How To Make A Water Bottle Holder For Your Bike

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One of the most important things you should never miss when cycling is a bottle of water. This will ensure that you are well hydrated, especially when cycling on hot sunny days. This means that you need to have a convenient means of carrying the water bottle and the best way to do this is by installing a bottler holder on your bike. Some people may opt to buy one but if you are a person who loves DIY projects, you can easily create one instead of buying one. In this guide, we shall guide you on how to make a water bottle holder for your bike.


  • Soft wire
  • Main steel wire [It should be strong and easy to curve]
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray pant
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • A bottle with a cap
  • A tin plate will act as the base
  • Soldering gun or soldering acid


Step 1 – Prepare the base

You should start by measuring the distance between the holes in the bike’s frame. Fold one part of the base at 90 degrees angle and mark the locations. After this, you can now drill the holes.

Step 2 – Soldering and curving

Start by fastening the base of your bike frame and ensure that the bent edge is facing down. Place the bottle at the base to determine the best shape you should use for the bottle. You can do a simple Google search to find out different shapes you can use.

Using a soft metal wire, you can create a template of the upper part of the bottle holder and then do this using a strong wire. Remember to put solder after you are done. Use sandpaper and sand the solder and the wire. You can now try to fix the bottle in the holder. The bottle should fit securely on the holder.

Step 3 – Painting

You can now paint the holder and then leave it to dry. After this, place it on the bike frame carefully. Painting is important because it prevents the holder from rusting.


Making a water bottle holder for your bike is very easy and convenient. However, you should ensure that you have used a strong wire which can hold the bottle firmly. Again, ensure that the holder can accommodate the size of your bottle.

Why should you install a water bottle holder on your bike?

One of the major benefits of having a water bottle holder is that it allows you to reach your bottle faster compared to when you are using a bag to carry the water. Again, water bottle holders are very cheap and easy to make.


If you have not yet installed a water bottle holder on your bike, you need to do that since you will always need water when cycling. However, it doesn’t need to be so complicated which means that you can create one instead of buying. You only need to have the right materials and then follow the steps we have outlined in this guide.

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