7 Major Benefits Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

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What Is A Recumbent Bike?

Let’s start with the basics, knowing what a recumbent bike is, seems like a good place to start. There are various types of stationary bikes and each has its perks and drawbacks.

A recumbent bike can be identified by its semi-reclined position as opposed to an upright bike which takes on the shape of a more traditional bicycle. Recumbent bikes are favored by a variety of people and offer an alternate kind of workout in comparison to an upright exercise bike.

Recumbent bikes work the same muscles as an upright bike but exert them in a less strenuous way. This is called low-impact and means that you’re unlikely to cause any pain or pull a muscle after working out on a recumbent bike.

Recumbent bikes tend to be used by the elderly, those with reduced mobility, or fitness enthusiasts that want to cover all bases when it comes to exercising muscle groups. They are the most user-friendly due to their design and emphasis on low-impact workouts so anyone can use one.

Now, there are many benefits to recumbent bikes but I’ve narrowed them all down into the top 7 so, let’s jump right into the 7 major benefits of recumbent exercise bikes.

Recumbent Bike Benefits

So, this is what you’re all here for. It’s important not to forget that the benefits listed below aren’t the only ones but if we did go through them all then this article would be much longer. So let’s begin and you’ll soon be an expert in recumbent bikes.

Back Support

One of the first benefits of recumbent exercise bikes is they are more supportive on thelumbar spine (lower back), due to the positioning of the seat, meaning anyone struggling with back weakness or pain would be far better suited to a recumbent bike, as opposed to an upright.

Due to the position of your body in the seat, you have much more support, preventing you from adopting the hunched position, often seen when cycling. This helps to keep your spine aligned, not only assisting those with injury but also helping to prevent injury especially for those of you with a lower back weakness.

Less stress on the joints

The bucket seat supports your lower back while your knees and ankles are protected from trauma during a rigorous workout session. Unlike upright bikes, you do not put your full body weight on the pedals which increases the effectiveness of the workout session without putting your joints under any undue stress.


Recumbent exercise bikes are much more comfortable in this area, because the seat is much larger, and therefore isn’t digging into you. This can often mean that you are able to cycle further and for longer, increasing the overall fitness benefits.

For some, the higher seat position of upright bikes may be off-putting so with recumbent bikes you can extend your workout session due to the comfort factor. This is one of its more enticing features and a prime reason many opt for a recumbent.

Perfect For All Fitness Levels

Recumbent bikes are a one-stop solution for all fitness levels! The professional cyclist who cycles religiously or a newbie looking to try something new. It also works for all ages without putting too much strain on the aching joints and gives a rigorous injury-free workout.

They’re also ideal for people with debilitating health issues. They can have a comfortable workout session on a recumbent bike and not have to worry about causing any harm to their bodies. The step-through design often seen on recumbent bikes also aids those who aren’t as mobile as it cancels out any need to climb onto the saddle like you would with another stationary bike type.

Strengthens Muscles

According to some studies, more muscles are targeted while using recumbent bikes. If you are physically able, spending time on both upright and recumbent bikes at different times can make your workout sessions extremely useful and this is a preferred technique by those who like to vigorously train and take cycling seriously.

This form of exercise focuses on some of our largest muscle groups, helping to build strength and muscle mass. Working large muscle groups is a great way to burn fat and lose weight plus it assists you in supporting a healthy body mass ratio.

Health Benefits

Next on this list for benefits of recumbent bikes is arguably one of the best. The increased muscle mass gained from a recumbent exercise bike helps to prevent the aging process, and also helps to make many everyday tasks much easier. When strengthening these body parts, we also help to protect our knees, hips, and ankles, reducing the risk of injury as we age, or when partaking in other sports.

Better yet.

Cardiovascular health is another bonus as cycling is known for improving your heart and lungs which leads to numerous benefits like better sleep, improved mental health, and a reduced chance of developing heart conditions later in life.


Last, but not least, on our list of major benefits is the ability to be able to do things while you’re exercising. We all know cycling for hours and hours, week after week can get a bit repetitive.

With a recumbent, they’re practically impossible to fall off. So you can maximize your time usage by doing various other activities like reading, watching TV, or replying to emails.

Even if you’re not planning on getting a recumbent desk bike, most machines have a tablet holder and you’ll be able to sit back and pedal away while watching your favorite show on Netflix which is a fantastic motivator, you’ll find yourself forgetting that you’re even pedaling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Muscles Does A Recumbent Bike Strengthen?

While cycling on a stationary bike the primary muscles you’ll be working on are the Hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. Depending on the model you can also exercise your abdominal muscles and core meaning a recumbent exercise bike offers a great deal of variety in the muscles it exerts.

Is A Recumbent Bike Good For Belly Fat?

Absolutely, one of the recumbent bike’s major benefits is that it’s a great way to lose weight, it’s especially useful for those who are severely overweight as the design and weight capacity of a recumbent exercise bike tend to support those who exceed the 300lb mark, however, this does depend on the make and model.


Space – Recumbent bikes tend to be on the larger side and so it’s important to note whether you have enough space in your home for one. You can find foldable bikes that transform into an upright and a recumbent although some people find they aren’t as effective as your standard recumbent. Be sure to look at the bike’s dimensions before buying and take a look at the reviews as some customers are nice enough to add pictures that demonstrate how much space it takes up in a home environment.

Weight – As I mentioned above, recumbent bikes do accommodate larger people however, this isn’t always the case. 300lbs is the standard capacity so if you exceed that weight it may be worth doing some extra research into exercise bikes for heavy people.


 So there we have it, 7 of the top recumbent bike benefits. And, remember we haven’t mentioned all of them, there are so many different reasons as to why you should consider a recumbent but we’d much rather give you the rundown and let you spend that et=xtra time looking for the best recumbent bike which we have related articles on.

A recumbent will give you a low-impact exercise while exercising most of your lower body muscles. They’re comfortable, accessible, and relatively cheap so check some out and know you’re making a great decision when you add one to your basket.

We wish you luck in your search for an exercise bike and are here for all of your cycling needs.

Keep pedaling!

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