Best BMX Bikes [Review] in 2020

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

This guide has been written by Cycle expert Alex Bristol
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Our choice of 114 best BMX bikes and accessories

Elite 20” BMX The Stealth

2019 Eastern Cobra

Mafiabikes Kush 2+

Fit Dugan Chrome

KHE Park Two BMX

Redline Bikes Romp 20


SCOYCO Racing Knee Guards

Demon Tactic Guards


Fox Racing Launch Safety

Shift Racing Enforcer

Seibertron Dirtpaw

2019 Fox Racing Dirtpaw

FIRELION Breathable

Cool Change Full Finger

RIGWARL Bike Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Air Americana

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads


JBM Protective Gear Set

Triple Eight Saver Series

Mongoose BMX Bike Gel

Allnice 3 in 1 Pads

Triple Eight Bike Helmet

Fox Head Flight Sport Helmet

 JBM Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet

TurboSke Helmet

Flybar BMX Helmet

Maxxis Hookworm

Sunlite Freestyle

Kenda K-905 K-Rad

Goodyear Folding Bead

Odyssey Sunday

Maxxis Holy Roller

KMC K710 Kool Bike Chain 

KMC Z410 Bike Chain

KMC K810SL Bike Chain

KMC X8.99 Bike Chain

KMC HL710L Bike Chain

KMC X8.99 Bike Chain

Wake 45mm Stem 

SE Racing

Salt AM V2 Topload

Black Ops Defend’R

Truvativ 40 0-Degree

Eastern Bikes Throttle


Imrider Lightweight

FOOKER Pedals 


Mzyrh 3

RockBros Lightweight

Vans x Cult Flangeless

Choose Grips

Odi Troy Lee

Riipoo Bike Grips

LYCAON Handlebar Grips

RaceFace Half Nelson

Mayhem Riot Neon

FatBoy Mini

FatBoy Mini

Reggie Rocker Galaxy


FatBoy Mini

JOYSTAR 12 Totem

JOYSTAR 12 Totem Green


SE Bikes Bronco 12″

RoyalBaby Freestyle

Schwinn Koen

RoyalBaby 2 Hand Brakes

RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons

Kent Retro

Dynacraft Hot Wheels


Royalbaby Space

Mongoose Skid Freestyle

SE Bronco 16 BMX

Diamondback Mini Viper

Hot Wheels Dynacraft

RoyalBaby Freestyle

X-Games FS-16

Mongoose Varial

RoyalBaby Freestyle

Razor Kobra

Hello Kitty Dynacraft

Mongoose 18″ Switch

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk

Diamondback Jr Viper

Redline Rival

Razor Nebula

Mongoose Legion Mag

Razor High Roller 

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk

Diamondback Nitrus

SE Bronco 16

RoyalBaby Freestyle

Diamondback Mini Viper

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk

Mongoose Skid

Razor Nebula BMX

X Games FS20

Razor Agitator BMX

Hyper 20 Spinner Pro

Razor High Roller BMX

Dynacraft Magna Throttle

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk

Elite 20” BMX Destro

Mongoose Legion Street BMX

Framed Impact 20 BMX

Mongoose Legion Street BMX

Redline Bikes Recon 20

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BMX bikes have become a staple of street riding all around the world. Becoming one of the most loved sport worldwide, BMX is truly an amazing hobby to dwell on. It has been around for a very long time and grew inspiration from racing bikes in the dirt, and motocross. These bikes have heavy-duty tires and ride like a dream. People use BMX bikes for all kinds of tricks. It is also great for your health as it improves your cardio, stamina, and build good immunity. It is important to pay close attention when you are buying a BMX bike for yourself.

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Best BMX bikes


Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

Top Choice Item

Razor brings you the razor nebula BMX bicycle which has a 20inch wheel set. The bike has a cool black, white and red design with the razor logo on the suspension which makes you stand out. The bike has a very comfortable and ergonomic seat which is adjustable. This is enabled through an alloy seat clamp which is strong and durable just like the rest of the bike. The build quality on this bike is really good. With a welded steel frame and fork, you will get many years out of your ride before needing to change it. You also get a freestyle rotor included in the set.

Welded steel frame and fork
Front and rear handbrakes
Alloy seat clamp
Freestyle rotor included
Not easy to put together

Latest deal: Razor nebula BMX


Razor high roller

Best Value Item

Razor high roller is an adventure BMX ride with its bold and bright color scheme. The bike has a bright yellow color going all around with some black accents that compliment the entire design beautifully. The bike is made from high tensile steel which gives the suspension, a high durability and longevity. Bike has front and back handbrakes and also has pegs on the front wheel for you to step on. The seat is also comfortable and ergonomic. It is adjustable as well thanks to the quick release clamp attached to it. The quality of the chain set is also great.

High tensile steel frame
Front wheel pegs
Front and rear handbrakes
Strong and durable
No pegs for the rear wheel

Latest deal: Razor high roller


Redline Bikes Rival 20 Freestyle BMX

Prime Picked Item

Redline brings a treat for youngsters who want to experience BMX at its best. The bike has 8inch bigbox handlebars that are made of steel for better durability, and also provide good control while riding. The steel frame also helps in improving the longevity of the ride and provides a good quality overall. The bike has monster tyres that are thick and provide great road grip. The seat is also ergonomic and comfortable to sit on. The chain set is strong and runs smoothly. The bike offers 2 exciting colors namely orange and green. Both of which have black accents. Overall, a good bike.

8 inch Bigbox handlebars
Durable and strong
2 color options
Comfortable seat
Bike is weighty

Latest deal: Redline Rival


Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

If you are looking for a premium grade BMX bike at an inexpensive price, you have come to the right place. Hyper spinner pro is a high-end bike and that will be explained in a minute. First, the bike has an all-black look which gives a very unique and understated vibe for all the minimalists out there. Next, the bike has a good build quality with a strong steel frame and alloy pedals to rest your feet on. The 360-degree on the handlebar allows you to rotate it completely for tricks. Micro-drive front and rear sprockets makes all rides smooth and the saddle is also comfortable and adjustable. Overall, a great option for consideration.

High tensile steel frame
Quick u brakes
Aluminium mag wheels
Limited lifetime warranty
Fork might bend under excessive weight

Latest deal: Mongoose Legion

What to look for when buying the best BMX bike  available:

Build quality: This is a very important aspect when it comes to buying BMX bikes. Many kid’s bikes do not have the best build quality. They might say they use height tensile steel frames but you need to pay close attention to quality especially the wheels. The rims are usually the weak points of a bike. Looks for good rims in a bike.

Color options:  This one might not sound like a big deal but your style says a lot about you. and BMX is a way of expressing that. There are many manufacturers that provide a wide variety when it comes to colors. They even have color combos for you to choose from.

Brakes: The preferred brakes on a BMX are u style brakes but linear brakes will also do the job as long as they are good quality. Precise and accurate control on your ride is very important. A good brake can save you from many potential accidents or bike repairs. Hence, looking into good brakes in your ride is crucial. 


BMX bikes are an amazing sport. People love it because of the amount of flexibility it provides and how easy it is to get used to riding it. People perform all sorts of tricks and it can even be used for a casual ride off into the sunsets.

Introducing your child to BMX riding at a young age is a brilliant idea as it helps them develop more riding skills. It also helps them in developing social skills as they get out more. BMX riding is great for cardio, muscular growth, stamina and building a strong and reliable immune system.

The bikes we looked at today were some of the best there are for young children. The bikes had steel frames for high tensile strength. This helped a lot in the durability and longevity department. Some manufacturers offered u brakes that are always a great addition to the bike, but linear brake also do fine. Many bikes also had different color options to choose from.

Overall, the bikes we looked at today are a great option for the price you pay and you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

What is a BMX?

The sport of bicycle motocross, much more commonly known as BMX, was introduced as a half way and captured immense popularity over the course of time.

BMX bikes are usually built around 20 Inch wheels. They have a strong and rigid fork and frame. The gear is also a single cassette and the handlebars are high-rise design. This allows for a relatively simpler and more rigid bike that is easier to maintain and understand. The bike was built for racing and although it got its fair share of race track events, racing is not specifically the reason for its fame.

The bike is famous for freestyle tricks which introduced a new genre in bike riding and brought up bikers specialized in tricks and handling. And although the two different genres vary massively in style, they do make the BMX experience complete. The world of BMX has slowly transitioned from being a mid-way sport to making into a category of its own. This allows the sport to gain massive attraction, importance and attention from the masses.

BMX bikes are widely known and are very common among individuals of young to middle ages. The passion for mastering the art comes from the desire to gain control over and handle a unique and form fitted bicycle completely. The thick tire base and single gear simple system makes it a compelling product for both racers and freestylers.

Who made BMX bikes and what does it stand for?

BMX stands for bicycle motocross and was made in America in the early 1970s. It was purpose built to maneuver children into motocross racing. The bike was made by Scot Alexander Breithaupt, who was an entrepreneur and “Old school” Motorcycle MX and BMX racer.

His active and competitive years were from 1970 to 1984. He is most commonly known as the founding father of BMX. The sport originated and held its ground during 1969 to 1988, and then gained popularity from 1985 to 1988. Born in Long Beach California, Scot first came up with what was called “Pedal-Cross” on November 14th, 1970.

He set up a track in a vacant lot in California and started practicing the idea there. He also founded what could be called BMX’s first Sanctioning Body of any kind, the Bicycle United Motocross Society (B.U.M.S). Though originally denoting a bicycle intended for “BMX racing”, the term now is more commonly referred to dirt, vert, park, street, flatland and BMX freestyle. Scott was a teenage MX racer for Yamaha, and he adapted theses structured for BMX from motocross sanctioning bodies such as CMC, AME and AMA.

Scott had roots in motocross motorcycle racing and was the first to do it in BMX at the age of 13. He did not only just tend to his own track but also designed the Saddleback Park BMX, which quickly became one of the most famous and sort after track to ride BMX on.

He was also one of the writers and co-founded BMX-Plus. He also had a monthly editorial on BMX news and published a lot under his name. Many call him the finding father of BMX without whom, BMX, as a sport, would not have reached the heights it has reached today. Breithaupt put all his efforts, hard work and sweat into making BMX what it is today. And he might not be the first one to put BMX racing into play but was put a major dent in the bike racing industry by creating a marvelous creation that redefined the sport for good and made huge waves in the entertainment industry.

As an entrepreneur, Scott took on a journey into many different industries, creating 25 different entities. Along with being the founding father of BMX, he is also known for his passion at pioneering marketing and promoting sports like skateboarding, karting, mixed martial arts and of course BMX racing.


How much does a BMX cost?

There are different sizes of BMX bikes designed for different purposes. Thus it is important for you to know which one to go for when you’ve decided to buy one.

The first thing you want to look at, is the frame. Bike frame is made out of different materials and the durability depends on it. The higher end of BMX has frames made out of chromoly, which is a lightweight metal alloy. This material is made specially to give longevity and good service to the bike, but you will have to spend a few extra to get it.

However, most bikes are made out of high tensile steel, and though steel is a very strong material, it cannot be matched with chromoly when it comes to sturdiness. It also makes the bike a little heavier. The next thing you should be looking for is whether it comes with sealed bearings.

If your bike comes with sealed bearings, the bracket at the bottom will allow your bike to run smoother and for longer. Last but certainly not the least is to pick the best height for yourself. This part is all about finding the right height for comfort reasons.

Many brands realize this and make the top tubes different sizes, ranging from 20.5 to 21.5. putting proper thought into these little things is very important as they will come back to haunt you if you don’t. According to all these above mentioned aspects, BMX bikes range as low as $500 to as high as $1500 to even $2000.


Should I buy a BMX?

A genuine question that many ask before purchasing their very own BMX bike. Therefore, after doing our research anyone who is into physical activity, or under the age bracket of 20 years a BMX bike is the perfect gift to treat yourself.

Wondering why a BMX bike over any? It is quite simple, because of the sturdy design, which helps you in becoming stronger and improve your stamina with time. A fitness routine is an utmost guarantee once you get your hands on a BMX.

Moreover, if you are older surely does not mean you can not buy such a beauty, but a BMX bike is made to take tons of risks and have fun. Taking risks, sometimes might cause injury that you would not want when you are older as healing slows down.

This does not mean you loose hope, if you are young at heart and yearn for adventure you ought to get a BMX bike for yourself. All you need is to master riding this monster. If you are looking for something simpler and comfortable you should opt-out to buy a mountain bike instead of BMX. Riding a BMX is harder, if you have been out of the training sessions and are out of shape, or just old, because BMX bikes don’t come with gears.

A BMX require much greater effort along with skills than a mountain bike, as all the tricks you plan on executing can’t be done on a simple mountain bike.


What size BMX’s are there?

I would like to highlight on the fact that all BMX bikes are manufactured in one frame size with slight variations in the length from model to model. But a noteworthy point, you can alter the size of the wheel according to your specific requirements, such as height, weight and age of the rider.

It is totally up to you to customize the wheels of your BMX, because the usage is quite versatile, such as performing tricks, or just racing. Moreover, on further digging I came to the conclusion that depending upon the variation of BMX it varies sizes, which is divided between the two: Race BMX and Freestyle BMX. Let’s touch a little upon the wheel size, it Is around 20” in diameter.

Besides the average size, you can easily find a variety of sizes from a range of 12” to 24”. The smaller wheels give it an edge in increasing the strength and maneuverability of a BMX. Moreover, even after years of harsh use the wheels of a BMX remain loyal, because of how they are built. It has 36 spokes that is a much greater number than any regular bike.

If you fall in the bracket of 4’10” to 6’4” height, we suggest to purchase the wheel size of 20”: whereas. 4’0” to 4’10” a wheel size of 18”.


What is the right BMX bike size for me?

I would like to give a comprehensive take on which bike is best suitable according to your height and age, because the frame of BMX does not vary a lot, but the wheel size varies.

The prior thing to know the right size for yourself is to measure your height, precisely. Moreover, after carrying out this step you can check the manufacturers of BMX’s chart for reference, or visit a near buy store where it is available to be guided by an experienced staff member.

A little advice from our end, you should be able to stand over the BMX bike frame with a minimum of 2 cm gap between your legs and the top.

After checking, for you to stand with ease over on a full-sized BMX bike you need at least 23” inside leg. If you are purchasing a BMX bike for a kid between 5 to 7 years who is approximately in the height bracket of 3’7” to 4’0” a wheel size of 16” is perfect.

On the other hand, if your 5 to 11 year falls somewhere between 4’0” to 4’10” bracket, you should go for the 18” wheels. Furthermore, if a grown-up decides to buy one taller than 4’10” the perfect wheel size if 20”.


What size BMX bike when your over 5’ 11”?

I understand that many bike enthusiasts are grownups and they are somewhat over the height of 5’11”, so figuring out what is the perfect frame and wheel size for that height is important.

Speaking from experience, I have seen taller rides opt for a frame which is 21” +. But on a comparison of tall and short guys, I have come to a conclusion that shorter riders ride a frame size of 21” like a champ; whereas a taller dude shred the hell out of a smaller frame without annihilating their knees on the BMX stem.

This might seem a little ironic, but it is not some weird science instead a general observation, which lead us to make a friendly advice. Moreover, the size of the BMX makes it possible, or harder for you to achieve your goals, such as simple riding isn’t that technical, but riding tracks with huge gaps make you want more.

Anyone in love with ramp riding, or just playing and trying tricks on the street would want it mix it up, all depending on the changes of the frame of the BMX. You could simply check out your personal preference by taking a ride on your fellows’ BMX bikes, which are of different sizes and setups.

Find the one that makes you hit that sweet spot. Switching of the stem makes you change the size of the bike according to your desired choice.


What size BMX bike for a 16-year-old?

A BMX bike can take the weight of a 16-year-old, because its frame is manufactured from steel, or aluminum; whereas the topnotch ones are made from chromoly.

Wondering what chromoly is? It can take up more weight as it high in strength, which makes it perfect for a healthy 16 year old teen, who is taking up biking in order to incorporate more physical exercise.

We know kids do not remain the same size and grow up; therefore, we would suggest in investing in just the right bike that they can ride with pride and safely. Kids this age are especially quite conscious of what they ride; thus, you do not want to buy a bike with a basket and sparkles for a teen.

I would like to make it easier for you to choose the right bike for your sport son making the whole minefield experience a piece of cake. Any kid over 11 above 5 feet should get a BMX bike with 26”; whereas another helpful trick to be more accurate.

Many stores suggest checking the inside leg length as well for anyone above 11 years with 26” wheel size should have an inseam of 26”, or more.

Though these chart values are not set in stone, take the bike out for a spin before purchasing one. Remember to consider the proportions of your child’s body instead of the store staff suggestions of a regular 16-year-old.

This can cover sizing of saddles, wheels and the BMX handlebars. All these parts are changable, so rest assured that you can change these should there be  areas of the bike that underperforrm.

We  have put together a nifty guide on picking the best BMX handlebars that can save you time replacing extra parts on your new bike.


What size is best for BMX bike for a 12-year-old boy?

BMX bikes are essential for preteens as they are an ideal outdoor sport that help develop spatial awareness, depth perception along with the skill of balancing and riding.

But finding the perfect BMX pick for your child is just as important as finding the right shoe size. Every child has different proportions and growth pace regardless of their age. Lucky for you we have handy indicators to guide you which wheel size will be a better fit for your child’s BMX.

Although BMX bikes come in a standard frame size there might be some slight difference in length but the wheel size can be changed depending on the height of the rider. This range of wheel sizes available exists to provide ease of balance and riding for your child based on their height.

The appropriate wheel size should let the rider stand over the bike frame with a minimum of 2cm gap from the top tube. For a 12-year-old child in the final fitting comes under “Expert” which ranges between 9 to 13-year-old children.

It has a longer tube than a “Junior” size with 170 mm cranks’ size with a tire size of 20 x 1.5 – 1.75 inches. So, if your child’s height is ranged 147 cm – 193 cm (4’10” – 6’4″), this is the best size.


What size BMX bike for a 7-year-old?

These days Kids are more into indoor games, BMX bikes are the best option for a kid to learn something that can drive him to go outside and have fun.

For your child to develop love for riding it is up to the parent to find him the best bike that suits him. For this very reason, BMX bikes have a wide range of sizes that can suit your child’s age.

Although there might be a little variation in size but finding the right size for your child can be tricky. Not all seven-year olds have similar heights. To pick the best, you need to have an idea of sizes.

Back in the days, there used to be a standard size for all children which troubled them in riding it. But now there are so many sizes that are according to your body proportions. The wheels of BMX have consistent size 20” but the frame size is different.

If your child is 7-year-old, he falls in the “Junior” category of sizes that ranges from 6 to 9-year olds. It has slightly larger frame than “Mini” 165mm cranks’ size with 20 x 1 3/8” tire size.

The height range of a child for this category is 122cm – 147cm (4’0″ – 4’10”). If your child falls in this category you can go ahead and buy it.


What is the best bike brand for BMX?

There are many brands that are considered to be top in the BMX community, one of these is a well-known BMX bike brand “Colony.”

The Colony Manufactures have a good reputation, their best bike is called “Colony Endeavor”. This BMX bike is known for its compactible features. First, the frame which is called “Colony Endeavor Full CrMo, 21.0″ TT 13.25″ rear.

It has an integrated headset which gives out the look of the overall bike. It has removable brake mounts and hardware that makes it easy for the rider in balancing and riding.

The stem is Colony Squareback Top Load Full CNC 7075T6 made of Alloy. Its bars are Colony Full CrMo, 9.0″ Rise x 29.5″. It has cranks Colony CrMo Tubular 48 spline, 19mm spindle, size is 170mm.

Its rear hub is Colony Alloy Cassette. It has attractive wheels with rims Colony Pintour Double Wall 6000 Series Alloy 36h. There are two colors available of this BMX bike: pearl blue and brushed bronze.

This spectacular bike highlights the company’s componentry. The best feature that makes it stand out from other brands is that it is a very light weighted BMX bike which helps the rider to have full control over it.


How to train for BMX racing?

Riding a BMX bike for fun can be easy, but to race you need a proper training.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while training for it. The key to excel in races is to learn how to control speed and power.

Working out routine can also be helpful as they build muscles and make your thighs strong. Lifting weights and doing squats are good for training yourself. But some people tend to focus more on work-out than practice which is wrong. Working out is good but riding BMX can also help you get hold of how you are supposed to handle it.

You can start by going on a road ride and doing a spin for 20 minutes every morning before you eat breakfast. Nutrition is also a key point for a beginner. Keep yourself hydrated; the amount of water you drink determines how much you ride your BMX.

Your weight also plays an important role in racing. Having an idea of where and how much weight you should put on the BMX can help you ace in the race.

Your training will be more effective if you try on elevated ground, if you don’t have hills to try your skill, you can always train in an empty parking lot or on a rocky place.

Lastly, it is important to note that the rider should choose riding over working out to ace in the race.


What size BMX race bike should I get?

BMX race bikes have been becoming a popular outdoor sport. It good for working out as well as riding. But choosing the right size for you can be a little difficult when buying from a BMX bike store.

BMX race bikes come in multiple wheel sizes that range from 12” to 24”, but the most popular is 20 inches; this is the standard size of BMX bikes that is available everywhere.

Make sure you also have an idea about the crank arm length, fork offset, bar width and rise and bearings. The Top Tube (TT) measurement is more important than the wheels because of the handling. The TT sizes are mostly relevant to the size of the wheels that have sizes 12” – 18” and 24” but 20” wheel size has a wide range of TT sizes.

If the rider’s height is 4’4” & under (Micro)then top tube should be 15” – 16.5”, for riders whose height is 4’6” – 5’1” (Junior) then top tube size is 17” – 18.5”, for heights ranging 5’0″ – 5’4″ (Expert) top tube size is 18.5″ – 19.5″, and if he/she is 6’ & over (Pro XXL) then top tube should be 21.25” – 22”.


How to tell what BMX frame you have?

The BMX frames can be a new thing that beginners might’ve heard for the first time. The frame is the diamond-shaped main component of the bike; it is the piece of metal that connects the back wheel to the front of the bike with the bracket for the seat in between.

BMX bike frames are designed according to type of riding. A bike frame can look completely different from others because of its geometry. Generally, there are three main categories of BMX frames: Race frame that is used in Olympic track racing.

It the most professional frame, they are built for racing only, you cannot perform any tricks on it and they are light on speed.

The second is Freestyle frame, its purpose is solemnly for skate park riding, ramp riding, and dirt jumping. The third is Cruiser frame that is bigger than a common BMX bike; its wheel size is 24 inches. The size and angle of every frame is different.

Frames can also be determined by looking at serial numbers that is stamped under bottom bracket.

If you still cannot figure out through serial number, you can visit a BMX shop that can help you identify the exact frame your BMX bike has.


How to find the best BMX spots?

BMX bikes have three categories, so finding the right spot for a type of BMX can be a little tricky.

Street riding is easiest place to ride your BMX; a road with long stretch Empty Street is where you can try to improve your basic tricks. If you have a Freestyle BMX then you should look for skate parks that are available near you.

A lot of parks have sections where you can ride your BMX bike. There is a beginner spot and an expert spot.

You can also find a spot that contains some obstacles where you can practice your tricks. It is advised to try riding on the hills, but not everyone lives near the hills, so you can always find someplace with a rocky surface or an empty parking lot.

In some areas, there are dirt jumping parks but they are mostly private or kept secret because people might trash the trails.

Finding trails that suits you is very important and it can take a long time to find them, but trails are safer than any other spots.

If you’re friends with BMX pals they can always help you find good and relevant trails.

The difference between a freecoaster and a cassette on a BMX

A freecoaster, unlike a cassette for a BMX, does not require pedalling to go backwards.

This usually makes performing certain tricks or stunts on a BMX significantly easier due to the lack of having to multitask during the stunt.

A cassette and a freewheel function identically. They actually both allow freewheeling which means you can coast when going forward.

The main difference between the two is that a casette is splined and fits centrally on the freehub section of the hub, but the freewheel usually threads directly onto a hub body.

The major difference between is that the higher the price is usually consistent with freecoasters due to their complexity.

The moving parts inside a freecoaster do not come without issue as they are less consistent than cassette hubs and skip or jam up far more frequently.


Where to buy BMX parts?

BMX parts come in various types, you can choose according to your taste. The best option is to find a BMX bike store.

Bike frames, brakes, cranks, wheels, handlebars, stems, headsets, rims, saddles & many more parts are available in the stores.

The workers there help you find the right size and style that suits your interest, they even fix it up themselves for extra money. You can pick any style, color and frames from there.

Ask your friends to help you out in finding the right shop or just visit a couple of shops and pick out what you want. But if you don’t have any BMX bike stores, you can look for it in online shops.

There are variety of websites where you can order these gears. Some gears that you like might not be available in the stores; online shops have all the limited editions and unique pieces that you can buy easily.

There are variations of gears on the websites that you can choose according to your taste.


How to customize your BMX?

BMX bikes can be customized to your liking but for that you need to some research about it. It takes time, money and advice to give your BMX bike a perfect look.

Keep a specific budget for it so that you don’t overspend. Decide on what type of BMX bike you want; generally, there are three categories: freestyle, racing and cruiser BMX bike.

If you’re buying a new BMX bike, there are sites or shops available that can customize for you but you have to pay extra money for it.

For an older BMX bike, you can buy parts of your liking from a store or online (ebay, amazon etc.). When you’re ordering a new frame to replace an old one, make sure you measure your current seat post size, seat clamp size, head tube type, bottom bracket type and drop out size.

Top Tube measurement is also important, taller people order longer top tube and shorter people order shorter ones, buy the one in which you feel is comfortable for you.

If you want to color your frame you can do a paint job on it. Even if you can’t decide how to customize your BMX, there are companies who give you many examples from which you can choose to your liking, which is easy but costly.


How to make a custom BMX?

BMX bike companies offer the option of selling custom bikes for its fans. If you love BMX bikes and want your own custom bike, you can always contact these manufacturers.

You need to have an idea of how you should make your BMX attractive for a long time.

First, you need to keep in mind for what purpose you are buying the BMX bike, whether it’s for riding or racing, for how long you will ride it and what parts better suit you well.

You should have an idea of handlebar, frame, tire sizes, stem length and sprocket sizes. Top tube measurement is the main deciding factor for a BMX bike. Similarly, picking out the right handlebars for you is important.

The manufacturers also give you some ideas to improve your BMX bike, make sure you listen to them.

It’s fun in building your own custom bike, you decide on the color, size, weight, rims, and style, you get to explore new parts and focus on those parts that you may be harder on than others.

The best way to do it is research, ask advice from your friends, visit different stores and try out their bikes, see what suits you best and then decide


How to change a BMX sprocket?

A BMX bike’s Sprocket is the front cog your chain goes around that’s attached to your Cranks.

They are also known as Chainrings. There are various types of sprockets, it depends on how many teeth it has.

Before changing the sprocket, you need to know how many teeth does the previous one has so that you can replace it with similar sprocket. 25 Tooth is the most known which maintains the traditional gear that runs 9 tooth rear drivers.

You can change the sprocket of your BMX bike by following this step-by-step procedure: First you remove the crank arm by losing the screws using a hex key.

Then remove the sprocket and spacers (if you have any) and pull off the chain bearing cover and the bearings from it. Pick up your new sprocket, first put back the spacers then attach the chain bearing around the teeth and then fix it to the frame of BMX bike after it is fit, you attach the crank arm back on it and then pick up screws and tightened them up.

It may take you some time to do but once you get hold of the idea as to how it works next time you can do it even in 5 minutes. Do your extensive research before going for a massive change in your BMX and regret later on. We know it could take some time, but would be worth the time.

All in all, we have learned how amazing of a sport BMX is and how much there is still to explore when it comes to the world of BMX bikes. This is a one-stop guide for everything BMX.

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