Why is BMX Bike Saddle Tilted Back?

Last Updated on January 18, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on January 18, 2020

When it comes to BMX riding, people have different preferences on how they prefer to position the saddle. In most cases, the choice depends on how you will be using the bike for example, racing, freestyle riding, dirt jumping among other aspects. However, most BMX riders prefer to tit the saddle back. To make things clear, we’ll discuss different positions you can tilt the BMX saddle and why it is important.

Saddle in the normal position

When the saddle is on a neutral position, it allows your pelvis to be in a neutral position. As a result, this allows your knees to be aligned properly. What you need to know is that a small change of the saddle position can really affect the performance in terms of efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. When positioning the saddle in a neutral position, you must also ensure that you are very close to it when cycling. If you are riding in hilly terrains, you should ensure that the nose is tilted downwards. On the other hand, you should tilt it upwards for downhill riding. In case you want to tilt the saddle for more than 2 degrees or up or down, you need to do the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are comfortable.

Tilting the saddle up

One of the major reasons why cyclists prefer to tilt the saddle upwards is to prevent sliding forward. When you tilt the saddle down, it helps to alleviate pressure around the groin. However, you may start sliding forward too much which might be very uncomfortable. The best way to measure that you are comfortable is buying a fitting saddle.

BMX Saddle Tilted Down

In case the BMX saddle is tilted down more that it should, it may lead to unnecessary pressure around your knees or the upper body. As the knees tries to prevent you from sliding, they will be more susceptible to injuries. Your upper body will also hold you back which might affect your breathing. When you find yourself cycling on the front part of the saddle, the position will alleviate pressure from your shoulders, arms and knees. However, you may not be able to get the required support from the saddle. This means that you are likely to experience some problems.

 Why do BMX Riders tilt the saddle back?

The major reason why most people prefer to tilt the saddle back is to alleviate pressure around the groin. However, this is not the best solution. Instead, you should look for a comfortable saddle that can support your weight without experiencing some numbness or pain.


Having the seat low or high, the position of the BMX saddle depends on the user’s preference. Some prefer to tilt it down others up while there prefer to use it in its neutral position. Some times the position of the saddle might cause serious knee injuries in the case of impact due to the seat being in an unsuitable position to the rider. This means that you need to choose a comfortable angle where you are not likely to strain your shoulders, knees or arms. Tilting the saddle back is very important because it relieves pressure around the groin area.


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