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If you’re looking for the ultimate wall mounted bike rack for hanging bikes, the Koova Garage Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack is great option. Not only does it have the capacity to hang multiple bikes with wide tires, but it also features hooks for your helmets. A wall mount is an excellent option if you want to get your bikes off the floor and keep things neat and tidy.

Koova has a wall mounted bike rack for 3 bikes and one for two bikes, and the latter comes with an additional storage shelf. There is also an option for six bikes by doubling up on the three-bike wall mounts.

Koova bike rack three bikes mounted

Who Are Koova?

Koova is a US-based company that creates a wide variety of storage solutions for your garage and home. Whether you’re looking for a bike rack, kayak wrack, or shelves for your home office, Koova has it all. Their storage solutions are stylish, strong, and easy to install. They are made with high-quality powder-coated steel and come with a lifetime warranty.

Koova three bike rack Installed

In The Box

Depending on the variant you buy, the kit comes with slightly different items included, so here’s the general items that may be in the box:

  • 2, 3 or 6 Koova 3″ Hangers
  • 2 or 4 Helmet Hooks
  • All installation hardware
  • Installation instructions for both masonry and timber installations
  • One storage shelf (two bike versions only)
Koova bike rack Parts


This high-quality, American-Made bike rack hangs from two to six bicycles, with a capacity for tires up to 3″ wide. This means you can even hang your cruisers on a Koova rack! The bike rack also comes with helmet hooks that can be installed onto the frame. This helps to keep all your gear together and keep your garage tidy.

The 3-bike rack unit we tried out is 32 inches wide and can accommodate three adult bikes and two helmets. It is constructed from powder-coated steel and the hooks are fitted with a rubber coating to protect your spokes.

Koova offers several other accessories you can add to the bike rack if you want to modify it. These include shelving, jumbo bike hooks, helmet hoots, and other peripherals. You can also buy the various parts separately, creating a frame that fits as many bikes as you need.

Koova bike rack Parts three Bikes angled


The installation of the Koova bike racks is super simple – we had planned it for the weekend, but if we’d known it would be as easy and quick to install, we could have done it on a weeknight no worries!

With two pages of very simple instructions – after glancing over the instructions for the initial plan, we’d installed the rack without checking them again.

Whether you’re mounting it onto masonry or timber, each has its own set of instructions and will come with its own requirements.

When mounting the bike storage in a timber or stud wall, the most challenging part will be locating the wall studs. You need to make sure that you measure very carefully to ensure that the lug screws are placed correctly for the mounting. Borrow a stud finder if you don’t have your own, as this will make the process much easier.

Koova bike rack Stud Finder

For masonry installation, you’ll also need to measure very carefully and ensure that you don’t drill into any electrical lines or water pipes.

It is essential to consider the space required for hanging bikes on the wall to ensure that you choose the right spot in your garage for the wall hooks. Remeber to measure the bike’s length, as this will determine the height at which you need to hang the hooks.

Koova bike rack Measuring Bike

To determine the width needed, measure the width of the handlebars of all the bikes you plan to hang. The total will be the width you need for the rack.

Remember to take the depth into account, too – the height of the bike from the ground indicates the depth needed to hang it. Probably the seat will be the furthest point once hung from the wall – can you still get the car in the garage once the bikes are in place?!

Once you’ve chosen your spot and securely installed the lug screws, you can safely install the rack and hang up your bikes.

Koova bike rack Mountain Bike Tire In Hook

To hang your bikes, you’ll want to ensure that one bike hangs in the opposite direction to the other two bikes if you’re using a three-bike storage rack. For example, the front wheel of the middle bike should be at the top of the rack, whereas the front wheels of the outer bikes will be at the bottom. This ensures that handlebars won’t clash.

Here’s our installation steps we followed:

  1. Unboxed the materials, and glancing over the instructions for the initial plan 
  2. Measured the length of the longest of the three bikes
  3. Marked a level line at the height to install the rack
  4. Marked the studs in the wall 
  5. Drilled in two small pilot holes to confirm I was in the studs! 
  6. Attached the primary rack component with the stud screws
  7. Attached silver bike hook holders to the holders and slide them into the rack
  8. Hung bikes (and helmets) from the hook!

All in, it was under 30 minutes, and would have been less without stopping to take photos.

Just one note of caution on the installation – with the mounting lag bolts (holding the Koova strut to the studs/wall), the silver mounting brackets (Koova nuts) don’t slide past the lag bolts. They can still be installed between the lag bolts, but it was easier to slide the Koova nuts in the strut while attached to the hooks than to attach the hooks to the Koova nuts after they are in the struts.

Koova bike rack Blocked Koova lag nut

Ease Of Use

The Koova bike racks are an excellent option for storing multiple bikes. They are best suited for those who own their homes, as the installation requires you to drill into the wall, and drilling holes is only sometimes possible in a rental property – check with your landlord!

Getting the tire of a 29″ mountain bike does fit onto the standard tire hook, but it is tight. The optional jumbo hooks would likely be needed for a true fat tire bike. However, this is NOT an issue at all for road bikes with the extended rims – standard hooks are fine.

These bicycle racks also require you to lift the bicycle to hang the bike vertically. Depending on the weight of your bicycle, this may be challenging and is not ideal for anyone with back problems or mobility issues.

The rack design is ultra strong and will easily handle having three bikes hanging on it indoors. The bikes hang securely, and you can purchase wheel guards to prevent the front or rear wheel from scuffing the walls.

Koova bike racks are a fantastic way of saving space in your home, especially in small apartments. They are more secure than gravity racks and easier to install than ceiling mounts.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install
  • USA made
  • Strong powder-coated steel construction
  • The rack and hooks seem very sturdy
  • Helmet hooks included
  • Bike hooks with rubber coating
  • Can fit up to 3-inch tires
  • Now have three bikes in the space that previously had two


  • Requires drilling of holes for installation
  • Bikes must be lifted onto the rack
  • Some additional tools needed for installation
  • The addition of a padlock hoop to secure the bikes in a communal space would be useful


Overall this was very simple to install, and the bikes seem very secure in the rack. There’s no fear of the bikes coming out of the racking on their own

If you own your own home or live in a space where you can drill into the walls, the Koova Wall Mounted Bike Rack is a great option. It’s fantastic if you’re living in small spaces or if you’re looking to free up some more floor space in your garage.

Suitable for mountain and road bikes, this bike storage option is a fantastic choice for any cyclist. Beach cruisers with 3+ inch tires can also be accommodated on this rack with the addition of the jumbo tire hooks.

Koova bike rack Bikes racked Before
Before Koova
Koova bike rack Bikes racked after
After Koova
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