Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 [Review] in 2020

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Mountain biking is an amazing sport loved and adored by many across the globe. Not only does it help you take your mind off of worries and have a grand time, but also improves your stamina, your cardio and immune system. Scott Stoll, a community professor who travelled around the world on his bicycle, once said, “A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke.”

Full suspension mountain bikes can run you up a lot of money. We have looked over the entire internet to bring you the best full suspension mountain bikes you can find under $2000. If you ever wanted a good quality bike and didn’t want to pay the hefty price, you have come to the right place.

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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2000


Ghost kato FS 2.7 bike

Top Choice Item

Ghost brings you an all-grey bike with red accents and black where needed. The bike looks elegant and stylish. The aluminium frame provides durability and strength while keeping the weight low. This enables high speed riding and quick take offs. Handling and agility is important as those high speeds hence the bike provides highly efficient power transfer, super stable and agile handling. The included saddle is very comfortable and height adjustable. The frame is also dropper seat post ready with proper cable routine. Hydraulic disc brakes are also on board incase you were wondering. The suspension is designed so that braking has no affect on it. This allows the frame to remain unharmed in extreme situations. Overall, this is an amazing deal for under $2000.

  • Aluminium construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Dropper seat post ready
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Could use better tyres

Latest deal: Ghost kato FS 2.7 bike


Vitus mythique 29 VR bike

Prime Picked Item

The design language on this bike is sleek and beautiful as Vitus brings you an ergonomic design when it comes to mountain bikes. The bike is in all-grey color with minimal branding which gives it a cool vibe. The bike uses 6000 series aluminium alloy frame that is durable and strong. It is also lightweight while keeping it washable. That’s right, the frame is corrosion resistant. The 10-speed drivetrain combined with X fusion front and rear suspension works perfectly with shimano rotor brakes to provide the most comfortable bike riding experience you can find. The saddle is adjustable in height and comfortable for extended riding sessions. This bike is tough and you can take it through a rough terrain without any problems or worries at all. Amazing deal for the price tag it comes with.

  • 6000 series aluminium alloy
  • Lightweight and rust-free
  • 10-speed smooth drivetrain
  • X fusion front and rear suspension
  • Have to cut the seat post for height

Latest deal: Vitus mythique 29 VR bike


Vitus sommet 27 bike

Best Value Item

Vitus is back at it again, this time with an army green color that looks sleek and elegant. The kids will absolutely love this bike as it stands out from the rest. The full suspension ride features a 6000 series aluminium alloy build that provides durability and strength to go through the roughest terrains out there. It is also lightweight which enables quick take offs and rust-free at the same time for those no-worry washes. The bike features shimano gearing and disc brakes for a smooth long ride and quick and easy stops without damaging the suspension. The ride is also kitted with RockShox gold fork so it handles bumps and absorbs them like a champ. The 10-speed drivetrain with shimano shifter promises a smooth and uninterrupted ride. The cassette and chain set along with the chain run smooth and quiet. Overall, this is an amazing option for the price.

  • 6000 series aluminium alloy
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Shimano gear shifting
  • Disc brakes
  • The saddle is not as comfortable

Latest deal: Vitus sommet 27 bike


Cube stereo 120 race 29 suspension bike

Cube brings you a light grey full suspension mountain bike with black and lime accents! The bike looks super cool and elegant. It stands out from the rest in its unique way and paves its own path. The HPA advanced hydroform aluminium construction is super strong and durable. You do not have to worry about hard and rough tracks. It is also lightweight and solid when it comes to resisting corrosion. The weather resistance along with the rust-free nature is an added bonus for sure. RockShox fork is on board which allows for a smooth ride on a bumpy terrain. Rear shock is also available to absorb the impact perfectly. The shimano shifters work great with the crankset, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting ride that remains comfortable throughout. Hydraulic disc brakes are also featured on the ride for quick and smooth stops. All in all, a great ride for the price.

  • 6000 series aluminium
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • RockShox fork with rear shock
  • Could use better saddle

Latest deal: Cube stereo 120 race 29 suspension bike


Jamis Dakar AI MTB

Jamis brings to you a full suspension bright yellow mountain bike that definitely catches eyes. The bike has minimal branding. It looks sleek and elegant. The triple butted 6000 series aluminium is a great addition at this price as it adds durability and strength to the bike all while keeping it lightweight so you can easily convert your power into speed. The RockShox recon RL fork and the RockShox monarch rear shock collectively absorb all impacts, enabling you to experience a smooth and uninterrupted ride. You will love how it feels! The SRAM 12-speed drivetrain is smooth in gear shifting which is a crucial part of bike riding. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes also featured at this price which is amazing. The stops are quick, simply and easy with minimal strain on the suspension. The tyres are also great as they provide incredible traction and grip on the road for perfect handling. Overall, this is an amazing ride for the dollar you pay.

  • 6000 series aluminium
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • RockShox fork and rear shock
  • Could use better seat post

Latest deal: Jamis Dakar AI MTB

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2000 Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a full suspension mountain bike?

Frame: The frame of a bike is the most important part when it comes to structural integrity. And if you want to maintain a good support, you need to go for a frame that offers strength and durability. It is also to be kept in mind that best materials are the ones that provide strength alongside a lightweight experience. Some of the best options for that are aluminium and carbon.

Brakes: Usually bikes offer rotor brakes that are good in their own right, but the best option is a hydraulic disc mechanism. This enables quick and easy stops without putting unnecessary strain on the suspension and fork like other less capable brakes do. Some of the best hydraulic disc brakes are offered by Shimano.

Fork and rear shock: A good fork along with a rear shock can be very important. it is all about reducing the impact on the suspension. A good shock will absorb the impact perfectly while a good fork will distribute the impact, so it is not concentrated at a single point, thereby avoiding damage to the frame.

Saddle and handlebar: The two main interfaces you use to interact with your bike are the saddle and handlebars. They need to be of top-notch quality. A good quality saddle will have height adjustability at various different levels and will be comfortable for long durations at the same time. A good handlebar will enable quick and smooth handling to help you avoid accidents.

Price and quality: These 2 aspects go hand in hand as the more you pay, the better quality you find. However, sometimes you can find great quality at lower price tags as well. The full suspension rides we took a look at today had some affordable price tags.


The most recurring feature among all the bikes we looked at today was a great frame build. All used aluminium as their base on which they built their best versions of a full suspension mountain bike. Some had hydraulic disc brakes while others featured good rotor mechanisms. Some had a smooth drivetrain while others offered rear shocks along with good saddles.

The bikes were lightweight, rust-free and durable. For a target to keep the price tag below $2000, these companies did outstanding work and you will absolutely love what you get. Mountain bike riding is an inspirational sport/hobby that can liberate you. Go out and explore!

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