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Grealthy Bike Bells
Grealthy Bell
BONMIXC Bike Bells
Knog Oi Bike Bells
Knog Oi Bike Bell

Looking for quality bike bells may not be as cool as looking for other unique bike accessories, such as your reflective gear, bike lights, bell stand, or your last-generation GPS watch, but are they still an essential part of your bike cycling toolbox?

Yes, they’re the most effective way to communicate your presence to the bike path you’re taking, other road users, or pedestrians. 

In reality, when a cyclist uses bells, they are bound to experience the following:

  • Help to warn pedestrians, drivers, and other cyclists that you are approaching
  • Prevent a collision or injury
  • Alert others to the presence of your bicycle in a place where there are no sidewalks or designated bike lanes
  • Make bicycles more visible to drivers and cyclists. 

Depending on the type of bike you are using, there are always the best bike bells available for you. I’ve gone through a shedload of bells, so you can say I know how to ring one better than the next guy. 

But, with this kind of experience, I just had to share which ones were the best on this list.

Not only are bicycle bells suitable for adults, but they are highly advised for teenagers and small kids.

Most bike riders don’t own a bell as standard, so you should consider buying one to ensure safety. But what to choose among so many types and brands? Discover the best bike bells that will guarantee great advantages for you through this list. 

Tip: When purchasing a bell, focus more on its SOUND (bells should be loud enough for people to hear) and, later on, its STYLE.

Here’s our list of different types of bike bells that will make you question why you didn’t buy one sooner.

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Best Modern Bicycle Bells

Grealthy Bell

Grealthy Bike Bells

Greallthy is the real-ting! 

Thanks to the high-quality brass bell composition that resists corrosion and aging and is, therefore, ideal for use in humid, wet, or snowy conditions, I find it very useful in any weather condition.

The Greallthy features high-strength springs and a light, strong alloy bracket, making it durable for long-term use – easily withstand a year’s exposure to harsh weather. 

Wait till you hear this!

These bells from Greallthy come with a durable silicone pad that absorbs vibration and dampens sound. Surprisingly, with its very cute size, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, loud tone – which is something we expect from a bell. 

It offers a crisp and sonorous audible tone that is audible enough to let passing vehicles and pedestrians hear it, making cycling much safer. It fits perfectly for bike handlers between 22.2 to 25.4 millimeters.

If you are searching for a retro-looking bell with excellent performance, try the Greallthy bell. 

  • Great in absorbing vibration
  • Audible and clear tone
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • 30-days money back with a 12-month warranty
  • Not suitable with a thicker handlebar
Latest deal: Grealthy Bell

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

BONMIXC Bike Bells

This BONMIXC Bell makes number one on my list and is the best Seller on amazon. It’s very cheap and does its job well: it uses a double-ding when it rings, and it will make a sound that is well-defined.

The bell itself is made of brass, and it isn’t the kind of bell that rings each time you go over a bump.

You’ll find this bell super easy to install: you’ll just need to unscrew the only screw, place the bell on your handlebar, and tighten the screw again (to keep the bell in place), so it’s a quick installation, then you get on the go.

But here’s the best bit

This bell can be placed indistinctly on the right or left of the bar. It can fit on handlebars with an outer diameter of 21mm to 23mm, so it’s too tiny for bikes with thicker handlebars.

It has a modern look, available in a silver or golden shade. Still, its design and mechanism are simple and traditional.

Overall this is such a great catch and great for the price point. 

  • Low price
  • Easy installation
  • Loud and clear ring
  • It can be placed on both right and left of the handlebar
  • Small mount (Not suitable for just any mountain, road bike drop bars, or handlebars)
Latest deal: BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

Knog Oi Bike Bell

Knog Oi Bike Bells

For anyone who thinks bells aren’t cool but don’t want to renounce them for safety (their own and that of people around them), here is a bell that doesn’t look like a bell.

Its unique wraparound design makes it discreet on the handlebar, not to mention stylish bells.

When using them on drop bars, I find this an absolute gem, and it completely changes your riding experience.

Removing everything considered “uncool” of bells: getting rid of the regular feature where the bell usually protrudes up or out. Plus, where traditional bells make a loud and ugly sound, Knog provides its bell with a pleasant tune.

Its volume, on the other hand, is not so loud. So, instead of warning people of your presence, you’d be very politely informing them that you’re approaching. It makes a great bell for mountain biking with family or friends.

But that’s not all

Its aluminum surface comes in 4 different color variations, so you can get that perfect choice to fit your bike. 

The Knog Oi bell is also provided with a cable management system: you can gather your wires into the shape of its mount without hindering the bell’s performance.

In my opinion, this is one of the bike bells on the market for mountain bike bells, both discrete and effective. 

  • It doesn’t look like a bell
  • Cable management system
  • A classic bike bell (cheaper) and a luxury version are available
  • Pleasant tune
  • Not as loud as other bells
Latest deal: Knog Oi Bike Bell

CRANE Riten Bike Bell

Crane Riten Bike Bell

Another bell with a simple design that can look great on both old and modern bicycles, but at a different price. I was mesmerized seeing that it is impressive in both features and design.

The company understands that the sound of the bell should come second to safety and volume, resulting in a high-quality product with immense performance.

But wait, let me tell you something. 

It features a loud and enticing sound that makes you want to use it even if you don’t need to. It’s okay, but make sure you don’t bother anyone else. The extra-long chime is made possible by the wide dome and brass material.

It fits perfectly with a bike handler diameter of 22.2 to 26 millimeters, and installing it is a breeze. 

However, there are no vibrant colors available. It’s understandable since they’re going for a more vintage vibe for this bell.

If you want to add a vintage flair to your bike while enjoying an excellent performance, we suggest you try the Crane Bell.

  • Has an outstanding balance of style and sound
  • Loud and Distinct Sound
  • Classy, Vintage Design
  • Easy Installation
  • A bit on the expensive side
Latest deal: CRANE Riten Bike Bell

Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Ding Dong Bicycle Bell

Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Bell

Another bell with a traditional mechanism but a more versatile design is from Kickstand.

Although it has a simple look, this bell comes with 19 different color options, giving you a wide range to choose from and customize your handlebar.

This wide range of options makes this bell suitable for man’s, woman’s, girl’s, and boy’s bikes and any handlebar with a diameter of about 22 mm.

This Kickstand bell is easy to install: you’ll need a standard screwdriver to tighten a couple of screws once you’ve placed it on your bicycle’s handlebar.

It won’t fit on a bar thicker than 23-24mm; apart from that, it will work properly whether you mount it on the left or right of your bar- a classic bell comes with a fun and unique sound.

One more reason to purchase this bell: it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with this product, the company is ready to issue a refund.

  • Wide range of color options
  • Easy to install
  • 90 days money-back warranty
  • It can be placed on both right and left of the handlebar
  • Not suitable for thicker handlebars
Latest deal: Kickstand Cycleworks

Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell Black

Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell

If you’re searching for the best bicycle bell for your retro, vintage bicycle, you want to choose something that doesn’t completely jar with it.

Its vintage design may suit you: it’s perfect for old city bikes, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t mount it on your road or mountain bike. It is stylish and practical for those who love that little touch of vintage on their bike.

It’s provided with a long steel lock plate that consents to install the bell on any size handlebars.

Spurcycle’s bell is super easy to install. Just bend a metal strap (two sizes of straps are provided) around your bicycle’s bar and tighten down the screw on top of the bell.

Careful, though: the screw bottom can directly contact the bar, so you don’t want to tighten it too much or risk scratching it.

The bell has a loud and crisp ring, sustaining the sound for a good while. Its design reminds that of bells that cost five times as much, but, despite its low price, you’ll find this bell solid and well-built.

It is such a quality bell for the price point- go have a look at this beauty.

  • Fits most bikes
  • Vintage design
  • Loud ring
  • Low price
  • The screw makes direct contact with the bar.
Latest deal: Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell Black

LESOVI Bicycle Bell Cycling Electric Bike Bell USB Rechargeable

LESOVI Bicycle Bell

If you need something thunderous for your city rides through busy roads and traffic, you may want to consider an electric bell.

This LESOVI Electric bell can reach 120 dB, so you can guarantee to be heard even by people in a vehicle.

With this sleek-looking bell, you can also select between four different sounds through a control button, while you can use the other button to play the bell loud and clear simply.

One more unique feature of this bicycle bell is that the control switch and the bell body are separated. So you can install your control switch, which is very small, right next to your thumb to keep your grip on the bar while pressing it.

The horn is powered by a USB rechargeable battery, which is very easy to charge and durable. It can work 2000 times with a full charge, which is enough for about 30 days!

After that, you’ll have to remember to charge it, or you won’t be able to count on your bell for your next ride. The bell was designed to withstand rain and other weather condition. Best of all, it is available in four color options. Make sure that the bell you choose will suit the overall aesthetics of your bicycle.

It is an excellent addition to your bicycle to show off your colorful flare – go have a look.

  • Loud sound
  • Four sound options
  • Water-resistant
  • Low price
  • You can’t forget to recharge the battery.
Latest deal: LESOVI Bicycle Bell

MARQUE Beach Cruiser Bell

Maeque Beach Cruise Bell

Make your presence known with the Marque Beach Cruise bell!

This 57-millimeter bell is made out of durable steel material. It has a classic design built to withstand time and delivers high-quality performance.

Despite its simple and traditional appearance, this bicycle bell packs a loud punch capable of alerting vehicles, fellow cyclists, and pedestrians to your presence.

It offers a crisp, clear, and classic “ring” sound. It is perfect for adult and kids’ bikes.

What more! 

You can easily install this on your bike with just a single screwdriver. And I love that using it is a no-brainer. You simply use its thumb-activated design to produce a sound. Simply use your thumb to ring the bell for it to work.

And the best part, it is available in different colors. You can easily switch bells depending on your mood fun bells that perform pretty well. 

Before purchasing this product, know that it only fits handlebars 22.2 millimeters. 

Looking for fun bells? Try the Marque Beach Cruise bell. It’s not only fun but also a quality, solid option as a bell.

  • Loud and clear sound
  • Plenty of color options
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for Cruiser bikes
  • Limited to only one size of handlebars
Latest deal: MARQUE Beach Cruiser Bell

Delta Cycle Airzound Very Loud Bike Horn Air Hooter

Delta Cycle Airzound Bell

This bell is as loud as a car horn, and if you used to ride in some traffic-congested city, you might need it. This bell has volume control and can produce a sound up to 115 dB, which is more than audible enough to be heard in the heart of a busy city.

It is a perfect bell for city dwellers and road bikes looking to tackle the traffic and be heard by the people around them.

However, it may not be suitable for the trails as it’s not very polite when you must warn pedestrians that you’re coming behind them. You’d make them jump!

The installation of this horn on your handlebar may require a little patience. It’s not that hard (you’ll need to tighten a screw, like classic bells), but because of its shape, you’ll need to figure out where to place it on your handlebar.

Here’s the kicker.

The horn works with no batteries or cartridges but through an air hooter. Its air reservoir can be refilled with any bike pump making it much easier to maintain this bell. However, this is not an electric bike horn.

The air chamber can be placed in the bottle holder, but you could also velcro it to the head tube so you can carry your water bottle.

It is a perfect bell for those looking to get attention from other vehicles on the road. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd with this beast- go check it out.

  • Very loud
  • Volume control switch
  • Refills with any bike pump
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tricky installation
Latest deal: Delta Cycle Airzound 

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We have looked at 36 budget road bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We focused on materials, size, speed, and brakes to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy. You can see the full guide here which could be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Here’s What You Need to Consider When Buying a Bell For Your Bike

As we all know, a bike bell is an important safety tool. Some consider them ugly, but there are so many types on the market today that anyone can find something suitable to their tastes and needs. Finding the best bells will always be a priority. 

You can always opt for a bell that doesn’t look like a bell, so you don’t renounce to your safety just because you’re too cool for a bell. A prime example of this is the Knog Oi, which we’ve rated as our Prime Pick in this best bicycle bell guide.

Depending on your personal cycling habits, your needs may change. You probably need one of the loudest bike bells if you ride your bike through traffic. Still, if all you meet on your way are pedestrians and other cyclists, you may want to consider a less loud bell that can politely warn them of your presence (there’s no need to scare them).

Design options are also something you have to choose between: depending on the look of your bicycle, you will choose between vintage or modern designs. Plus, in this list of the best bells, you can find colorful options suitable for younger riders.

Be sure that the bell you’re purchasing can fit your mountain or road bike handlebars, and if you like, consult this list to find the one that can fit your needs and habits!

Why Do You Need a Bicycle Bell for Your Bike?

Using a bell is not mandatory in some states, but if you’re confused about why other cyclists use bells, consider these benefits:

  • Safety- Bells are the best option for ensuring safety. It would be best if you had a bell to alert pedestrians to move out of their way when cycling. As a result, it prevents collisions. If you ride on busy roads or pavements, a bell is one of the essential bike accessories you must have.
  • Affordable- In terms of price, bells can be cheap, so you won’t strain your pockets when buying one.
  • Easy to maintain- Another benefit of having a bell is that it is effortless to keep because it does not require batteries to run.

How to Pick the Best Bike Bell?

Choosing the best bike bells in 2022 can be a bit hard for most cyclists because there is quite a choice in the market. You’ll surely find a range of bells available in your local bike shop. But. to make your work easier, you should check the following;

Sound level – You should look for audible bells to be heard by motorists and pedestrians, even on busy roads. 

Design– The design should be simple and elegant- You also need to check the size to ensure that it is not too large or bulky. Otherwise, you might be unable to control the handlebar if it is too big. You must be able to push the lever comfortably when you want to ring your bell. Again, you should ensure it will fit perfectly on your bike’s handlebar. 

Durability– The material used to make bells should be sturdy and durable. For example, all the bike bells reviewed in this article are long-lasting since they are made of top-quality materials. Metallic bells are the best, especially those made from steel, aluminum, or brass because they produce a better sound. 

Usage– In case you will be using a commuter bike daily, you may need just a simple bell that is loud enough. However, suppose you will be using it for mountain biking. In that case, you should consider a bell made from tough and durable materials. It should be able to withstand bumps or shock without breaking.

Why Do You Need a Bike Bell?

It is often a question asked by many cyclists. Having a bike bell is not considered as ‘cool’ as it used to be. Still, in some states, it’s even part of the law.  

But there are many benefits of having one even without it being the law, such as

  • Volume: when passing someone in the street, you need to warn them you are coming, it isn’t always enough to shout, and sometimes it can be slightly rude. By having a bite bell, you can pass these people or catch the attention of other commutes without sounding aggressive or rude or, in some cases losing your voice. 
  • Universal: if you’re looking to be biking to another state or taking your bike on a road trip, it is always good to have a bell in case the state requires it as a law. Also, having a bell is crucial if you want to ride your bike in another country. Locals may be unable to speak English, understand, or even hear you. Ringing a bike bell is universal, and a person on a bike is coming toward you. 
  • Safety: having a bell really reduces the chances of accidents or near-misses, especially on the road. It allows you to announce your presence to avoid head-on collisions, either with cars pulling out or people not moving out of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you place the bike bell?

Bike bells should be installed on the other side of the front brakes. It will allow you to hold the brakes tightly when ringing the bell.

Are bike bells expensive?

Bike bells are among the most affordable bike accessories. With the price being so cheap for some of our choices of the best bells, it’s crazy not to hook yourself up with one. In a ratio of price to convenience, this type of accessory scores extremely high in our Pedaller’s top accessory choice.

How Loud Should My Bicycle’s Bell Sound?

The loudness of the bells depends on where you’re going. Of course, when you’re cycling in the mountains, a loud horn is essential. Whereas, when you’re on the road, you’ll have to ensure you avoid the risk of frightening many people. However, a soft ding won’t be heard over the din of a busy metropolis. In either case, you need an appropriate bell for the space.

Final Thoughts … 

Bikes without bells are not illegal in some states, but having one will undoubtedly provide you with added benefits. Also, depending on the bicycle, like mountain bike trails, road bikes, or electronic bikes, you’ll get a bell for your specific needs.  

Bells have a vital role to perform: warning other road users, particularly pedestrians. Lawful or not, it will be a good idea to install a bell on your bike as soon as possible. 

With the above, we can confidently say that this best bike bell of 2022 reviews list has everything you need to take home today. 

We believe all the bells on our list are the best in the market. It’ll help you do your little bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and your own by wasting less time trying out different bells.

And don’t forget to enjoy cycling. Happy biking!