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We’re looking for writers for Pedallers

As a fast-growing site, Pedallers are looking for writers who want to be part of our team to write for us and share their knowledge, advice, and experience on Cycling, Fitness, Nutrition, and Exercise.

Become a contributor

If you’re a talented contributor who is a fitness expert, doctor, researcher, or cycling professional that has a passion for writing, we would love to work with you. At Pedallers, we’re interested in well-written content pieces that are creative and inspiring. The bloggers wanted should aim to provide creative articles as a guest post for our community of cyclists and health readers.

Our guest post guidelines (how to submit posts)

  1. Length of guest post – Articles must have at least 600 words and a maximum of 2000.
  2. Format of contribution – All articles should be written in native English. The tone of the content must be informative and educational. Please include at least 3 headings in the post. no more than 50 words per paragraph.
  3. Quality from the writers wanted – The content will need to be of the highest quality, any grammatical mistakes lead to your guest post submission being declined. There should be no mention of your page or blog, although links to support content is acceptable.
  4. Topic – All articles submitted should be around “Cycling”, “Fitness”, “Bikes”, “BMX”, “Mountain Bikes”, “Road Bikes” and “Nutrition”.
  5. Imagery – Please provide a link to your images in the submission. Please do not attach these to the document. You will require a minimum of 2 images at a minimum quality of 1600 pixels wide. Please ensure you have permission to use the images. We request that the images used are from or
  6. Links – Authoritative links that support your content are required. We will screen the links included in your submission to ensure the site is relevant and of the required quality.
  7. Originality – Each article must be completely unique and must not be published anywhere else. Each article will need to pass plagiarism checks.
  8. Editing – Pedallers reserves the right to change the formatting and wording of your content if appropriate.
  9. What to avoid – Please ensure all articles are written comprehensively, we have a significant amount of readers per month and we will not publish content that does not fit the standard we aim to promote.

How to submit a guest post

Please send your pitches and ideas to [email protected]

If you’re looking to become a guest blogger for Pedallers follow the steps above and your chances of writing for our audience are greatly increased.