Are Recumbent Bikes Bad For Your Back

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Straight up answer: They’re good — but, how good?

They might seem to be uncomfortable to sit on, but the truth is that recumbent bikes are actually really good for your back. The support they provide is for the entire length of your back; not just a part of it.

Thus, the smallest areas such as the tailbone paddle, to the broadest one like the shoulders are fully supported.

This answers the question; are recumbent bikes bad for your back? The answer is absolutely not!

Most people who have reviewed recumbent bikes have even stated that they are more comfortable than most sofas.

Moreover, the seats of most recumbent bikes even follow the shape of the human spine which is quite effective in easing back pains for most users.

Despite the brand you choose, there are still some adjustments that need to be made to the frame and seat according to your body size to ensure maximum comfort.

Reasons recumbent bikes are good for your back:

Easy on the lumbar spine:

Recumbent bikes ease the pain that most riders feel in their lower back or the lumbar region of their spine.

This is because of the way the rider is positioned on the seat. In an upright bike, the person riding the bike is hunched over the handlebars but in a recumbent bike, a better spinal posture is encouraged.

Eases joint pains:

This kind of a bike is not just perfect for your back, or the joints associated with it such as ones in the neck, shoulders or along the entire length of your vertebrae, but it is gentle on all your joints.

The lower back is supported by the special ‘bucket’ seat design while the knees and ankles are also protected from potential impact or injuries.

Low impact:

Another reason for the reduction in the risk of pain through recumbent bikes is due to the low impact that this bike has. If rheumatoid arthritis has affected your hips and back, then a recumbent bike is an excellent option for you.

The reclined position allows for your entire body weight to be spread over your back and buttocks, thus reducing excess pressure on your back.


Since it is difficult to stand on the pedals of a recumbent bike because of their positioning, this bike becomes a generally safer option as it eliminated the risk of injuries.

Moreover, you can wave goodbye to unnecessary back pain caused when a rider exerts pressure on the body and the back by standing on the pedals.


Recumbents are excellent for anyone who has a minor back pain or even someone who underwent a major back surgery.

According to many reviews, even people with spinal cord injuries had positive things to say about their experience with a recumbent bike.

In such cases, these bikes help with boosting strength.

Moreover, people can also continue their leg and hip exercises without having to put strain on their back.

This not only reduces pain but also gives the rider a certain sense of freedom and independence.

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