What are the Different Types of BMX Seats?

By: Alex Bristol

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BMX saddles are among the most important parts of a BMX bike. However, they come in different types which are suitable for different styles of BMX style riding. To make your work easier, we shall discuss the major types of BMX seats and their features.

Different Types of BMX Seats

  1. Integrated

This one is the most common type of BMX seats. The most notable thing about it is that the seat post and the seat come as one unit and it is not possible to separate them. When buying this type of a seat, you should ensure that the diameter of the seat post is the same as the interior diameter of the seat tube. The most common sizes are from 22.2mm-35mm. you can check the measurements from the minimum insertion line or see if you can get the measurements online.

  1. Standard

This one features a metal pipe that slides into the seat tube. The seat is usually bolted on top using a small clamp which is normally referred to as seat guts. You can easily find this type of seat post fitment in low budget bikes. Most of the experienced riders usually find that BMX seats can get obstructive. When doing tricks, the seat is usually gripped by your thighs.

  1. Pivotal

Pivotal BMX seats are very easy to notice because the seat post is usually molded using a series of adjustment grooves where the BMX seat is placed. A single bolt that passes through the top of the seat joins the two together.

  1. Railed

This one is also known as micro-adjust seat post. It resembles the road bike standard or the MTB seat but it has a twin rails below the BMX seat. It also features a twin bolt on top of the seat post which matches with the rails.

  1. Tripod

This one is a new model though it has become so popular due to its unique design. Unlike others, tripod seats feature a triangular plate which is located at the top on the seat post. This triangular plate is well secured by bolts. In simple terms, it has three points of support and that is the reason why it is called a tripod seat.

How to determine the best type of BMX seat

Choosing between the different types of BMX seats can be very confusing. Even if they vary in terms of design, it is still not easy to differentiate between them. Irrespective of your choice, you should check the following things.

  1. Durability – It is important to check the material used to ensure that it will last. If possible, go for a leather seat. Apart from being comfortable, leather is also durable and easy to maintain.
  2. Riding style– You need to ensure that the BMX seat you have chosen will match your riding style.
  3. Price– You will find that BMX seats come with different prices. Therefore, you should pick a seat that you can easily afford.
  4. Easy to set up – BMX seats comes with different designs, this means that some are easier to install than others. Always ensure that the seat you have picked matches with the design of your BMX bike.

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