Meet the Pedallers Team

Every revolution begins with a spin, and at Pedallers, our spin is fueled by a dynamic team of cycling aficionados whose collective experience spans continents, climates, and countless climbs. We’re not just about the miles; we’re about the milestones—the stories, the sweat, and the science that transform every ride into an epic tale.

Our crew is the beating heart of Pedallers, a peloton of expert cyclists who bring you a treasure trove of on-bike experience, hard-won over decades of dedicated riding. Learn more about the mission and history of Pedallers on our About Us page

Two cyclists standing by a monument at col de la madeleine, at an altitude of 2000m, with scenic mountain views in the background.

Craving insights on navigating the serpentine routes of a European cycling trip? We’ve been there, pedals turning, hearts racing, and we’re eager to pass on our most cherished travel hacks.

Curious about the gear that can elevate your cycling experience? Trust us to dissect the latest tech with the precision of a bike mechanic, guiding you to make informed decisions that enhance your performance and enjoyment.

Join us as we pull back the curtain and introduce you to the passionate souls who make Pedallers more than a website—it’s a community. Meet the team that’s always ready to share the ride with you, one pedal stroke at a time. Now, let’s meet the individuals who are the gears in our well-oiled machine.

Kier PW

kier in helmet and sunglasses taking a selfie on a Lanzarote road

I’m Kier, the passionate cyclist, voice and face behind Pedallers, your go-to source for all things cycling training and travel.

Cycling is more than a hobby; it’s a lifelong love affair that began in childhood, took a brief hiatus, and rekindled with a vengeance when adulthood’s responsibilities—and a couple of ACL surgeries—steered me back to the saddle.

After hanging up my football boots, I sought a new fitness regime that was kinder on my knees. Rowing filled the void for a while, but it wasn’t until I hopped on a borrowed, too-small bike that the cycling bug truly bit me.

The journey wasn’t without its bumps—or knee pain, for that matter. As my weekend rides grew longer, so did my discomfort. That’s when I took a deep dive into the world of cycling training, discovering the importance of cross-training and varied exercise routines to avoid the dreaded ‘weekend warrior’ syndrome.

My transformation has been profound. I’ve gone from gasping up modest inclines to conquering the iconic cols of the Alps and Pyrenees, all while keeping saddle soreness and injuries at bay. My primary goal has always been to ride without the shadow of injury looming over me, but the secondary gains—strength, endurance, and mental clarity—have been equally rewarding.

Continually fueled by a desire to deepen my understanding of cycling and its intricacies, I made the decision to return to college and embark on a journey of formal education in the world of cycling fitness and performance, achieving certification to Level 2. This wasn’t just about adding certificates to my wall—it was about elevating my riding to new heights and sharing that expertise with the community.

Initially, I didn’t give much thought to the mental and emotional uplift that comes with cycling. But as my legs grew stronger, so did my appreciation for the sport’s holistic benefits. It’s not just about the physical anymore. Cycling has become a conduit for mindfulness, a practice I’ve also embraced through yoga. There’s a unique tranquility in the act of pedalling, a meditative quality that brings you into the present, away from life’s incessant distractions.

This sense of presence is amplified by the great outdoors—the rolling countryside, the summit of a mountain pass—where all senses come alive. And it’s not just about solitary reflection; shared rides have forged bonds of friendship stronger than any spoken word. The camaraderie, the shared struggles, and even the occasional moaning from fellow riders are the threads that weave the rich tapestry of cycling memories.

As a road rider, my bike is my passport to adventure. Whether I’m scaling Alpine peaks or cruising the scenic routes of Majorca, my enthusiasm for cycling knows no bounds. This passion is what drives me to share my experiences and insights with you through Pedallers. I’m here to be your guide, your fellow enthusiast, and your friend on this two-wheeled journey.

Join me, and let’s pedal into the horizon together. Because in cycling, every ride is an opportunity to discover not just new landscapes, but new horizons within ourselves.

Welcome to Pedallers, where every cyclist’s journey is celebrated and every mile is more than just a distance – it’s a story.

Amanda Whittington

A cyclist in colorful attire standing with a bicycle on a shady forest road.

Coming from a diverse educational background, Amanda discovered a deep-rooted passion for encouraging others through her love of all things cycling, writing, and inspiring hope. 

You’ll likely find Amanda pouring over bike specs and tech, riding road, gravel, CX, and track, all while juggling the demands of her editorial calendar, training schedule, and 6 busy kids.  

Amanda tells us “Cycling has really become a way of life for me. I started as a roadie, and quickly moved to gravel, cyclocross, and most recently, track racing. Riding is my passion and I’m typically out on my bike 5 or 6 days out of the week.

I’m a ride leader for my local club and I get to help brand new cyclists learn to ride in groups, do basic bike maintenance, and learn how to use their bikes better. I’m learning to do my own maintenance on my bike and I love watching racing, bike maintenance videos, and researching and writing about bikes.”

When it comes to writing about cycling and sharing her knowledge, nobody does it better than Amanda.

Jay Lowder

Coach Jay’s lifelong journey on two wheels spans over three and a half decades, during which time he has dedicated himself to the multifaceted world of road cycling. His extensive experience includes participating in challenging sportives that test endurance and skill, engaging in the camaraderie of club rides, competing with the tenacity of a seasoned racer, and imparting his vast knowledge through coaching.

His role as the cycling coach for JDRF (a leading global organisation funding type 1 diabetes research) is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his desire to inspire others. Coach Jay takes immense pleasure in introducing new riders to the joys of cycling and helping them to unlock their potential on the open road.

Away from the hum of the bicycle chain and the rush of the wind, Coach Jay embraces the warmth of family life. Known affectionately as Pappa Jay, he cherishes the time spent with his grandchildren, creating memories that are as precious as his time spent on the bike. His love for music is evident when he picks up the bass guitar. In the kitchen, his culinary skills shine as he whips up delicious meals.

Coach Jay’s passion for cycling heritage is reflected in his pursuit of vintage Italian bikes, a hobby that sees him scouring eBay for these classic beauties. Each bike is not just a machine to him, but a piece of cycling history, a work of art that he lovingly restores and preserves. This hobby connects him to the golden age of cycling, an era that he respects and celebrates.

In essence, Coach Jay’s life is a rich tapestry woven with the threads of athleticism, family, music, gastronomy, and a deep appreciation for the timeless elegance of cycling’s past. His multifaceted interests and activities outside of cycling complement his identity as a coach and mentor, making him a well-rounded individual whose life experiences enhance his ability to connect with and inspire others.

Rhys Smith

A cyclist wearing a helmet and sunglasses takes a selfie in an urban setting.

Rhys comes from a strong cycling upbringing as the son of a former professional road racing cyclist.

Our first Australian team member is an expert in all things cycling and bicycles who at a young age pursued the dream of becoming a professional cyclist by racing for a French and then Belgian road racing team at the Elite level.

He is heavily involved in the cycling scene and to this day runs one of Australia’s highest-rated online bicycle parts and accessories stores.

Additionally, he has a handy Bachelor of Applied Science university degree to his name. 

These days you’ll find Rhys still riding his bike most days, often at a leisurely pace along Adelaide’s picturesque beach esplanade or in the nearby hills.

Say hi with caution; you may end up talking all things cycling over a latte at the favourite nearby coffee shop. 

Want to hear about a range of cycling analysis and opinions? Rhys is THE expert of all things two wheels.