Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $1500 [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on January 20, 2021

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Have you been struggling with finding a full suspension bike that will give you ultimate grip, control, and comfort while being on a tight budget of under $1500? 

You’ll be relieved to know that you’re not alone. 

After looking at 27 different full suspension mountain bikes, that are ready to take on the trails, I’ve found some crucial points that often go unnoticed, so grab yourself a pen and paper as you don’t want to miss this. 

As you may already know, full-suspension bikes often come at quite a steep price tag, especially if you’re looking for quality. Finding good ones under a strict budget can be hard, with key factors to consider in order to tick all the right boxes, it can be a challenge. 

But wait I have good news!

To make things easier, I’ve done all of the hard and confusing bits for you, I have listed down the best full-suspension bikes that are great value, agile, comfortable, performance enduring, and most of all under the price tag of $1500. 

But enough of this, for now, you don’t want to miss what I wrote about the top product on this list. 

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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $1500


Vitus Mythique 27 VR Bike 2021

Introduced by Vitus the Mythique 27 is a manufacturing marvel.  The alloy frame, full suspension MTB offers a biking experience unlike any other.

The big and bold frame coupled with the horst-link 4-bar suspension design offers agility, strength, superior control, and reliability to take your performance to new heights. This bike is specially designed for people who love to wander off-road and experience the rugged landscapes nature has to offer.

The Mythique 27 comes with an x-fusion front and rear suspension system for better comfort and control. In addition, the inbuilt mt-401 brakes and the web tubeless rims confidently get you through these rugged pathways with speed and style.

It will allow you to have a capable and fun performance for riding on anything the mountainous terrain decides to throw at you, Vitus Mythique takes your trail riding dreams and ambitions and takes them to the next level, and makes them a reality.

But wait here’s the kicker: 

The modern alloy frame is made with modern enduro-inspired geometry that allows the perfect balance of strength, control, and weight while the Shimano 1×10 speed groupset and hydraulic disc brakes allow for unmatched control and confidence on the trails. 

If you’re having a bad day, taking a ride on this beauty as you shred the trails will completely change your mood. You won’t be able to get a smile off your face after your ride. For the price you can’t beat the features on this one. 


  • Large Alloy boost frame, reliable build
  • Great Breaking
  • Multiple accessories included
  • X-fusion suspension and tubeless tires to avoid shocks


  • Shock pump absent

Latest deal: Vitus Mythique 27 VR Bike (Deore 1×10) 2020


Cube Stereo 120 Pro 29 Suspension Bike 2020

Cube brings you Stereo 120 pro. A stylish and efficient 29er providing you top notch comfort and agility. The perfectly crafted trail tamer has a complete aluminum body, cube rims, finishing kit and a suspension set-up you can completely depend on. The radium expert rear shocks and the Judy forks together provide the most reliable suspension set, so that you can blast from trail to trail with complete confidence. The superior gear setup on the stereo 120 ensures a smooth ride up and down the steepest slopes while the Shimano mt500 disc brakes on the Stereo 120 provide you with momentum, safety and robustness you need for your adventures.


  • Aluminum build, strong and reliable material
  • Light weight frame
  • Wide gear range
  • Pro grade suspension, brakes and bearings


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Cube Stereo 120 Pro 29 Suspension Bike 2020


Mongoose Salvo Comp 29" Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle

The Mongoose Salvo comp is a trail-ready bike with great components. It rides smooth, shifts smooth, and is ideal for all-day riding with unadulterated performance.

The aluminum trail frame reduces chain tension and makes sure that the suspension is not locked out while breaking, giving you a smoother, faster, and livelier experience.


The bike entails a 27-speed drivetrain and Alivio shifters providing you with a wide gear range so that you can adapt to all kinds of trails without any hassle.

The mongoose salvo is definitely an eye-catcher with its tubeless rims, wide 2.1 inch tires, and light frame and will take you further in style.


  • Multiple suspension adjustment options
  • Light weight durable aluminum frame
  • 160 mm rotors and hydraulic disc brakes for better control
  • Tubeless-ready rims and wide tires


  • Costly

Latest deal: Mongoose Salvo Comp 29″ Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle


Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels

Ride your way into the future with the all new Schwinn Traxion dual suspension MTB. A bike made especially for thrill seeking, adventure loving individuals. Schwinn Traxion comes with an aluminum dual suspension frame coupled with max performance mountain tires, to give you the ultimate biking experience without any hassle. Traxion also carries the 24-speed ez-fire shifters for speed, accuracy and unmatched performance. To top it all off, Traxion includes the state-of-the-art double wall alloy rim ensuring balance and efficiency. This bike with its life-time warranty and durable accessories is the perfect choice for explorers of all age.


  • Durable aluminum frame and alloy accessories
  • Dual suspension
  • Thicker rims and tires
  • Life-time warranty


  • Hydraulic brakes absent

Latest deal: Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $1500 Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying an MTB?

Price – Mountain bikes lie a little on the expensive side of the spectrum and to get adequate value for your money is a must. MTB’s come with a wide range of specifications and the costs vary accordingly, so consumers should study the market and read through all product specifications to find the model that fits their needs perfectly before making a purchase. To purchase an mtb is a long-time investment and that calls for an informed decision.

Quality – The thing mountain bikers crave the most is quality. To truly experience the off-road journey, your MTB should be durable, reliable, smooth and safe. Features such as light aluminum frame and alloy accessories give you strength and durability. Modern hydraulic brakes and dual suspension set-ups provide superior control and robustness for your daily travels through gnarly woods and up and down steep slopes. Lastly, the multiple gears and shifters can enrich the biking experience with speed and comfort so that you can take your passions to new heights. 

Ratings – All consumers must thoroughly study product ratings across the various options, as they are reliable indicators of quality and derived satisfaction. Product ratings assist you in finding the right product and can help identify potential issues.

Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to know before buying a mountain bike?
All interested individuals should keep in mind a couple of tips before making their purchase. Get the right frame and wheel size so that it fits you best, don’t obsess about the weight, choose a product with accessories and warranty, choose the one with quality suspension and don’t spend all your money running after flashy trinkets.

Are hardtail mountain bikes good for downhill?
For beginners the hardtail bike might trail and FS seem better. But in the long run hardtail’s make you a better rider as they improve your choice of line.

How much does a decent mountain bike cost?
A top tier mountain bike could cost anywhere between 1000 and 1800 dollars. The initial cost is high plus regular users might also need additional gear. These costs can be significantly reduced if the bike is properly maintained and taken care off.

Do you really need an expensive mountain bike?
The price preference across users varies significantly and is greatly dependent on the purpose of purchase. For users looking for a good time with occasional rides really don’t need an expensive mountain bike.

Can you ride a mountain bike on road?
You can definitely ride your mountain bike on road and many users in fact enjoy it more.


The discussion above included some of the top tier mountain bike manufacturers and their products offered great value for money. The bikes were manufactured using multiple materials for strong and reliable build and each bike offered unique features to its customers.

The most significant shared attribute among all the options was the price tag of under 1500 dollars. Mountain bikes are considered a hefty purchase by some and these options provide superior quality without breaking your bank. Other shared attributes include a light-weight aluminum frame as the material is one of the strongest out there. Aluminum bikes are durable and are ever ready to take a beating. Similarly, options with multiple gear systems and both hydraulic as well as mechanical brakes were discussed, with all the options generally working fine under rugged conditions.

In conclusion, mountain biking has a growing support base with more and more people realizing the benefits of adopting this healthy recreational activity. This exponential increase in biking enthusiasts calls for greater transparency between the MTB manufacturers and consumers so that customer needs and expectations can be thoroughly discussed and incorporated in the upcoming models.

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