Attaching New Lights on a Bike

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Attaching New Lights on a Bike

It is necessary to have a good and bright light while riding a bicycle or bike at night. According to the law, many locations require bike lights. While buying a new light for the bike, you may not know how to install it.

If you don’t know how to install a bike light, the following steps would help you:

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Steps to Put New Lights on Your Bike

Deciding on Placement

Firstly you should decide where you want to put the new bike light. Mostly, bike light is put in both the front and back of the bike so that the visibility can be increased while driving at night.

You should add another light on the other side of your bike if your bike only has it in one of these locations. The exact location should decide whether to put the new bike light, font or backside.

The exact model of the bike light that was purchased also takes part in deciding the location. Some of the bike lights are designed to clip in specific positions while others are more generic.

The centre of the handlebars is a great place to attach a bike light if you want to put it in front of your bike. There would come many reasons due to which you have to change the location, for example, the centre space might be already taken by the reflector.

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Installing Batteries

The second step is to install the batteries. It may be the case that the new bike light would have already installed a button cell type battery in it. If this is the case, you should remove the screws that are holding the battery case shut by using a screwdriver.

It could also happen that the space for a button cell battery is already present. Other cases are also possible to exist. A screwdriver can be used to replace the cover.


The way of attaching bike light can be different depending on the model of the bike light. Mostly, tightening the clip it fits snugly and is involved in attaching the bike light. This process is done by clipping the light in the right location.

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Bike lights need to be adjusted to make them more visible. By doing up and down the lights you can adjust them. You should also turn the light on and adjust its direction to get the right adjustment. If you don’t do it properly the bike light can illuminate anything for you the next time while riding the bike at night.

To have a safe ride during the night, it is really important and essential to install bike light. Many technical people already know how to attach or install new lights on their bikes. But most of the people don’t know about attaching and installing.

By following the above steps you can professionally install the light in bikes without any difficulty. After getting bike lights installed you can ride the bike safely in the night. By doing this you can have an amazing ride at night.


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