Best Bikes for 4 Year Olds [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on February 24, 2021

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When searching for a good bike for your kid, you need to think about the comfort and safety of your kid. The bike should also be durable and fun to ride. This means that you will also need to check the design and overall features. Doing this might require a lot of time and it is not very easy due to the high number of kid’s bikes available on the market. To make your work easier, we have reviewed the 5 best bikes for 4 year old kids. We only considered those bikes with the best features. Check them below to determine which one is worthy for your kid.

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Best Bikes for 4 year Olds


Joystar Totem Kids Bike

In terms of performance and safety, this bike is among the best for kids. It is equipped with reliable coaster brakes which provides incredible stopping power. It also comes with 12-inch wheels and rubber off-road tires which provides excellent stability and grip in all weather conditions. Additionally, it is made of a sturdy Hi-Ten Steel frame and fork which provides amazing impact resistance when cycling on rocky or bumpy terrains. You should also note that it is very easy to maintain since it uses a single-speed drive train and black tires. The bike is suitable for kids who are between 3-7 years.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Very effective brakes
  • 12 inch wheels for stability


  • Tires are not the best

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Joystar Kids Cruiser Bike

The most outstanding thing about this bike is that it is equipped with a tough Hi-Ten steel frame which is not only durable but also stylish. It also provides amazing impact resistant especially when your kid is riding on rocky or rough terrains. Additionally, the bike comes with top-notch coaster brakes which are activated when the pedals are turned backwards. As a result, they provide good speed control to enhance safety. The bike is also equipped with training wheels which gives your kid good balance and support. Another thing you will love about this bike is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in different sizes
  • Very safe for your kid
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t come with instructions

Latest deal: Joystar 12” 14” 16” Kids Cruiser Bike 


Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX

If you are searching for a tough bike that your kid can use on any terrain, this bike will be an excellent choice. It features amazing features such as a BMX frame, adjustable training wheels, comfortable saddle which makes it among the best. You will also find that the handlebar pad features bold graphics to enhance the appearance. Additionally, the frame has an eye-catching finish which enables the bike to stand out from the rest. The wheels are very sturdy which means that they can handle any terrain. Again, the frame and the fork come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Adjustable training wheels
  • Handlebar pad
  • Stylish design
  • Reliable coaster brakes


  • A bit heavy

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Joystar Fairy Kids Bike

This one is another top quality kid’s bike that comes with incredible features to enhance performance. To start with, it comes with a very sturdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork which offers incredible impact resistance. It also comes with very effective coaster brakes which enables the bike to stop instantly. Moreover, the wheels are very sturdy which means that they are suitable for all weather conditions. In terms of maintenance, this bike is one of the easiest to maintain because it comes with a single-speed drive train. You also need to be careful when buying to ensure that you have ordered the correct size for your kid since it is available in different sizes.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Provides great resistance


  • Too small

Latest deal: Joystar Fairy Kids Bike 


Joystar Vintage Kids Bike

As compared to other kid’s bikes on the market, this one is among the most stylish. What sets it apart from the rest is that it comes with an elegant bike basket which enhances the overall appearance of the bike. Apart from that, it is equipped with a shockproof saddle which keeps your kid comfortable when cycling. The leather handlebar grips are very soft as compared to rubber grips which means that they are very comfortable for your kid. It also comes 85% pre-assembled to make your work easier when setting it up. If your kid is between 2-7 years old, this bike will be an excellent choice.


  • Stylish design
  • Shockproof saddle
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Equipped with a basket


  • None

Latest deal: Joystar Vintage Kids Bike 

Best Bikes 4 Year Olds Buyers Guide

How we picked the products

Size – The first thing you should note is that all the above bikes are available in different sizes. If your kid is between 2-4 years, you should consider a bike with 12-inch wheels.  The 14-inch bike will be the most suitable for 3-5 years kids or girls who are 36-47 inches tall. For kids who are 4-7 years, you should consider a bike with 16-inch tires.

Bike’s weight – Kid’s bikes are made of different materials and some are heavier than others. When buying you need to ensure that your kid can handle the weight of the bike comfortably even when cycling for a long time. This is one of the key things and you will find that all the bikes we have reviewed are made of lightweight materials.

Comfort – Another important thing you should consider is how comfortable the bike will be for your kid. In this regard, we checked various things like the seat and handlebars to ensure that all the bikes are indeed the best in terms of comfort.

Style – The design of the bike also matters a lot when choosing a suitable bike for your 4-year-old kid. Kids refer something stylish or a bike with great colors. If you are searching for a stylish bike for your kid, you can pick any of those we have reviewed because we only picked those with outstanding colors.

Brakes – The safety of your kid is another key thing you should not ignore. In this regard, you need to ensure that the brakes are easy to use and are also responsive. One common thing you will find in all the bikes we have reviewed is that they come with reliable coaster brakes.  These brakes are the best for kid’s bikes because they are very responsive and they also has excellent stopping power.

Training wheels – If your kid is in the process of learning how to ride a bike, training wheels are very important. They help the kid to maintain balance as they learn how to brake and pedal. You will find that all the above bikes comes with adjustable training wheels which you can move up a bit when the kid learns how to use the bike correctly.

Safety cycling gears for kids

Cycling is one of the most entertaining activities your kids can enjoy about it is also dangerous especially when the kid loses balances when cycling. This means that the kid must always wear safety gears which includes;

Helmet – Bike helmets are made of hard shells which makes them effective for preventing head injuries. However, you need to ensure that the one you have picked is very comfortable for your kid. If possible, you should look for an adjustable kid’s helmet such as the Atphfety Kids Helmet set for 3-8 years, Toddler Helmet. The good thing about it is that it also comes with knee elbow pads.

Gloves – Gloves are very important because they enhance grip when the kid is holding the handlebar. ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves for Balance are among the best for kids who are between 2-8 years old.

Frequently asked Questions

Are bikes good for 4 year olds?

Most parents train their kids on how to ride a bike when they are 2-3 years old. This means that a 4-year-old kid can comfortably ride a bike with minimum intervention. The bike should also have training wheels to enhance stability and balance.

Are kids bikes expensive?

Kid’s bikes come with different prices. However, most of them are very cheap and durable. You also need to compare the features before you spend your money on any of them.

Final Verdict

A bike is one of the best presents you can give your kid. If you have been searching for a perfect one, you can pick any of those we have reviewed. They are all affordable, stylish, durable and safe. They also come with excellent features such as comfortable seat and handlebar which means that your kid will not experience any problems when using them.

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