Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

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If you love BMX riding, you understand that these bikes are a bit different as compared to road bikes and mountain bikes. In most cases, BMX bikes are used for racing. Due to their unique design, some riders prefer to ride when the seat is positioned at a lower level. Even if you have never used a BMX bike, you might have seen this and may be wondered the reasons for lowering the seat. Today we shall look at that in this article. Read on to learn more.

Reasons Why Are BMX Seats So Low?


Anyone who loves cycling knows that when your leg is straight at the bottom of the stroke, you are likely to get more power but for some reasons most cyclists prefer to ride BMX bikes when the seat is pushed close against the frame. This means that when riding, their knees are usually up around the ears. One of the reasons why people do this is to protect their body from smashing into the frame. However, when you are using the bike for transport, you should change the seat to its usual position.


Putting your seat so low also means that you can grip the seat with your legs and this allows you to do things like suicide no handers and bar spins more easily. For those who love doing different stuff like no-footed cancan whips, a lower seat won’t interfere because it will be out of your way.

Provides better clearance

The good thing about low seats is that they provide clearance for acrobatic body movement. This is very important for all types of tricks including bunny hops. Another thing is that for those who love BMX freestyle riding, a low seat means that in case you jump off from the ledger, your legs will absorb the landing impact since BMX bikes do not have a suspension. As a result, your knees tend to bend a bit. When the seat is low, there will be enough room for the rider’s legs to absorb the impact. If the seat was higher, the rider would end up hurting the perennial area or genitals which can be extremely painful.


Dirt jump, freeriders and downhill cyclists prefer to lower the seat when cycling. This has so many advantages as compared to when the seat is in its original position. One of the advantages is that riding when the seat is so low ensures that you are well protected in case there is an impact. Apart from that, it gives you a better clearance when doing tricks or freestyle BMX riding.


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