Are Recumbent Bikes Any Good

By: Alex Bristol

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Unlike an ordinary bike, in a recumbent bike, you sit in a more reclined position with the pedals in front of you rather than underneath you. Therefore, because of this slight change in position, the riding style of the rider also changes. However, this change is not that drastic and getting used to it does get easy with time. It certainly begs the question; are recumbent bikes any good?

Despite their popularity, it is still a rare chance that you might see a recumbent bike on the road. They even look quite cumbersome and tiring as compared to an average bike which does question their efficiency and whether they are actually good or not. Truth be told, recumbent bikes are very high performance and are sure to excel your expectations if you happen to buy one.

What makes it good?

They are different to look at:

Recumbent bikes break free from the mold of a traditional bike and therefore, are an excellent way to feed the rebel in us. They are a great take on the modernization of a conventional bike, and you are sure to have plenty of fun on it.

They are fast:

Due to the position of the rider’s seat, there is a smaller target for aerodynamic drag which in turn leads to a smaller target for wind resistance. Thus, aerodynamics play a huge role in the speed of recumbent bikes. Some people also say that this is because of the bike being closer to the ground where wind speed is less.

They can be used on hills:

Although you might have to exert some ‘extra power’, it still would not be as much as when riding on an upright bike. In a recumbent bike, you can choose low gears which will enable you to move to the top of the hill with great ease.

Less likely to get stolen:

The thief would not have an easy time selling it to an average person and thus, would not think of stealing it. Moreover, you need a little practice to get the hang of a recumbent bike and how to ride it, so it is not as if the thief would easily be able ride away on your bike.

Vast range to suit everyone:

There is a recumbent bike for everyone; ranging from a pro racer, to the Trans America Tourer. There are some recumbent bikes that are designed solely for the purpose of providing comfort, while others are built for performance. Nevertheless, whatever you are planning to get for yourself, comfort is key in all.

Give a great view:

On a recumbent bike, you are looking up and thus there is a lot more to take in as it provides you with a different perspective to view things. With its unorthodox style, comes a sense of awareness for your surroundings.


A recumbent bike is a complete package entailing fun, range, comfort, safety, speed and other such elements which you might not get in an ordinary, upright bike – and if you do, they would not be as enhanced as they are in a recumbent bike.

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