Best BMX Bikes [Review] in 2020

Last Updated on October 7, 2020

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BMX bikes have become a staple of street riding all around the world. Being one of the most diverse urban sports worldwide, BMX is truly an amazing sport that has made me fall in love with them since I was 15.

17 years later, I’ve ridden more BMX bikes than I can shake a stick at.

I know what makes a good BMX. WeThePeople to Kink, custom builds to pre-built setups. It’s fair to say I know a thing or two about what bike brands create the best BMX bikes.

I’ll go through this in more detail on each BMX so you can pick a bike that fits your riding style. So, whether you’re looking for the best BMX race bikes or pro-BMX’s, my list has got you covered.

The good news is that you do not need the talent to become a pro. Some investment, a little resilience, and spare time is all you need.

Choosing a BMX requires you to consider several factors. In this review, I’ll take you through all you need to know before purchasing a BMX. However, let me begin with what I consider the ten world’s best BMX bikes available today.

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Our Review of the Best BMX Bikes Ever Made


Mafiabikes Kush1 K2 BMX Bike

Best Cheap BMX Bike

If you are new to riding and want the best cheap BMX bikes, this is an excellent choice. In my opinion, it’s the best entry-level BMX bike. It features a TT hi-tensile steel frame that ensures it can support massive loads. The frame is low height to allow you to sit and get off the saddle effortlessly.

Moreover, it has wide tires of 2.3” thickness for added stability and massive weight support. The heat-treated forged crank offers you better stability than those with cast crankshafts.

Although it requires some assembly, it comes with a clear set of instructions to guide you, making the process hassle-free. You don’t require an expert to assemble it for you.


  • TT hi-tensile steel frame for sturdiness
  • 2.3” thick, sturdy tires for added stability
  • Low height to ease mounting and dismounting
  • Heat-treated forged crank for extra strength


  • Requires assembly

Latest deal: Mafia Bikes Kush 1


Razor High Roller

Best Value Item

The bike has a bright yellow color going all around with some black accents that compliment the entire design beautifully. The bike is made from high tensile steel which gives the suspension high durability and longevity.

The impressive thing about this bike is the effortless seat height adjustability. You can adjust it with a quick-release action without requiring the tools and time other bikes need. Quick height adjustability allows numerous individuals to use it at a time.

This best beginner BMX bike features hi-tensile forks and a steel frame to ensure long-term use and sturdiness. What’s more, it has two front pegs that give you an array of benefits. For instance, these pegs are crucial in BMX races for rail grinding. Also, the high quality double u brakes are perfect for faster braking making this perfect for youths and adults.

The cross-type handlebars with a 4-bolt stem ensure you have better control while riding.


  • Non-tool adjustable seat height
  • Hi-tensile steel fork and frame for sturdiness
  • 4-bolt stem for effortless steering
  • Two front pegs for rail grinding


  • Requires some assembly

Latest deal: Razor High Roller


Redline Bikes Rival 20 Freestyle BMX

Prime Picked Item

The bike has 8inch bigbox handlebars that are made of steel for better durability, and also provide good control while riding. The steel frame also helps in improving the longevity of the ride and provides a good quality overall.

The bike has monster tires that are thick and provide a great road grip. The seat is also ergonomic and comfortable to sit on.

The chainset is strong and runs smoothly. The bike offers 2 exciting colors namely orange and green. Both of which have black accents.

Overall, I’m calling this bike as one of the top rated BMX bikes for the money on this list.


  • 8 inch Bigbox handlebars
  • Durable and strong
  • 2 color options
  • Comfortable seat


  • Bike is weighty

Latest deal: Redline Rival


Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

This is the best mongoose BMX bike ideal for 5’8” individuals and above. It has a 21” top tube to ensure that tall people do not strain while riding.

The sturdy 4130 Chromoly frame ensures massive weight support and weather resistance. You will love the total control you have on this bike. It has a threadless headset and 50mm stem joining the fork and the 4130 chrome handlebar. In effect, it allows maximum steering and top performance.

Additionally, this bike has durable brake levers with a U-brake to ensure that you stop smoothly and efficiently. Plus, it allows you to change from fast to slow speed with ease.


  • High tensile steel frame
  • Quick u brakes
  • Aluminum mag wheels
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The fork might bend under excessive weight

Latest deal: Mongoose Legion


Ruption Motion

Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding

Are you looking for a high-quality bike? This Ruption Motion model is a 2020 version built by trusted experts to offer you functionality and steel-strength. Not to mention, this is one of the best BMX bikes for beginners.

The hind 990 style U-brake ensures that you enjoy smooth stops. It features 10-20 Hi-Ten forks that will not snap easily, impairing your riding experience.

The CrMo downtube and Hi-Ten frame offer you unrivaled balance and superior strength. You can now ride without worrying about a hitch along the way.

The fully sealed hubs and bottom bracket offer you longevity and smooth riding. It has a sturdy and comfortable combo saddle to provide you with comfort while riding.


  • Fully sealed design for longevity
  • 990 style u-brakes for smooth stopping
  • 1020 Hi-Ten forks for sturdiness
  • CrMo downtube to support a massive weight


  • Not returnable using the local return service

Latest deal: Ruption Motion


Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

Top Choice Item

Razor brings you the Nebula BMX Bike which has a 20inch wheelset.

The bike has a cool black, white and red design with the razor logo on the suspension which makes you stand out. I feel this bike is one of the Best BMX bikes for kids in this list.

The entry level bike has a very comfortable and ergonomic seat which is adjustable on the seat post. This is also enabled through an alloy seat clamp which is strong and durable just like the rest of the bike.

The build quality of this bike is another level making it perfect for dings, drops and the inevitable crashes.

With a welded steel frame and fork, you will get many years out of your ride before needing to change it.


  • Welded steel frame and fork
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Alloy seat clamp
  • Freestyle rotor included


  • Not easy to put together

Latest deal: Razor Nebula BMX


Blank Hustla

Best BMX Bikes for Adults

If you want one of the best BMX bikes for adults, get this one. This bike will ace your standards with its durability, affordability, and stability features. It is a suitable bike for anyone who wants to exercise after a long day at work.

It features a hi-tensile frame to support a massive weight. The super-low saddle will ease your mounting and dismounting. Besides, you have a broad faux leather seat that will offer you much comfort as you move about.

Nobody wants anything snapping when you are in the middle of the woods. That is why it has a sturdy 25t steel sprocket and the blank ‘Wtf V2’ Chainwheel to ensure you have smooth rides.


  • Hi-tensile steel frame to support heavier individuals
  • Super low saddle for effortless on and off
  • Faux leather seat for comfort
  • 25t steel sprocket for smoother rides and longevity


  • You can’t return it using the local return services.

Latest deal: Blank Hustler


XL Kink Whip

Best Pro BMX Bikes

Are you looking for the best lightweight BMX bikes? Whip XL is the perfect bike for experienced pro and tall individuals. Why? It has a long top tube and an unbelievably light frame.

The bike features a CrMo frame, forks, and bars. In effect, it ensures weather resistance and support for heavy people and pro’s that push their BMX’s to the limit.

Also, it has a smooth broad seat that will give you plenty of travel-area when performing tricks. Uncomfortably hitting your seat when street riding is, therefore, not a problem.

It comes with sealed bearings, ensuring you save on maintenance costs. However, it is quite costly and not for people on a tight budget but, with that being said, it’s certainly an affordable option for a pro BMX bike.


  • Sealed bearings to save lubrication costs
  • Long top tube to suit tall people
  • CrMo frame, forks, and bars for durability and sturdiness
  • Broad, smooth saddle for comfort


  • Quite expensive

Latest deal: XL Kink Whip


Hiland BMX 20” Freestyle Bike

Best Starter BMX Bike

Are you looking for the best starter BMX bike? Hiland 20” has all the safety features you can find in an entry level bicycle, and it’s ideal for 4’4” individuals and up.

You will love the 360-degree rotor that allows you to turn the handlebars around completely. This makes riding so simple. Plus, it has four pegs, two on each wheel, to elevate the riding experience. You can learn to perfect your balance by placing your feet on them.

The 25x9T gearing makes using it a breeze. Being a good starter BMX bike, it has a broad seat that is comfortable for everyone. The double U-brakes ensure that you have extra safety.


  • 25x9T gearing for smooth rides
  • Hi-tensile steel frame for sturdiness
  • Double U-brakes for enhanced safety
  • 360-degree rotor for complete handlebar turning


  • Not ideal for short people

Latest deal: Hiland BMX 20” Freestyle Bike


GT Air 20 BMX Bike

Best BMX Bike Under 500

Are you looking for one of the coolest BMX bikes that offer you great street riding experiences? GT Air not only provides you that but also gives you bright and attractive colors. Furthermore, it is the best BMX bike under 500.

It features a U-brake that allows you to stop smoothly without your seat surging forward. Its high-tensile steel frame ensures the bike can support large people, and you won’t need to worry about its stability.

It has low-profile flat pedals that will ease your riding experience by offering comfort to your feet.

The stainless steel spokes ensure this bike is perfect for any weather condition and long-lasting even with rough use.

The rubbered handlebars and threadless headset allow you to steer with so much ease and comfort. I feel that out of all the bikes I’ve chosen on this list, it is the best BMX bike ever.


  • U-brake for smooth stopping
  • Hi-tensile steel tubes for stability and durability
  • Platform low-profile pedals for comfort
  • Stainless steel spokes for prolonged use


  • Not for people on a tight budget

Latest deal: GT Air 20 BMX Bike

What To Look For When Buying The Best BMX Bikes:

Build quality: This is a very important aspect when it comes to buying BMX bikes.

I recommend going for BMX bikes with Chromoly 4130 steel frames.

They are sturdy and appropriate for heavy-duty rides.

Chromoly 4130 is a steel alloy that is sturdier than hi-tensile steel. Therefore, bikes from Chromoly generally last longer than those from hi-tensile steel.

Aluminum frames are lighter and perfect for races. However, they have vibrational problems that might give you discomfort.

Carbon fiber frames, though more expensive, do not have this issue.

Size: BMX bikes come in different sizes to suit various people. When getting a BMX bike, check out the size to ensure you are comfortable while riding.

There are 2 things to look at when it comes down to size. Top tube length and wheel size.

Wheel size is usually for younger riders looking to reach the floor.

It’s pretty usual for anyone above the age of 15 to have a wheel size of 20″, which is the standard for any type of best street BMX bike.

The top tube size can be purely down to your riding style, which is another factor to consider when purchasing a BMX.

Riding Style: The size of the top tubing can affect the level of skill you put into your riding.

Popular BMX bikes have a 21-inch top tube to offer riders ample room to swing the bike below them. With such bikes, you can perform a range of airborne tricks and perfect your riding. They also provide shorter seat stays for effortless whipping.

Flatland frames are lighter with shorter tubings. They offer enhanced balance and better control.

Weight: Different BMX bikes have various weight capacities they can support.

However, the design of most BMX bikes ensures that they can support massive weight capacity.

What you should check is the size of the bike. If it is right for you, then most likely that BMX bike can accommodate your weight.

Color options:  This one might not sound like a big deal but your style says a lot about you and BMX’s are a way of expressing that.

There are many manufacturers that provide a wide variety when it comes to colors. They even have color combos for you to choose from.

Brakes: The preferred brakes on a BMX are linear brakes.

Linear breaks are usually a cable that runs to the back of the bike. Most professional BMX’s only come with a rear brake to reduce weight.

I personally never use a front brake as I always foot jam into any tricks the use my front wheel.

Safety is important so precise and accurate control on your ride is very important.

A good brake can save you from many potential accidents or bike repairs. Looking into good brakes in your ride is crucial for safety and stunts.

Individual Components

Bike accessories to look out for when getting a BMX bike are:

Helmet: Bmx helmets are bowl-shaped and large. They have very few vents, with some even covering your ears. Since BMX tricks are complicated, you may end up falling and hurting yourself pretty severely if you don’t have a helmet.

Gloves: these are not likely to come along with your bike but are a must for BMX riding. Bmx gloves have a grip on the palms, which extends across the length of your fingers.

Pegs: These are vital for balancing during trick performing. Some will have two pegs, others four, while others none at all. If you want to be a top BMX rider, you may consider going for those with these pegs.

Benefits of Riding BMX Bikes

Strength building: during BMX riding, you have a full-body workout. Pedaling will help you grow your leg muscles. On the other hand, handlebar lifting to perform air tricks will strengthen your arm muscles.

A better cardiovascular system: just like any type of riding, you get to improve your cardiovascular system with BMX riding. This reduces the risk of low blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart diseases.

It is enjoyable: Bmx riding has no rules and allows riders to be creative. You can invent your tricks. In doing so, you are likely to maintain a fitness program because you are enjoying yourself.

Confidence building: Bmx riding offers you a lot of new things to learn every day. By setting your goals and trying things you thought you could never do, you get to improve your confidence and general self-esteem.

Helps in weight loss: You can lose up to 150 calories in just one hour of BMX riding. That allows you to enjoy a series of associated health benefits.

Different Types of BMX’s

There are different kinds of BMX riding with each requiring its particular bike. Bmx bikes fall into four major categories. These include:

Classical BMXs: These are the original models from the sixties and seventies. They are for racing around berms and over jumps. They are generally light. Something to know is that the lighter the BMX bike, the pricier it is.

Freestyle bikes: These were the second type of BMX bikes. This was after riders started developing new tricks and improving their mastery of riding. They are sturdier and more massive than classical BMXs. This helps to facilitate the vigorous stunts riders use them for.

Dirt Jumper: They are perfect for air jumps. They have the most treaded tires, unlike any other BMX, and are lighter than Freestyles.

Flatland bikes: They are only for flat areas but are the most complex 20-inch BMX bikes. However, they have a unique design that allows you to perform the most challenging bike stunts.

How to Remain Safe on a BMX

There is specific equipment that every BMX rider must adorn, given how dangerous this sport can be. Let’s look at the most essentials you need for BMX riding.

  • Helmet- Bmx helmets have little vents and take a bowl-shape. They will cover most of your head, with some going all the way to the ears. They craft from dense material to offer your head perfect shielding in case you fall during a trick.
  • Gloves- Bmx gloves have a contoured surface that extends throughout the entire length of your fingers and palm. This is to offer you a better grip as you try some of the trickiest bike stunts.
  • You should cover almost all your body parts. Have sheen, elbow, and knee guards. Long trousers and long-sleeved tops are ideal. Have ankle-size socks for extra measure.
  • Lubricate moving parts and check that your bike is in perfect condition before riding.

Finding The Right BMX Size for You

What’s the best BMX for your size? You do not want to strain as you ride. Therefore, you should get the right size of the BMX bike that is not too large or too small for you. Although the wheel size may be the same, the frame sizes are quite different to suit different people’s sizes. Here are the frame sizes concerning the height of the individuals:

Frame Size (inches) Rider Height (feet)
15-16 under 4

16-17 4-4’6”

17-18.5 4’4”-4’10”

18.5-19.5 4’8”-5’4”

20-20.5 5’4”-5’10”

+20.5 +5’10”

Finding The Right BMX for Your Riding Style

As earlier indicated, there are four main types of BMX bikes. Each type of bike has a set of tricks that it offers. Therefore, observe the type BMX bike.

Classical BMX bikes are ideal for berm racing and moving over jumps. They are lighter and not for intense vigorous tricks.

Freestyles are studier and more massive hence ideal for such tricks. Dirt jumpers are perfect for air jumps but are lighter than freestyles; thus will offer you a lower range of tricks.

Flatlands have a shorter and sturdier build to allow for you to do the most complex bike tricks.

Custom Build or Complete Setup?

Choosing between a custom build BMX and complete setup BMX depends on you. With a full setup BMX, the product is right at your disposal. All you have to do is order; hence it is time-saving. However, there are some features you may not like in a complete setup BMX.

If you decide on a custom BMX, you can choose what fits you best. You can combine all the colors and material qualities that suit your style and funds. However, you will spend some time selecting through the list.

Additionally, it may take a bit longer to get a custom BMX than a complete setup unit.


Our review of these ten awesome BMX bikes has something for everyone. Whichever bike you choose among them, you can be sure of enjoying countless bike tricks. Remember to wear protective clothing every time you go BMX riding.

Also, look at what different BMX bikes can do for you and make your choice after considering that factor.

Introducing your child to BMX riding at a young age is a brilliant idea as it helps them develop more riding skills. It also helps them in developing social skills as they get out more. BMX riding is great for cardio, muscular growth, stamina, and building a strong and reliable immune system.

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