How To Make Your Road Bike Look Cool: 5 Best Way

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Why does it matter?

Many would argue from a minimalist’s standpoint, saying no road bike should be tweaked to one’s liking just to look cool or stand out. To them we would say, even minimalism is a fashion statement. So, you are already embracing some sort of style from the get-go, even when you grow liking towards a particular style in road bikes. You may like how the fender looks, or maybe the saddle or handlebars. It’s all subjective and very real. What we are left with is how to make sure your road bike looks cool?

Your style matters a lot, it says something about you. And same goes for your road bikes. As a hobby loved all around the globe, people love to make their bikes look cool. Some go out of the way by painting their bikes which increases their style factor by a lot, and also gives your bike a little personalized look. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to make your bike look cool.

Ways to make your bike look cool:

  1. Colorful cable set:

A cool set of colorful cables covering your bike, instead of the standard black ones that come standard, is a great place to start. This not only gives you a slight idea as to where you can go with it, laying down a foundation but also helps you make your bike stand out instantly.

  1. Chain wheel:

Going with a cool, colorful and metallic painted chain wheel is a bold move. But it can be a rather good one for your bike, not only in terms of style but also how it helps improve the health of your bike. A change in the chain wheel can make the chain run smoother, and look fresh and amazing at the same time.

  1. Carbon clinchers:

Carbon clinchers can add support and strength to your wheels, along with a cool pectoral fin style inspired by a humpback whale. Not a lot of wheels can scream style and strength at the same time. Help your bike with durability and coolness.

  1. Bike saddle and handlebars:

There are many options when it comes to durability and sturdiness of a saddle, but not a lot of companies pay attention to style. This makes it hard to find a good saddle that looks cool. The same goes for the handlebars. This happens usually because most companies pay attention to styling frames. But you can customize the saddle and handlebar on your own with ribbon tapes and paint. Truly making it your own speaks hard work along with style

  1. Painting the bike frame:

Your bike will scream personality if you paint it and make it look your own. Whether you like a more minimalist approach or a shiny out-there look, you can always do it, and more with paint.


Road bike riding is an amazing sport, and making your bike look cool is a pleasure everyone would love to dwell into. So do not hold back when customizing your bike, it is your ride after all!

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