How Wide Should BMX Handlebars be?

By: Alex Bristol

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How Wide Should BMX Handlebars be?

When upgrading your BMX bike, one of the things you should think of is the width of your handlebars. You should ensure that they are very comfortable for you. This means that they should be neither too big nor too small. In this article, we shall discuss various things that will help you to determine the correct width of your BMX handlebars.

Rise and Width of BMX Handlebars

There have been a lot of changes when it comes to the rise and width of BMX handlebars as compared to the traditional ones. Both the height, width and the rise have increased with the modern bars. The rise refers to the height from where the knurling is located to the highest point of the handlebars. Tall riders prefer to use bars with a high rise because they prevent them from hunching over. Big bars are also suitable for short riders because they are very comfortable. These bars also boosts leverage when bunny hopping. However, the rise should not be more than 10 inches.

BMX Rider Size Chart

Height of the rider  Frame size                Bar Rise         Bar Width

4.6-5.1 inches            Junior                         3-5 Inches    22-25 Inches

5.0 -5.4 Inches           Expert                         5-7Inches    25.5-27 Inches

5.2-5.6 Inches            Expert XL                   6-7 Inches   25.5-27Inches

5.3 -5.8  Inches          Pro                              7-8 Inches   28 Inches


This is measured from one end of the bar to the other end. Most of the popular bars has a width of 28-30 inches. Some people prefer to cut between a quarter to half inch away from the bar so that they can get a tailored grip as 30’s are usually a little too wide.

However, 28 inches works best for many people because the bars will have the same width as your shoulders.  The 30 inches handlebars are the best for bigger riders. Just like the height, the width of the handlebars depends on personal preferences.

What are the benefits of wide bars?

The good thing about wide BMX handlebars is that they provide your with more space to catch on the bar spins. Wide bars also allow you to stretch your hands which makes your work easier when controlling the speed of the bike. They also provide the required stability especially when jumping. The only problem is that they are a bit heavy.

What are the benefits of narrow bars?

These ones are the best for street riders because these bars usually grip very narrow. They also allow you to have more clearance especially if you love doing things like sketchy street sports.  Additionally, narrow bars are more responsive than the wide bars due to their lightweight design. Again, narrow bars allow your bike to fit easily in your car.

If you are not comfortable with a wide bar, you can easily cut it to suit your required size. However, some people argue that cutting bars changes the tension. As a result, the bars might be more prone to bending or breaking.  You should also know that cut bars provides more room for bar spinning style tricks such as tbogs, x-ups among others.

The Bottom Line

The width of the BMX handlebar is an important thing you should consider when buying the bars. However, you should choose a width that matches with the width of your shoulders. A handlebar with a width of 28 inches works best for most people. However, bigger riders should opt for a 30 inches handlebar.