deda Zero100 Alloy Black Handlebar

A Deda Zero 100 black handlebar

If you are searching for a top-quality road bike handlebar that will be you the best performance, this one will be an excellent choice. 

The Deda Zero 100 handlebar is manufactured from 7075 triple butted alloy and is super strong, it will give you ultimate comfort even on the longer rides.

It even features two shapes, deep and shallow, to suit you best on different rides, we all know that we frequently change positions for comfort, especially on those longer rides and this is perfect for doing that!

For the super affordable price point, you will love the performance you get out of it. 

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Extraordinary quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Super comfortable
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Deda Zero100 Alloy Black Handlebar

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Factors to consider when buying road bike Handlebars

Below are some of the things you should check when buying road bike handlebars.


Most of the road bike handlebars are made of carbon or alloy. Alloy or aluminum handlebars are the most common. The good thing about this material is that it is lightweight and affordable. On the other hand, carbon handlebars are more durable and stronger as compared to aluminum handlebars.

However, they are more expensive.


Handlebars come in different widths. Most of them range from 36cm-46 cm. When choosing, ensure they are almost the same width as your shoulders. Cruiser rides prefer wide handlebars since they are easier to control. However, you should consider your body size when determining the best width. If you have a small body, wide bars might not be the best.


The modern handlebars usually have a diameter of 31.8 mm but the traditional ones measure 25.4mm. When buying, you need to consider a diameter that matches the stem. Some may not be compatible.


The shape of the handlebar may also affect your comfort. Most of the high-end models have a molded and ergonomic shape that provides maximum comfort. This means that they allow you to place your hands in different positions.

When buying, ensure that the shape of the handlebar will be comfortable for you even when riding for long hours.


Road bike handlebars do not come with grips. You will need to purchase a handlebar tape. The tape is usually made of synthetic materials and it also contains a layer of form or cushion which helps to minimize vibrations. However, wrapping the tape can be a bit challenging but in case you are not sure how it is done, you can take the bike to a bike shop.

Wing bars:

Some handlebars contain a flat top section which provides a wide contact area. As a result, they are very comfortable since they help in reducing stress on your arms and wrists.


With handlebar drop, it is much down to personal preference and riding style, traditionally you would see a gentle round curve and a deep drop which puts you in a low riding position.

However, in recent years you will notice that compact handlebars are much more on the trend. These have a much straighter shape, so the lower section of the drop is much higher but the ergonomic bars are much rounder than traditional bars but they have a fat center for comfortable hand positioning.

It is all down to preference and your riding style, if you’re an endurance rider I would recommend going for a compact handlebar.


The drop shape and depth will also impact the reach between the handlebar and the lever. In most cases, they can be adjusted to suit you, but handlebars, in general, have an impact on the reach from the saddle to the bar so finding the right adjustment is crucial for comfort.


Aero road bikes have become more and more popular in recent years and the handlebar set-up plays a massive role in reducing drag. You’ll find that handlebars that improve aerodynamics will have a small surface area on the front, this flattens out to create a longer surface area on top.

This allows the bike to slice through the air and improve performance, it also means longer rides will be much comfier.

Clip compatibility:

This is a very important factor to check before you click to buy, you can’t clip on Triathalon aero bars to all drop handlebars, it may be the wrong shape or just not designed to handle the force. I would recommend checking the specifications before you decide on a handlebar.

Plus check whether it will fit your bike.

What type of handlebars should you buy?

Before you spend your money on any road bike handlebar, you need to think of how you will be using the bike. This is because handlebars vary in design and some are suitable for specific riders.

Regular riders – If you ride frequently, you should consider aluminum or carbon handlebars that are lightweight. Wide handlebars may also be suitable because they provide the best control. If you will be covering long distances, carbon handlebars will be the most suitable since they are light and comfortable.

Occasional riders – Standard allow handlebars with average drop and reach will be the best. You may also need to consider bars with a shallow drop.

Racers– Carbon handlebars that contain a standard drop will be a great choice. Since carbon is light, a deeper drop will provide a better aero position.

How to set up road bike handlebars

Size– If you are to choose between short and long handlebars, you should consider a bar that has a long stem. These allow you to access the controls more easily when cycling. Again, they boost your posture, and at the same time, they allow you to reach the brake levers without straining. You should also go for a handlebar that is wider than the shoulders. As you advance your skills, you can later go for a narrow handlebar.

Handlebar tape– Another thing you should consider is the bar tape. This one will determine how comfortable you will be when riding. Ensure that it is easy to grip and can absorb vibrations effectively. A good tape should also help in relieving pressure on your wrists. You can also consider a gel insert for absorbing road vibrations.

Height – The height of the handlebar is also important. Ensure that it is not too high or too low. In case it is too low, it might affect your speed. Again, it can lead to various problems like back pain, neck pain, and also shoulder pains. You should test it first before you hit the road to confirm that it is comfortable.


The type of road bike handlebar that you pick can make a big difference in how you control the bike and how you feel when riding.  Apart from that, it also affects your posture, grip, and also how you place your hand.

If you can find an ergonomic handlebar that allows you to place your hands in different positions, it would be best.  Again, look for a lightweight handlebar and one that is made of durable and sturdy material.

The good thing is that you won’t struggle to find a quality road bike handlebar since we have provided the best products you can find today.  One of the reasons why you should trust the above product is that we have spent many hours trying to compare the different models available on the market.

Apart from the features, we also checked the price, customer ratings, and materials used to ensure that we have picked only the best products that will give you excellent value for your money. If you are still not convinced, you can check their rating on Amazon and also the customer reviews to confirm.

Pick any of them today that suit your requirements.